Thursday, May 31, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketi bought a pack of waterguns the other day! fun summer about to be happpening here.
are you AWARE of the following?:
i made mouth watering panncakes this morning.
when I woke up it felt like it was 10 am at least but it was SIX AM!
thats a GOOD SIGN.
i have my stepbrother staying with me at the moment.
today I took him and my son to the library and oh yeah my mom followed us there and sat next to me. I held my hands tight.
my son played a little red bird in a skit.
and tonight I am being somewhat FORCED to go out to dinner with everyone.
my mom. stepdad. stepbrother. husband. son.
its not a problem per se.
after the library i rushed to the gas station in tiny panic attack mode cos I was on fumes.
I turned the air OFF.
now my hair is all drippy dripp down my back because I was just playing little mermaid in my pool.
all. by. my. self.

oh and today I sorta showed my mom my blog because I wanted to show her the videos and i told her its where I say how much I hate her.
and I know I hurt her feelings.
but she is too sensitive.

and oh yeah I may have recently ruined a surprise party.
and maybe not may have but did in fact.

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