Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fuck you bitch we don't care what you say

Anyways things worked out.
And thats my life! Inside joke w myself.
Confusing but Santa works in mysterious ways just as GOD does and things are all good. Homie. 
Only going to get better. 
Madonna is so awesome that it kills
Me! I feel close to her. Like I could be her. I am her. 
Sweet dreams and coffee to ya. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

my faith has been rewarded

Thanks a lot! For nothing!
Stressed! Desserts!
Delicious. Fudge is like too good, and if it's around I will eat it alllllll day.  
Nobody deserves anything. 
How happy would you say you are? Snowman happy? 
So a very important online order I made was seriously fudged up. I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. What can I do? Drink alcohol.? 
Not my fault and nothing I can do but wait. So annoying and rude. Costumer service doesn't exist these days. People don't care about their jobs or other people.  So end it quick. Call it a day and give peace.
Lying liars. 
I'll workout something. No choice but to move the f on. Figure out a new plan. 
A dead and mauled rabbit was in my driveway today. Stinky and gross. But cool! My guess is a hawk dropped it by accident.
Merry Christmas! To me! 
I consider it goodie good luck. 
It's all good luck to me🌠🔮. 
Tomorrow will be nice. Everyday is nice because I have love and God in my heart. 
Hope you have the same. Peace be with you. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

God Bless You

So beautiful. Added a lil more decorations to the tree since this photo was snapped! So fun! 
Rearranged the living room and now I feel at home. It was all wrong and now it's all right. Grateful for that. 
Buying a loaf of garlic sourdough bread was an impulse buy! Thankfully I have only 3 pieces left! I can't control myself! SourdoughToast! Toast toast! W butter! Heaven in my mouth! Heaven in my tummy! I read that sourdough is actually the best of the breads. Healthwise. Yesterday I think it's the only thing I ate. 
That's what I want santa to bring me. Especially after all the bread I've been eating! Ha! Stupid carbs.  
Whatever right!? 
Today is Friday the thirteenth! Lucky day! 
This weekend is gonna be cool cause I'm cool. 
But you already knew that.
Some 18 year olds think I'm too cool for their lame crybaby vines so they blocked me! Can you believe that!? Good riddance I say! Pathetic narcistic brats.
Eat it. Fool.