Monday, September 29, 2008

About to blog

do you miss me?
be honest.
all the stuff I could fit was jammed in to those uhaul things.
some stuff had to be left behind.
some stuff was stolen by some fucking bastards that l believe deserve to rot in hell.
someone stole my birdbath :( my beautiful ceramic birdbath,
some crackers, spices and protein shakes.
GIVE ME A BREAK! go to the store and buy your own groceries and ceramic birdbath.
anyways, I am hungry for dinner.
salmon, rice and steamed BROCCOLI
had some THAI for lunch that was TO DIE FOR.
coconuts are the best.
joined a new gym today.
l start tomorrow and I am nervous like a little girl
considered jumping right in tonight but one more day of fat and lazy sounds lots more fun.
things are unusual and smell different.
the place is just a skip and a hop from my new place.
i still need to put all my clothes away in the proper areas but fuck i guess that is just too hard.
it is much easier to search for pants and shirts in large piles of shirts and pants.
but anyways everything is great.
corn on the cob w butter and salt is the new fun trend around here but we dont have any right now and that makes me sad. maybe a trip to the store is ness.
lets do this.
thought I would say more but I guess I wont.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i will

blog again soon with PICTURES.
i have been busy and I dont care about you.
I care abOUT ME and my family and NOT you.
you are NOT my family.
or friend.
if you were you would know because I would treat you right and You would KNOW. but you dont really care and its all good. lets just no cARE 2 GTHER AND ITS FINE.
i rode my bike around everyday this present time
I could have recieved a BUI 2nite but luck is on my side and I am sending out the good vibes.
feel it.
you feel it.
bye scumbags and ho bags.
be good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

moving away in EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spIdergoing out for some salad and soup in a little while and I am OVERLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!
still putting things into cardboard boxes around here. sucks dick.
its amazing how many pieces of paper i have that I cant part with
and its cool how somethings I can throw away without any thought.
packed up my 3 BONGS today. wrapped em up in some bubble wrap.
that was funny to me.
why do I have three? well I am a collector of many things. I also collect snowbabies,
trolls and various types of candy too.
I have not smoked anything for like a MONTH or so.
CRAZY HUH! I am so sober.
I could TOTALLY pass a drug test if need be.

oh yes today is september eleventh.
that was a controlled demolition btw.
go here and learn some stuff.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


praying mantisI am very interested in politics.
it all began with H. Ross Perot.
and I like hummus
I have been thinking about cutting out animal protein and it seems impossible.
today i had the following to eat:
a veg omelette w wheat toast
a MEATLESS corndog
an all beef hot dog from costco
some costco samples
1 hard taco
and 1 soft taco.
Now I am hungry AGAIN!
I bet I just need some water.
I've slacked off on that stuff these last few days and I can def tell a dif.

anyway I am gonna watch some political news.

sometimes I think we are having an earthquake but then it just turns out to be something else.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

you are now running on reserve power.

specnov2glasses meandsarabobaramefyi I CUT THAT SHIRT BECAUSE RAYMI SHOWED ME HOW TO IN A VIDEO OF HERS. thanks for that dearest raymi darling
my doings.
I packed my CHINA
for the past TWO DAYS! and I am soooooooo soooo thrilled and hhhaaaaaapppy to be done with it.
I hate you china and I hate you.
so yeah I figured I would puke up all these photos in your face.
I have been busy with concerts and beaches and parties and dinners and boxes and sleeping and stuff like that.
its been hectic.
I love it.
what else?
OH have you been watchng the political stupid idiot conventions? I have and I cant stand it,
I hate SARAH PALIN. who the fuck?
please do not vote for that ticket. PREETTTTY PLEASSE for me and for you.
her kids names are enough to make you understand why.
oMFL! please someone undertstand me and my feelings. those are the dumbest names I have ever heard. MAYBE MAYBE just one of those names would be ok
but ALL FIVE together is just fucking retarded and fucking gay. a little over kill.
what else can I say?
OH hey! we purchased this scary thing to transport our bikes and I am scared it may fall off our car and cause a serious problem on the 5.
that wont happen.
I am nervous but a least I am cute.