Wednesday, March 17, 2010

corned beef and cabbage

P2053296HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY stranger.
my blog is not wearing green is it? I am sure there is some green somewhere on this bitch.
yeah you cant pinch a blog anyways.
slept in a green tank top last night so I would not get caught by a sneaky early riser leprechaun.
Unnecessary because I was already wearing green nail polish so I was safe.
and tonight I am safe too.
my eye is irritated and i have a horrible taste in my mouth but I will still do this even though i could be brushing my teeth
Against my better judgement,
I too check this blog for some reason and I am SO SICK of seeing the same nothing.
this will do for another month or so.
just kidding.
only had one glass of wine tonight and the allergies are acting up and thats fine because I can handle a little springtime sniffle if it means the weather is beach trip worthy.
TOok a walkrun today with my dogs and they could not keep up.
Oh yeah I also rode a razor scooter and the dogs had an even harder time with that pace.
maybe they were embarrassed, I was kind of embarrassed for myself. I was flying down this HILL! woo wee!
you should have seen!
see you next time.