Saturday, December 26, 2009

wut up

MERRY CHRISTMAS! wait that was yesterday.
and wasn't it fantasicK!? The candied yams did get left in the oven but candied yams are so Thanksgiving and hardly even xmas.
for some reason around 3 AM I tried them out and they were great.
i am a lucky girl. blessed maybe.
But I need to clean up now. where is that MAID!?
one thing a white bearded man told me this Christmas is that I should wear my bra less often because its healthier for my boobs.
NO oatmeal for me today since I had those candied yams.
tsso many great things.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

super fantastic stuff for you

that colorful and fun thing in my hand is A NERD ROPE!
Santa is gonna put a bunch of them in my stocking cause I am a good girl and I get what I want!
I will do it myself.
First I will paint my fingernails.
I am having Happy Holidays.
I wish I took more pictures.

Monday, November 30, 2009

just you and me and the others.

PB262862i just now remembered another DUMB thing someone asked me in the recent hours.
it was about my email address. I don't wanna share, jUST forget it.
it has to do with the 95 portion of the address. she asked if it was the year I was BORN!?
WHAT>! she mustve meant the YEAR I graduated? and the answer would still be no.
but I am confused. I am the one with the brain functioning problem. not the rest of the universe.
Not even sure why I brought that up right now.
the nice confused lady I speak of is maybe gonna help me get a job but apparently she thinks I am 14.
I come across as 14? maybe she is really silly stupid with math and years and maybe she was high.
we wont talk about it anymore. Its fine.
I am tired and have a toothache. its hysterical.
TOothaches make me feel close to my father. HOW weird is THAT?
I wont even begin to think about WHY and do alll that psychological problem solving.
MY tooth was being a dumbass a month or so ago and I got it handled like a good person who loved their mouth would do.
but since like Thanksgiving day something happened.
too much eating of goodness? how could it be happening again? all over again?
this post is filled with questions and riddles for us to solve. do YOu look close?
NO. not many visitors at this blog.
and dont confuse that with complaining.
back when my hits were up to 70 or so it was like too much commotion.
its better like this.
This has helped.
now its time for me to help.
Help my kitchen sink feel better.

Friday, November 27, 2009

every bubble bursts

PB222832This photo is not one I enjoy sharing but I am in a bubble and therefore I share.
The angle is all wrong so I don't like it and my mouth looks enormous but I am in a bubble so its hard not to smile hard.
plus Santa was watching me close that day.
That step thing I was standing on was VERY slippery. one wrong move and i could have lost it.
the crowd of people would have loved that.
I wont sit here and continue to nitpick.
Thanksgiving 2009 was a success.
some of the items enjoyed:
20 lbs Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes au Gratin w/ BACON!
cornbread stuffing
green bean casso
candied yams
whole berry cranberry sauce
deviled eggs
apple pie
pumpkin cookies
other stuff
made the entire dinner myself.
OUr lights are up and our Christmas tree has been trimmed. or what have you.
Gramma believes it to be too early. Why? I don't know.
On a sad note I have been a tinsy bit sick.
nothing to really hold me down.
but then again nothing usually does.
showertime now and then its on to the leftovers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


PB162751I hate signing in.
Waste of time, and fuck that.
BUT yes I still signed on and in.
what was I gonna say?
oh uh ROASTED CHICKEN FOR DINNER! and an award ceremony going on.
I would rather go to IHOP but I will keep that trip in my pocket for another lifetime.
good times.
oh yeah THE other night I told a strange lady I could no longer allow myself to be tortured by her long winded refinancing story and house foreclosure paperwork stress-talk ANY fuCking more,
and she did not even GET it, she laughed and went something like this: AHahahahahahaa mmmhmm yeah I know I am totally annoying and up in your face but i really like you and want you to hear this information.
can you believe that?!
WEll sorry,
that is a very inaccurate version of the truth but you get the point and you understand and MAYBE just fucking mayBe you have heard this story already or have been somewhere and seen the scene and you know about it.
Everyone else at the table was just going to sit there and LET it happen.
LET this annoying hag go on and fucking on about her stupid and pathetic story. it sucked. I hit my limit of being polite with her. she was feeding off it. I could tell it was getting her all revved up for more of my listening, and no. Not happening,
I dont feel that I should OR YOU should be forced to listen to bullshit from people who don't matter for over 5 minutes.
3-5min is acceptable.
If you matter to me then SURE by all means bring to me your sad sad long boring shit of a story.
I will listen. I will be your good friend
but if you suck and I dont like you please just sit there and listen to what I have to say.
I am amazing and my story is incredible.

Monday, November 16, 2009

the respect I made you earn

PB022550_2i have been searching for things. this certain hair glaze stuff for my lovely shade of red to stay VIBRANT and new BUT of course you know I cant find it. I found brown and blonde and clear but no red. thats WEIRD!
so whatelse? went to target with SARA and I found some really great sleeppy and sweep the house pants BUT ALAS they were 10 bones so GUESS WHAT KIDS? yep I hid them in a gift bag in the gift wrapping lane
I am confident that they will remain there FOR months and months until the ONE day I will be able to rush in there and BUY THEM! WOOO HE! no. I will forget. who even cares about awesome pants? I have so many already.
this post is SO USELESS! except the picture above is cute and fun and I am sure I was saying something very very funny. YOu can tell this is a FACT by the way Ree is leaning away from me.
I was really treated like shit by a waitress that day.
it was the day after my birthday that now feel like ten thousand years ago.
TIME IS FLying by! AHHh merry christmas!
no no
it s not.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

full of knots.

PB042583All the weirdo neighborhood kiddies end up in my yard.
TO be honest I dont really know how to deal wth these children and so therefore I wish they would go play and yell and be dumb else where or be normal.
Really that is asking a lot and I guess I would rather have them here instead of in their sad, boring, lifeless, fucked up, dirty homes. I dont know if that is true but I imagine.
My home is still kinda A mess with left over HALLLOWEEN decor here and there scattered about. so I should be ashamed.
but its fine ok dont worry
I will have it done so soon, you will be like WHERze DIDz tHATZ shitz goez?!
I will be like YEAH and yep.
put away,
in bins. YOPB062685
I just waannna be at the gym tomorrow feeling good, looking around and thinkin about the days of our lives.
Is that soap stiill on?
We have some xmas tree shaped brownie cakes up in this joint and I am LIKE huh? serious?
I need to fill my glass up.
I have no money.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

thought it was a plus but it was a minus

PA302498PA312511Yesterday was a full moon, my b-day and a total full-scale karmic experience.
what can be done to stop it?
Very noticeable and very natural.
So much more going on with everything and everyone
too complicated and dumb for my head or yours to fathom or work out.
but yeah what the hell? thanks?
PA312509But hey you can rest better knowing that my halloween party decorations are obviously way better than any your friends placed on their chandeliers and hallways.
maybe decorations aren't everything.
Stupid me misplaced my camera so I did not take as many pics as i wish.
too busy running around getting in trouble and looking silly I guess.PA312514 PA312517
whatever next year i will be better prepared or I wont give a damn.
Of course next year will be different for all of us in many ways just as this year was different than last blahblah what HAVE you.

Friday, October 30, 2009


PA272286Halloween time is in your face.
my birthday is soon and I will be 30.
i meant to get to the store for some fucking green TEA today BUT did i go??
the answer is no. too bad.
in the morning i will hurry up and go grab what I need, it'll be fun.
ooooo yay! i have some pumpkin pancake mix!
that HAS to be made in the morning, such a good thing i just reminded myself cause I hate when I forget those tiny details.
i need a few other things from the store too like a red onion, orange icing, little tiny cups, some peach schnapps and other items.
ok i might go after 11:30.
Everyone should sleep till at least eight thirty or nine on

Thursday, October 22, 2009


PA162236ok. concentrate. focus and breath.
my gramma is messing with her hearing aid and its whistling loudly.
being old is juts not cool dude. dont let it happen to you.
and dont cheat on tests.
life is full of tests. such crap.
ANYWAYS I did kick boxing today for the 1st in awhile because of reasons I cant control and thats not FAIR!
but what was the point?. OH YES FUN! it was HELLA KICK ASS FUN today in that class and I felt great.
I wore my owl thermal today. I like that top.
oh my friends think you have bad bodyodor or oh wow I ate too much burrito today
oh thanks you called me fat
oh look my dog is out of kibble oh my mom is a moron oh that bird looks like an asshole oh btw you have stupid looking ears
oh that ceramic elephant is talking to me about the economy OH HEY I LIKE to eat chemicals oh yeah YOU smoke too much dirt weed oh yes I look like a maniac in public I am about to go mental all over this aisle of jellies and jams and nutella and fucking peanut butters and honey and other spreads!
I WILL. and bread is dumb today. I am sorry you cant take the honesty and reality of the world.
I helped out and sold some BOO grams at the school today and I wore the SPOOKIEST EARRING ever!
the kids were ALL BLOWN AWAY by my coolness.
they are my grammas.
one day they will be mine.

drink some juice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

go bold or go home

yellowI am so tired of this background this b-log has going on here.
enough already with that shit.
I will figure it out for us.
most of the time.
YOu should have seen me at the dentist yesterday!
such bravery on my part.
really it was nothing.
I did have a cavity and that is VERY embarrassing
and I had to have some other problem dealt with
and my teeth polished.
its a gorgeous day and I am thankful for the gloriousness that is TODAY and all the days of my life.
and I like regular toothpaste.
normal toothpaste. no sparkly bs glitter toothpaste.
just the light blue toothpaste.
thats ALL I NEED.
and love.
i may post again real soon because I feel like and you like it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today is an exciting day.
FOR ONE a trip to the dentist is happening later.
other awesome stuff is gonna happen I JUST KNOW IT!
ALready received a package of paper and stickers on my doorstep this morning &
that was RAD.
SO its all happening for us.
all coming together.
what else was I gonna say? I know i was thinking how I could blog something or the other!
but thats the endless story of blogging now isnt it
at least for me it is.
little kids are funny. one kid (not mine) told me how he has all these voices in his brain telling him what to do
and it turns out tooo complicated so he ends up in troube and YOU ALL KNOW THE STORY!
we can all relate to this 7 yr old kid.
heard it amillion times.
ANYWAYS I would like to say that I am super excited for HALLOWEEN and MY BIRTHDAY and I think thats it
for now.
hang in there and lets pray for each other.
iTS the OnLy Way!
and dont be mean to others unless they deserve it. i guess.

Friday, October 09, 2009


bananasGOSH ya know I really need to brush my hair today. I have yet to do SO.
I had to do this walk to school bus thing today and it was reallyway early in the morning.
like before the SUN early
so I was late and had to run to catch up.
When we all arrived to the school they had some quaker oatmeal bars and bananas cut in half.
I had half a banana.
I was really expecting muffins BUT I did NOT want a muffin so I was happy when I was bananas.
we ride our bike to school everyday anywasy UNLESS its raining or freezing out and
we leave at 7 thirty and arrive ten minutes later.
I did get the chance to introduce myself and complain to the principal about some issues I have about an ugly broken fence in the middle of the playground.
it is a fucking hazard.
I will not let up about it. I may take some photos.
you dont know it but you should know that I just now brushed my hair.
and its John Lennons birthday today! is it your birthday?
how should we celebrate?
more pie?
banana cream pie?
I like banana cream.
I could never hate any pie.

Friday, October 02, 2009

amazing and smart

wannna know something cool that I once did?
whipped up some coookies real quick like for fun!
total unplanned baking because I am a fun mom with nothing but FUN on the agenda.
anyways I just like cookies and my house likes to smell like them so its like ok WHY NOT?! AND WHATEVER! all AT ONCE.
OF COURSE already I have had way tooo many and I did not workout this morning CAUSE I had to grade papers like a good room mom.
Tomorrow I will RUN around the block a few times or something wild like that.
we all need to run more. my dogs need it for sure.
this is coolnews -
something is wrong with my pool pump!!!! lets celebrate! and party!
i can hear a hissing noise and a bubbling noise coming from the outside where the pool is located.
The windows are all open because it is a GORGEOUS day here in tHE A V. with a slight breeze.
havin the windows open is the best but I think maybe brings in the bad air.
I heard that on the news.
THIS one thing I just looked at really annoyed me. i hate that.
The temptation to go into it in depth here on mY blog is there but I wont even bother fully but will say a few things about...
FIRST CLASS and fancy pants people
yes yes you are so tres' legitimate, pleasurable, accomplished and cool.
we are like so beneath you
you and your stack of phony baloney
the people who wear braces at inappropriate times in life.
like in times of ADULTHOOD.
if you can vote, DRINK, and/or SUCK A DICK you should not be seeing an orthodontist to have your hardware tightened.
I mean really?! are you serious? maybe if your grill is really messed up bad get invisaline or whatever the fuck.
or are you afraid to be a real live adult.

well now all the fucking papers are flying off the fridge!
i gotta go.

Monday, September 28, 2009


most everything is done around here with the exception of all my clothes being thrown about &
my closet and dresser drawers are practically empty.
i cant explain why and you dont reallly care.
ALSO poor me was unable to join the spin class this morning which was fine.
Truth be known,
I should have never even bothered trying cos I woke UP dreading it BUT still I pushed through with two cups of green tea and tried and was denied.
imagine that!
I suppose I could have stayed and attempted another form of exercise but WHY!? HWY VENE BTHOER!
can you tell that I am with inner turmoil?
i did take a long walk till my dogs literally STOPped moving.
literally. I had to use words of encouragement.
what else?
SNL was so freakin hilariouso i recorded it and watched scenes repeatedly.
I am sure that was unnecessary since NBC will just show that one show over and over again all season cause they like only make one new episode a season right? maybe two.
well, I guess I will do some at home ab exercises with the gigantic core ball
Then I will eat a Honeycrisp apple.
If Kathryn has 4 Honeycrisp apples and eats 1 how many will she have left to share with her friends?

Monday, September 21, 2009


P9152030i am so sick and tired of signing in.
its just enough already
and for this.
hey did you notice the missing quotation? i did.
silly mistake.
so anyways I did not mean to start off that way.
I changed birth control pills and its been a fucking disaster for me.
not really. I am giving out personal info and
always going against better judgement
BUT really my first instinct is honesty so thats why it flows so freely and naturally out of me. is that selfish? is honesty selfishness? no I dont think so.
so these pills made me totally skip a period and made me FLIP UPSIDE DOWN and INSIDE out over it
and I missed a party to BOOT!
And i don't mean to blame my actions and reactions on hormones and chemical balances but what the hell.
might as well.
made jello shots for the party i did not attend, felt like a lunatic
and MAYBE just MAYBE thats the time when its best to stay home.
so turns i am a good decision maker. maybe the forces were forcing me to stay home. could be true.
You dont really know anything about how the forces work. do you?
BUT YEAH I know that when you change your outfit and wash your face 7 plus times its done.
down for the count over.
@ 11 pm when you are resting on your kitchen floor in spandex leggings w a jello shot platter beside you,
tired from alll the self destruction and self loathing
you could say the party was over before it ever started.
i never really had a spandex anything on, but it was coming to that.
and finally in the end it all added up to nothing.
and I had a cold.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


the gun shop
i was very nervous and almost wimped out but i remembered that I am no wimp.
a casing flew down my top and into my bra and burnt some areola. ouch! and really?
so that was today.
nextime i will dress more appropriate. no low cut tops allowed.
did you know that?
I had no idea.
also BOOm!! it goes right through your body! BOOm! explodes in your face!
alright alright

i do plan on maybe practicing more.
it was intense and pretty inexpensive fun,

tomorrow is september 17tH! wow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what are you doing?

that was an oddballish birthday celebration lunch day for CECE
the terrible fire was happening so the skies were filled with doom and gloom
and much to our surprise fireman were scattered all over the joint
eatIn and chiilllin w potato skins and brew
some in uniform and some not.
I was a lil emotional over it.
but I kid cause I am not exactly sure what they ordered.
my camera was acting wrong.
that was weeks ago
and i think the fire is under control. I am no longer hacking up ashes.
Another odd thing happened
I had thefish tacos pretending to be "lowfat"
but like I said that was weeks ago and tonight I am gonna make pudding. TRADER JOES has all SORTS of AMAZONG new MERCH! I was like THIS IS THE BANANAS! i should really show you and maybe trader joes would be interested n hiring me to be their PUBLICIST!
my toes are so rad right now.
you can rest assured you have never seen toes as bodacious as mine.
silver glitter and stripes! and more! on my toes.
I don't wanna worry anyone or anything but tomorrow i am gonna shoot a GUN!
practice you know.
for the day I need it.
but no no i would never need it but its still gonna be very cool and I MIGHT take some video and upload that for fun and stuuff.
like anyone cares.
I will try to be more for you another time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

here i am in your moms backyard

made a few MAHOR purchases today. a big new crock pot and a FRYER that does all sorts of amazing things with food.
WAL MART was filled with douche bags with price machines. they were so douchy but they have a good gig.
i ate some taco meat last night in my sleep. I SWEAR I am sleeping. its fucking absurd! I know.
I will stop. I will get help.
Yesterday I wasted a bunch of time on google maps
I pretend like I am a spy from another place and time.
because thats who I truly am.
it doesnt matter I am just trying to help you fill that empty space in your time.
thats all I am.
I am a helper.
and a planner. I need to go reserve my bike for tomorrow cycling class. its 1 dollar to do so.
fucking gay huh but if I am the least BIT late I will be so screwed and out of a bike. BUT really its no big whoop cause I dont get all crazy over little shit like thats. YOU know me.
but really I need to go pay one dollar.
they should just respect me and let me have one for free OR better yet make sure there are enough bikes for everyone REGARDLESS!
but thats not how my gym here likes to practice business.
i am not that serious about this.
one "FRIEND" of mine wrote a mean and nasty letter saying how BAD the gm sucks and signed MY name, isnt that something else!? or what?
once again, I don't really care and I probably totally agree with her. but what good did it do? no good really at all.
now the gym probably just makes fun of me and talks about me behind my back because I am paid upfront now for 3 yrs.
I would like to talk about this and other things further but I really gotta hit the pavement.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

so far... for the most.

P8281741real fast I am gonna see how fast I can do this cos I have a TON of shit to do and I do MEAN a TON its just like never ending and I CANT STAND IT but I am joking cos I obviously CAN stand ANYTHING thrown infront of me.
but what I was gonna say is how I have a massive amount of unfolded and unsorted clothes about the size of your EGO my side of the bed and tis aboutfucking time I fucking handle it before it handles ME and I lose my fucking cool and trash it all like a BAD relationship. only to regret it later.
just like my green skirt. gone with the wind because stupid me thought I did not need it but I did. I really did.
I cant even start down the thinking about it path right now.
Why do that with my energy and have it spiral into a long list of WHYs and goodbyes?
LIKE WHY DID I EVzer move away? WHY did I get rid of all THE other AWESOME shit? insanitttty.
CLEAN it UP and look carefully before you throw it out!
so moving on
I had to FORCE feed myself some oatmeal this morning and WE all woke up late because none of US like SCHOOL or WORK we just wanna beat on the drum all day and smoke tons of it and eat junk all DAY everyDAY cause that is the life of a rock star and we are rock stars and you know our name from the neighborhood and if yo dont you must not know your own name.
OK well.
also I was gonna say that the above photo is dumb and I am like zoned out on PURPOSE
evrything happening is for a purpose
I took it infront of the next town overs best kept secret pizza place and it was a few Friday nights ago and since then I have colored and cut my hair. and I have become even BETTER looking.
have a Tuesday.

Monday, August 31, 2009

give me a whisper give me a sigh

zero clue where to begin. everything I want to say sounds dumb and too DRAMATIC.
I had a realllly bad night so I woke up late and felt rushed and flustered so things got out of hand and then I missed the gym and now I am sitting here in my gym outfit like a fucking lose r and what will I do with myself NOW?!
I would threaten SUICIDE but lately when I offer that as a solution to the problem the people tend to agree and start helping with the plan. so fuck that.
it is sick really, my life.
whats really disturbing is the enormous fire blazing in the backyards of friends of friends.
I prefer NOT to cry but sometimes its a must, and thats just nature.
I will go.
no? you want me stay?
ok I will.
today is already strange enough.
I do believe in a heaven above me. maybe there we can all be happy andmaybe even shit butterflies.
and I have never lied. I always tell the truth and I am honest.
Pretty much I tell the truth and I am the most straight UP person YOU know.
I say it I do it and I do not fuck around.
TODAY is my very good friends birthday and yet I feel kinda tragic and GAY but thats what makes being around me so FUN and distracting.
and yeah.
this post is a real downer so I will post again real soon with something less faggy.
i dont want any one to dislike me

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

you have really made it.

P8081655ok joan rivers is my least favorite person in the world. really.
my mom went to her late show once in LA and I remember staying up to see it and was totally let down and went to bed.
when was that? 85? 86?
now i think she still sucks and her new shitt show!
scary how everything stays exactly the same. P8081652
I am exactly the same person I was when I was 5 or 16.
right now
I am just waiting for 3's co. to come on.
one big new thing in my life that i can share is that I switched my birth control to another birth control and I am hoping to be rewarded with positive side effects.P8071586
tomorrow I have some goals I want to accomplish.
some goals come naturallly but some are always challenging.
I have an area downstairs that needs to be organized and set up with SNACKS and WHAT HAVE YOU.
something I have been meaning to do for OH 5 yEARS!
so really whats another day or another trip up and down these wonderful stairs of mine?
but no.
and just to let you know if I was to MEET JOAN RIVERS I would probably end up liking her and be a good friend to her.
never can tell.

Friday, August 14, 2009

duck and cover

P8081648P8081650these photo of me and sara are pretty cute.
I slammed her face into the ground that night with my smoothies.
she said they made her do poopy all day the next day. haha youre welcome.
TODAY I have all this stuff to do today and people to pick up and drop off its insane.
YES YES YOU do it too
I am not the only one with life responsibilities. and some kids have more.
I did not even turn on any music today because I just dont have the time.
so now its easy to hear my dogs licking themselves like cats and some fly flying around
OH and I have an ant problem.
ALL BECAUSE the other day I said to some person that I have NO ANT troubles so the universe heard me say this and did something to fix that error because BY GOD! WE ALL NEED ANTS RUMMAGING THROUGH OUR HOMES!
invading our privacy.
mostly they are hanging out by the dog food and trash. which may be seen in the above photo.
or maybe I cropped it out.? I DONT REMEMBERwhat photo is being shown but yeah I am pretty sure its visible.
so maybean earthquake is gonna happen? like the ants KNOW things we don't because ANTS are actually smart.
you saw the moves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I must brush my teeth and leave

restroomhi sorry you kathryn addicts for lack of
anyways I have been eating candy and now I think I have to poop.
milled flax seed and chocolate does wonders.
its the truth.
I about to go on a mini bike ride. i dont think its that hot out today and thats a nice thing.
1005 is way to hot and thats how hot it gets in this VALLLEY.
I am a valley girl.
like for sure and junk.
i always leave my house too early so NOW I am trying to not rush around but I have this URGE to get up and rush around. the anxiety over being LATE! and more.
i am still cleaning up from all the PARTIES I have been THROWING
LIKE right now i see a wad of blue napkin on a shelf.
and thats really dumb.
why place a napkin there? who did that?
I know it was not YOU because you cant come here and do that in my upstairs living area because I would knock you out!
ok. I cant wait any longer I really mUST GO!
i wll TRY to come back again soon and do another little short fun story but most of the time I don't feel like.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


P7271584as of late I have been staying up till threeish am because of a few things.
one combined reason is i love threes company and I also love the company of my farm animals on my pretend farm I manage on facebook.
its fun.
i like redondo beach
went on a trip down the freeway that ended up in redondo beach and eventually back home again
at 1st I was acting like a little girl and was scared of the waves
cause we all have a history with the ocean.
but all I kept hearing was warm water this and nice warm water that
so I bucked up and went in and swam around
I can still feel the rhythm now.
afterwards we all ventured off to delicious mexican food on a tiny patio at
el gringo
I ordered the blackened mahi mahi burrito and finished it about an hour ago in my kitchen. very yummy.
I eat too late everynight.
i just cant help but be a midnight snacker.
but yeah so the beach was fun and the waves and the sand and all that soothed my soul.
i should have taken more photos.
but everything is flying by so quickly I can barely pay attn as IT IS.
i never know if I should post the same pictures here that I post on the famous FACEBOOK.
that place has really taken away from my time here.
how much more ridiculous will my life become?

Monday, July 20, 2009

hammer time!

P7191597me and cocowell golly G!
Sure hope your weekend was everything you dreamed it could be and then some.
maybe you had a wedding or a special party to attend or a new baby jesus was born into your holy family.
any 1 of those things would be magical.
In my weekend dreamland I learned valuable lessons
one being that if I want a midori mixed drink I better BUY the 18 dollar bottle of Midori and not the fake cheap 8 dollar bottle of "melon" flavored liquor.
thats a life lesson I will hold on to.
Thank you universe for revealing the truth.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give.

rest assured
I will be taking more photos of myself in the fridge, cause I like that and I am gonna be all about that.
hahaha but for cereals
i am lucky to have recieved a good new mix of new songs for the ipod and I appreciate that.
I have been following no strict diet lately and not drinking much water.
mostly party party everyday and today its more of the same with a little different.
I think I will end up outside with some blended midori.
Its friday so we need to live it up and maybe buy a dress.....
cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do....
lets watch FRIDAY! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. top 5 favorite movie.
anyone own that movie?
whatever internet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


first of all my eyes are realllly dry and itchy and I would like to ask GOD to please take all the peoples pain away.
the oatmeal these days just is nOT hitting the spot.
is it the splenda? should I go back to straight brown sugar?
I should not be here now,
because I was gonna be out and about and over there and I overslept.
I reallly REALLY wanted to get up at like 630 and clean up and chill out with some breakfast and coffee
BUT NO I got up at 830 and so now my day is not where it should be.
so much for that INNER clock of mine. maybe it knows best? maybe I am safe where I am at.
What I need to do is go to bed early and stop watching shitty movies. I hate movies that waste my time.
I dont know, MAYBE I AM CRABBY.
i will be fine
and so will YOU.
sorry if I upset you

Monday, July 06, 2009

STOP the madness cause its not that funny

peacesignjelloshotsthose were the fun jell-o shots I made for the 4th.
they did not last long and they got the job done. did.
Viewed that teen pregnancy movie JUNO last night for the first and I enjoyed it.
And this morning around 1 am I lost my damn mind while standing in my kitchen
I ate peanut butter with a side of a large brick of chocolate
then finished up w a glass of milk!
that is wrong wrong wrong of me.
AND I have been eating tons of BREAD! like some sort of bread loving JUNKY WHORE!

so now I am leaving for the gym.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

oh pleease you and your 4th of july

beachfruit bagtubeonthebeachdrewcece and daughterP6281190sarabdaycakedrewonbeachbirthday cake
I have so many more pictures and so many explanations and excuses that its overwhelming
so so so many, SO MAANNNNY
I am reminded that we really need to get to a dodger game. ASAP.
and I will take MORE PICTURES.
thinking about it causes me to feel anxiety.
so why travel down that path? why bother?
i like to rely on my inner clock. very trustworthy.
bugs have been biting me and I swear one bit me on my face.
i wish it would have bit my face OFF.
not really.
i have not been to the GYM for awhile due to all the FUN being had and the having of the fun and that needs to stop.
cause like right now I cant sit here cause like you know
I gotta go have more fun.