Monday, June 09, 2014

Tres cray

Pool party smile! 
Cool wall paint job! 
A list.
A house. 
Delicious and nutritious.  
This one was my favorite tile. I'll remember it always until I don't. 
Yo! Today is almost over! 
I love bedtime! I love sleep! 
Been so busy busting moves all over the place. 
Swimming, lounging, exercising, cleaning and organizing! 
making money! 
Feeling an overall sense of calm. 
A peace within. 
It's the hot yoga. I swear! It's a wonderful thing. The secret. That and lemon water! Oh and cold as ice showers. 
I simply adore cold showers.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh the serenity. 
But hey look at this old pic of me with a friend and her lil bro! We kidnapped him and held him for ransom! I think he is flipping us off. We seem pleased. 
That's me on the right. 
And that's me directly above the kidnapped boys head. 
Young n blonde. 
Group photo! 
These pics are from 1968! I mean 1997!! 98? I don't know really. 
Good times with friends. 
I was a lifeguard the summer of 97.
Best job EVER! 
A little stressful but very rewarding. Nice tan. Good people. Cash. Youth. 
Good times. 
Moving along. 
Hope your summer 2014 is full of blessings. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunshine Day!

The summer fun has begun! The pool party I attended yesterday was super awesome! They have it down! Snow cone maker, popcorn machine, hotdog thingy, cilantro ranch dressing, delicious Mexican food, pizza! Cake! It was stocked! I made a snicker/apple salad, everyone LoVED it! It was a winner! Easiest salad ever really. Just a lot of chopping! Next time I should double the recipe because it gets gobbled up! 
However I was the only mom that wore a bathing suit and swam around in the pool. Wassup wit dat? Yaknow? It's a pool party! Let's do this! Is my motto! Whatever I guess. I'm just a kid at heart. 
Really fun day yesterday. Today will be fun too!