Sunday, April 26, 2009

wax on wax off

stuffglasses THe sun is not shining as bright as I would like for today but its still early.
THe plan for the day is a bike ride to see the baby ducks and turtles and other nice stuff.
I was lucky enough to have some new cereal this morning.
I could have had 3 bowls.
when I get back home I am going to kick box every chance I get.
there is no kick boxing at the gym here. I wonder why.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a lil sweet and a lot spicy

fat dog in a lil Laker jersey.maybe coco needs to lose a few pounds.
and maybe her name should be cocoa.
I talked about it with her and we agreed that its both.
so actually yeah its either way. P4250487what a great day today has been. I love life and I love you almost as much as i love LA
i bought some new splenda coffee flavor packet thingys and even though I feel it involves more packaging than I wish to be a part of I do love the sweetness it adds to my cofffee without the calories.
also I love chili sauce and I put that stuff on everything. EVEN BANANAS!
should I be scared?
I might even start carrying the bottle in my purse. is that ghetto of me?
before you say no
I also bought a box of wine at walmart today.
wine sales are up and I wanna give the box a try.
oh I lost my camera case today but I found it on the bookshelf.
wonderful day.
I am watching NARNIA.

Friday, April 24, 2009

oh yeah and no

P4200152thats some hebrew pastary filled with cheeeese! my friend made it for me.
yummmy and of course very fattening.
I told ya so.
not bad lighting in this apartment. I could make a promise that this is the last hallway or kitchen picture of me that I will show you but I won't.
so I have been sitting here off and on a few times and
I remembered something!
At that job thing that I no longer have I used to lotion up my hands every 5-10 minutes
but now that I have no job I dont seem to do that so you can do the math,
and still I have not dropped off the store key.
what is it? cant bring myself downtown?
have I even been downtown at all this week?
what have I been doing? what am I doing?
what am I getting ready for?
BEACH TIME!? yes. and poolside time.
fuck I dont have that nice spa anymore.
well thats annoying.
how will I listen to music now?
I need some sort of out door stereo system,
thanks for reminding me.
I will work it out.
why do I even come here?
we should all ask ourselves that very question.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


P4220294I am falling in that rut.
that sad place.
must mean I need to start blogging more.
i am moving back home soon and its just weird, and I am sorry for LOOKING so DEEP INTO LIFE AND MY MANY THOUGHTS and MY MANY FEEEELINGS.
feelings do nothing but cause people to do stupid things.
but maybe thats just me? cant be.
I did the boring yoga class this morning and decided that I will change my thursday schedule starting next Thursday.
soon I wont be inside that gym ever again.
or will I?
my kitchen is a mess from last night and I really need to get up and dance and do this.
I have been playing with and taking care of my new camera so maybe more annoying photos to come.
its kinda overcast here today.
I hope I can brighten something or someone today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

look at those colors

P4220264really need some cottOn balls and I really need to drop off a key.
my nails look scary and its not a time for scary
its a time for calm and cotton balls will help.
I am trying to feel as if I am on a big retreat.
like this apartment I am in is a xtra large hotel suite.
unfortunately some men have been rebuilding the stairs
it has been an inconvenience to say the LEAST.
sparks flying around outside my front door.
its been a mess.
but I remain friendly to the universe and try my VERY BEST TO GO WTH THE FUCKING FLOW!
and just let it be.
i have tv to watch.
poor planet earth.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're traveling through another dimension

P4190111graceful and talented me broke two wine glasses tonight. AT ONCE.
glass crashed everywhere and all over the place.
in the kitchen
I had on my flip flops so I was safe
BUT it did break right in my face and a piece of sharp glass almost punctured and cut my eye!
but didnt.
but I did get some hot pepper in my eye.
I have enough wine glasses to open up a bar or a vineyard or something.
I could use a new bathing suit.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

don't hate me just yet

P4180053GUESS WHAT I GOT!?? yep.
a camera.
and boy oh fucking boy it was quiet the ordeal.
of course right. I am me.
I bought 2 before finally landing on the 3rd.
so I returned it 20 min after i paid for it and bought a snazzy black one and when I got home with it stupid me realized that FUCKIT WAS NOT WATERPROOF and I NEED NEED NEED WATERPROOF COS I like like to take my cameras in large bodies of water like the ocean and stuff and sometimes sprinklers.
so NO that WOULD NOT DO so I returned it later in the evening and now I am all set with this orange one that I hope to be buried with. bury me with it.
Basically its the same one i had last weekish but a lil newer and cooler.
SOrry again.
so there we have it. NOW this blog and my life can continue.
i wonder where my camera went.
who has it?
have they deleted my pictures?
did they like them?
did they think my friends and I were pretty and cool?
and just so you know I do NOT like waterproof mascara, that stuff is WHACK.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


some photos from the night i lost my camera.
such a sad sad thing for me to deal with.
a terrible loss.
I will NEVER get over it.
i dont know what else to say but fuck.
me and sara bo bara
OH yeah here is a cooool story:
last night a BIKE COP dished out some bullshit to me and SARA
a lecture in place of a FINE for riding around at night without lights on
SARA told the cop she was going to CRAP HER PANTS if he gave us a ticket. hahaha
and I told the officer I was a BROKE STUDENT so he let us go with a warning.
he also thought we were sexy so that helped.
now we need to eat something BESIDES KEttle CORN.
a nice big salad with AVOCAAADOOo and ZUUUCHHHINI maybe some tooooMAAAATOOOO.
maybe some garlic fries.
I believe in vampires.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

with a twist and a jab

well well well
I am cameraless. LOST IT. SOMEWHERE.
me and my crew went to a hollywood birthday surprise PARTY at this fabulous place on Sunset called the
took the most amazing photos EVER!
cant show you cause I am RECKLESS and CARELESS and drop shit.
I dont want to talk about it anymore.
maybe it will turn up or maybe I will get a new one from my fairy godmother.
UNTIL then I will just post OLD photos.
OR not blog at all.
I really need to take off this nail polish.
IS IT JUNE YET!?!?!??!!??!!??!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or may?
May at least.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

what did you think I would say at this moment?

P4014193HAAaaYy! WHATS UP?
so i took a test on Facebook that confirms YES I am in fact a sociopath.
those tests really expose the inner me.
mind blowing!
Today was my last day of employment so now I am an unemployed person.
like you.
opened the store door for the last time, turned on the lights and the music for the last time, counted the register for the last time, pulled out the clearance table for the last time, swept the sidewalk for the last time, took pictures of myself in the bathroom for the last time and other last time things.
sad really.
so many beginnings and endings going on all around.
I am thinking about applying for unemployment?? can I? does that still exist?
the next job I plan on acquiring will be at a GYM! sounds fucking perfecto!
so thats what I am gonna do. I will be like a trainer or something.
after that I dont know where I will be. Hollywood?
I do love jewelry and I love selling it but its just not the best time for that type of business.
I grilled some steak this evening and steamed some broccoli.
tomorrow I will bake semi- sweet chocolate chip cookies.
right now I am gonna go download some LADY GAGA.