Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Through My Vibes

The grilled cheese truck was everything I had hoped it would be and smores! Seriously they had s'mores! I can't wait to meet up w them again. So many grilled cheese options! I was like ahhhhhhhhh I can't make a choice! Helllllppp but i pulled it together n made a choice. Or did you make it for me? Either way I was like YAY! I love you! Kissy Kissy Huggy Huggy. 
Explosion! Kabooooooomalicious!!!
My grammas 98th bday happened. 
A beach house was visited n it was pure magic. I'm totally not even exaggerating ! The magical magic was all around us. God magic. Butterfly magic! Ocean magic. 
May or may not have been one of the writers from 30rocks beach house. But I'm not one to say. 
All I know is that I am grateful. 
Bubbles were put in a spa n the bubbles went insane all over everyone. Too much bubble if ya ask me but HEY! The people liked it. And if the people like it then who can complain!? 
I need to make a dentist appt. I want Invisalign!!  I'm not sure that'll happen but it's worth a shot! 
I'm tired cause I'm full of Mexican food, cupcake, margarita n maybe red wine so I really can't say or do anymore w this blog. I need to rest for tomorrow. 
So bye! I'll be back one day! Soon! Because my magic life is sooooo worth the documentation!!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Paying Attention Forward

Real quick I want to say the following: 
Oh wow that UTAH pagent chick. Just  Wow. 
Did Kimye have their baby yet? I think they did. A girl! Oh boy! Who cares I hate them both. 
Had a BBQ today. Seems like Monday is the BBQ day for this summer.
 Monday funday! I pretty much be bbqin it up everyday since May day but Monday seems to be the gathering day for me n my posse.
This Wednesday Im banking on meeting up w a certain food truck I've been stalking for months now.  Stalking means following on twitter in this case. I can't tell you what food truck cause I don't want to give away the secret location. It's all for me! Mine! 
 You can't find me! I'm gone. 
So n e ways today also involved banana bread gifting. 
Food is everything and I am so sad that there are starving children in the world. 
 I have to help. 
I can't stay up till 4 am anymore. I need to get on track w that. 
Sleep n laundry. Eat sleep laundry. 

Keep it fake

I'm going to blog more! Excitement is theword you're looking for! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And Boo!

Remember the ghostface? See the ghostface!? I believe that's a laughing ghostface.  Joyful maybe? So I'm not even scared. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chugga chugs

Dude I don't know and I really can't care. All I can do is move onward and upward w GOD by my side. My dreams have returned. Vivid! Amazing dreams! Some good, some disturbing but all awesome. So thankful for that.  I'm thankful for all these experiences. 
I'm just so cool! And hot! Hell yes. This blog is all you get of me. Unless of course you are an actually part of my life then you get the whole package. I'm not fake. 100% authentic. 

Thanks for nothing. I'll be fine because I don't fail. I prosper and grow. I'm super. Wish you the same. Peace Ouuut! Gonna smoke a cigar now. Sometimes I do that.