Thursday, February 18, 2010

other peoples blogs.

P1293149I wore minnie mouse ears while cleaning my moms house for money.
That was fun and I need to do that again.
CLeaning other peoples homes can be FUN.
cleaning is just FUN and relaxing isn't it?
moving around with a purpose is generally nice.
PLUS! I have been keeping my car all nice and clean smelling.
Even bought some of those amazing yellow vanillaroma trees.
changed my life.
Being so responsible.
walking the dogs and checking the mail.

Friday, February 12, 2010

nothing on you

LET me tell you why 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in is a BAD idea and WHY you should never ever buy 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in it
all that will happen is THIS:
-THE stars will fall off and EVEN get caught on fabrics and MAYBE scratch your face
-the stars won't come out of the bottle easily OR brush on your nail easily
-you will hate the way your nails look
-you will loathe yourself

Made plans to deep clean the inside of my car but looks like I am sidetracked.
I hate my hair and I am thinking about bangin it up. ya know!
I am not sure if I should.
Something PROFESSIONALLY should be done.
why I am so afraid of bangs?
I wish more cool people with like kind hearts read my blog more often and commented nice messages saying they would love to send me FREE gifts and samples.
thats not happening much.
big shocker.
sorry I want things.

I am going

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

hold on.

P2013241P2013252so sick of myself today.
maybe I feeel lonely, and thats so annoying.
always longing for that unreachable something.
oh come now
there there
no no
today is just one of those odd ball days
but really everything is GREAT and WOW!
I am sick
so thats the reason and thats my excuse.
and MY gramma lives with me.
we have things to do today.
why oh why?
but DAyquil really helps.
and the pants I am wearing ARE way too thin to wear out today.
its FREEZING in here!
some crazyyyy asss stormy weather is coming.
lets look forward to that.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

maybe I have been paranoid.

P2033272Here I am letting the sun shine its hard sunshine onto moi face.
Light is fun , complicated and sometimes horrifying.
and my part looks not good.
Saturdays have a new meaning these days.
Everyday has a new meaning.
waking up and falling asleep
waking up and falling asleep
over and over
on and on.
Forever and ever.
or just till we die to never awake again and turn into dust. hahaha
no everyday is different and short and long and dumb and smart and funny and not and dull and exciting.
but what I am REALLY trying to say is that I need need need a NEW phone.
SO tired and sick of the one I currently having to live with but I won't fret.
Going with the flow is the most important thing to remember throughout the day.
CHildren have a VERY difficult time wrapping their brains around this type of concept.
most adults too I guess are a work in progress.
But anyways FUCK DUDE! you might THROW UP if you had any idea or imagery of the extreme amounts of sugar cookie dough and sugar actual cookie I consumed yesterday.
no self control.