Monday, May 07, 2007

I'd go over twelve percent for that

so its Monday.
and I heard some good news over the weekend.
HEART will be playing at the local fair this summer. hell yes.
i probably wont even go! but maybe I will. I probably will.
we will go together?

any one catch that fight on Saturday NIGHT?
i did.
sitting on a stool drinking a margarita.
boxing is fixed.
and the margarita was too sweet for me.

i moved out of my childhood dwelling in 93. I find that hard to believe that it was 93.
I thought we were forced out of that house in like 89 or 90.
but nope it was 93. I was 12.starting jr high. you dont know what the fuck I am talking about but I DO and its freaking CRAZYYYY MAN! NUTS! HOMEBOY!

sometimes some ozzy osborne songs make me cry but not today cause I am not premenstrual.
I am just wasting time right now trying to feel the positive life force.
please dont fuck it all up.

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