Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The blogger ap is crap! No wonder blogging is dead. 
I'm addicted to detox bathing. I need help. No I just need a huge barrel of epsom salt. I guess a pool supply store? I've been sleeping like a happy dead person. 
My family and I enjoyed ourselves on a boating adventure. Peaceful and breathtakingly gorgeous. Not to mention exciting! W pirate ships and canon blasts. Can't wait till we go out again. The weather was brilliant, the water was clear and smooth. Thanks be to GOD. Serious. Then we ate pizza. Well, I had a salad. 
I'm so tired. Must drink my cherry juice and sleep. 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bring it!

Whoa momma!
I totally need this detox happening in my life! Thankfully it is a thing I am starting tomorrow morning. Goty little tea ball thingy ready and errything' ready set go! 14 day detox! I've never participated in a detox. So it's about darn time! Do you feel my enthusiasm!!?? No more fatty foods like ice cream, fries n pies for me. For awhile. I really just let loosey goosey in December! It was funsies! A party! but now it's really not fun n e more! I just feel fat. Gah! Ha! Party over go home fatty youre fat. 
These pictures capture my hair in a beautiful way. New Year's Eve photo op. Who cares if my face is all whitened out. 
I like bunnies and I wonder what it would be like to own one. Do they just hop around your house? Would my dog mistake it for a chew toy and destroy the poor thing?? Do they stink? 
I am hoping the world has a good 2014. I for one have always found that even numbered years are the most radical!  Yeah , I prefer even numbered years so I can already feel the benefits. 
I think I'm gonna eat a street taco before my cleanse begins! Right now after a nice shower. Then I'll chill w a few games of candy crush. I'm addicted to candy crush. It's the dumbest. 
I'm always looking for awesome lotions that are easy to travel with. I like lotions in tubs. Like body butters. Just a random fact about my current self, Lotions: it's on the brain. 
I'm going to re read a few books this year. Books I read in my early 20's that I can't remember at all. My early 20's seems like a lifetime ago.  Now im in my early 30's approaching my late 30's, so awesome. Growing. 
Still blogging. Are you still reading?