Sunday, February 19, 2012

when you're ready just say that you're ready

Here i am again for some reason. you're here Im here. I want to use alot of quotation marks in this post. "for fun"
SO if you must know I can't seem to get along w the general public. In parking lots, at sporting events, online social forums, basically anywhere people are I have a problem with something someone is doing.
ANd I am RIGHT. like arrows for e.g. are pointing a direction for a reason. NO? yes?
and the people don't care. I am wrong for going the direction which the arrows are pointing? Is it opposites day? NO its "normal everyday life day" and arrows exist for a reason. They are not there to look nice. Arrows do serve a REAL purpose.
But I am the "rebel" I am the "cray bit" trying to stir the shit. NO actually if everyone would stop acting like such a. D-BAGs and b. jerk-offs, I would actually come across as pleasant person.
watched the boxing robot movie starring HUGH JACKMAN last night. Had a nice "underdog" "message". The movie was set in the yr 2027.
Im like HA yeah rights.