Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fuck you bitch we don't care what you say

Anyways things worked out.
And thats my life! Inside joke w myself.
Confusing but Santa works in mysterious ways just as GOD does and things are all good. Homie. 
Only going to get better. 
Madonna is so awesome that it kills
Me! I feel close to her. Like I could be her. I am her. 
Sweet dreams and coffee to ya. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

my faith has been rewarded

Thanks a lot! For nothing!
Stressed! Desserts!
Delicious. Fudge is like too good, and if it's around I will eat it alllllll day.  
Nobody deserves anything. 
How happy would you say you are? Snowman happy? 
So a very important online order I made was seriously fudged up. I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. What can I do? Drink alcohol.? 
Not my fault and nothing I can do but wait. So annoying and rude. Costumer service doesn't exist these days. People don't care about their jobs or other people.  So end it quick. Call it a day and give peace.
Lying liars. 
I'll workout something. No choice but to move the f on. Figure out a new plan. 
A dead and mauled rabbit was in my driveway today. Stinky and gross. But cool! My guess is a hawk dropped it by accident.
Merry Christmas! To me! 
I consider it goodie good luck. 
It's all good luck to me🌠🔮. 
Tomorrow will be nice. Everyday is nice because I have love and God in my heart. 
Hope you have the same. Peace be with you. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

God Bless You

So beautiful. Added a lil more decorations to the tree since this photo was snapped! So fun! 
Rearranged the living room and now I feel at home. It was all wrong and now it's all right. Grateful for that. 
Buying a loaf of garlic sourdough bread was an impulse buy! Thankfully I have only 3 pieces left! I can't control myself! SourdoughToast! Toast toast! W butter! Heaven in my mouth! Heaven in my tummy! I read that sourdough is actually the best of the breads. Healthwise. Yesterday I think it's the only thing I ate. 
That's what I want santa to bring me. Especially after all the bread I've been eating! Ha! Stupid carbs.  
Whatever right!? 
Today is Friday the thirteenth! Lucky day! 
This weekend is gonna be cool cause I'm cool. 
But you already knew that.
Some 18 year olds think I'm too cool for their lame crybaby vines so they blocked me! Can you believe that!? Good riddance I say! Pathetic narcistic brats.
Eat it. Fool.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

the one you won't forget

Currently watching the AMAs. Nervously. Never know nowadays what will pop up on these award shows to make me feel uncomfortable to be a human being living in America! Do you get me? Or the show will just make me feel OLD n out of touch! Like a granny.
Cool walmart coat! Huh!? Children's section! A diamond in the rough. Priced at $28. I didn't purchase this cause I have other priorities! Like diapers, Poptarts and vodka. Ha! But luckily a really cool friend of mine says they have a houndstooth coat adult size small that I can have!!! Score! Can't wait to show you! 
FYI Cherry juice is so good for you! I've been drinking some before bed, sometimes w a splash of vodka! For sleep purposes! Yea. 
Hey look! It's my batty HALF sister and I in a grocery store a few weeks ago after our gym experience. During this photo I was having a blast of killer menstrual cramps along w a calf cramp! Double whammy! You can tell I'm in pain by the way I'm bent over the cart like a haggardly old maid.  Cause usually I have superior posture! I swearsies. Plus I'm actually pushing more than a cart. I was pushing a RV!
U wouldn't understand.  
This weekend was a rollercoaster ride. 
Today was better than yesterday.
Today I made chicken enchiladas. 
Can't wait for tomorrow! 
I should bake cookies. 
JT is performing now.
He deserves my 100. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Didn't I Tell You?

I very deeply cut my right thumb the other night, and it took forever to stop the bleeding. I was like oh noooo!! Help!! But I was the only adult in the house therefore I had to help myself. The nerve. It's still a pain. It's deep! A deep deep wound. I do a lot of shit w my right thumb. Even now I'm using it! It's healing. Everything heals: most things. 
Oy vey! 
I'm trying my best. 
Watching Seinfeld makes me realize that 
I miss the 90's.
Shit was diff then. 
2013??? It's like yea we r doomed. 
All we can do now is pray. 
And trust me I do. 
The "a" in "always" has like a halo like theAnaheim Angels baseball team. The toddler in my life added that and he is a hardcore Dodgers fan still having a hard time accepting that they lost. So your guess is as good as mine. He is my angel though. 
Art. Color. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rewarding Work For Your Face

Hey you, Iong time no see.
Like you care!!!
I'm watching SOA, drinking wine, and blogging!! Rude! 
I watch all the cool shows! 
Today was so neat cause I went to the gym TWICE! Working it. 
The kickboxing sucks though! Not hardcore enough for me. It's for ladies.  I'm no lady. 
Thinking about applying for a holiday job. Grocery store style! Or restaurant! Or dept store! I have experience in all fields, cause I've worked everywhere! No lie.  
It's pouring rain right now! I love it. 
I love you. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Refer all your questions to my ass

Airplanes are falling out if the sky!? 
That's intense. And the typhoon is a serious tragedy! I feel so scared for those people n all natural disasters. 
I can't imagine.  God protect us. 
I feel heavy. I made a turkey dinner w all the fixings! Delicious. N I could probably stuff another full plate durn my throat no Prob because that's my life. Never ending hunger. It's my nature. Our nature as humans! I need the extra meat to survive!
I need a sage stick. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Too Legit to Quit

This was something I ate today that I'm not proud of. It's a fried chicken waffle sandwich w sharp cheddar cheese n maple syrup. I got it fresh from the grilled cheese truck. Surprisingly it was just an okay experience for my taste buds. I was expecting more of an overwhelming burst of spectacular flavor. Can't really complain because I'm just really happy I was able to try it. It's a special Wednesday thing and the truck just so happened to be in my neck of the woods! I alsoooo tried the smores thing n that was pretty tasty.  Too much bread consumption today! The horror! 
Shammmme shammmmme on me!!! Am I right or am I right? I'm right. 
Did the right thing n went to an evening gym class and felt weighed down n sorta crampy due to the heaviness of the FOOD! Whatever though power through. Fuck the side ache pain. Dumb bitch. 
Eye agree. 
Eye know.
Eye see.
Eye love.
Eye hate.
Eye forgive.
Eye do. 
Eye care. 
My heart and soul. 
Anyways to be perfectly honest w you I dont like posting pics of my awesome children but it's soooo hard not to when they look as cute as they do. I mean look!!  Look at that adorableness! Soak it in. Or don't. 
Pass by and move on.
hey! Let's talk about thighs. My thighs. 
I think I need to stop eating so much bread! N candy! For the sake of my thighs. 
Thank goodness Halloween has passed. But now it's gonna be eggnog, pie and mashed potato season. 
I'm so American. 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

one day in my shoes

I wore my new sweatpants to the mall today and let me tell you that it felt great!! 
Things are about to get real real quick! 
Off the hook. 
I missed the eclipse!
It's ok! I felt it.
Know it happened or IS happening. 
That I know. 
I keep a watchful eye on it all. 
You, them, they, us, we. 
Nothing is really that interesting.
Unless you are a child. 
That's the glory story. 
That's the real McCoy! 
UGh today one crazy Italian sweet talked me! made me feel like a total dipshit! 
Kinda funny, kinda not! 
It's over now. So it's like it never even happened. 
Nothing is happening. It's all a fake. 
See ya around! 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Faster! More Powerful!

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday dear meeeeee happy birthday to me!!! And many morrrrre!!
I'm 34 and I'm feeling awesome. Thanks. 
Maybe one of the best birthdays of my life! 
Maybe I'll even take a nap. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombies have faith

Americanhorrorstorycoven is the best show on tv!! So ya know. 
Tomorrow is Halloween! Are you excited!?scared!?
I'm both. 
It's bedtime. Long day tomorrow.
Have fun. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Efficient Bubble Butt

Kinda orangey in this pic taken in the old house. Goes w the fall season. 
I'm so psychic! It's obvious to me. Yesterday for instance I was in the sauna wearing my usual sauna attire when a young girl probably in her 20's like 26 walked in and in my mind I knew she was going to compliment me and BOOM she did! she was all oh wow you have an amazing 6 pack! I said, "SHUt YOur FACE!!! No!" Because i really don't see it! I'm on this earth thinking I need to work on it harder and she goes and says this!?! It's a conspiracy! She works for the illuminati!!! Anyways I was pretty stoked and shocked over that scene. I guess that was yesterday's news. We had a nice chat about how the gyms yoga is subpar! She claimed her name was Hillary and when she left she said "bye Kathy" ugh!!!! Whatever.
But It's diet . Alllllll diet and water intake. 
I don't mean to make you hate me anymore than u already do BUT I get compliments alllllll the time. 
One Monday in pilates I was feeling frumpy and useless and out of nowhere a nice lady asked if I was a yoga instructor because she noticed that my form was perfect and the way I moved was so graceful! Haa! I was flabbergasted !  The universe knows when I need to hear nice words! Or it's something else. Bullshit? Signs? 
Last week the juice bar dude said I was one of the sexiest girls in the gym. All I said to that was "SHIT!" And maybe i said thanks. He probably just wants me to keep on buying his protein drinks and smoothies. Cause there are tons of sexy gals up in there, but I guess I have the right amount of thickness. I don't know!!!! 
Tonight when I was walking in the locker room some dude asked if I just arrived and I said who me? And he said yea you, and I was like yea just got here and then he says ok have a good one.
Well alright then. What's that about? 
Then a few minutes later as I was leaving the locker room a strange couple was full on making out!!! Right at the entrance of the men's room.   What the effing hell!??!? I warned some girls that that was happening! Gross no? Boner time at the gym I guess. 
Had to get this all off my chest tonight.
I read minds and I get compliments, I know the compliments are coming before they arrive, maybe I make them come, I get into their heads n make the people say nice shit, either way yay me! 
I'm about to be 40! 
No I'm only gonna be 34. 
Saying I'm 40 is just an on going joke I like to tell. 
Leave me alone. 
I want spin shoes so I can be serious while cycling. Clip in and ride.
Sweating is the coolest.
I'm obsessed.