Sunday, May 20, 2012

These Stories of My Life

UntitledSo I hear that ipads suck at being your MAIN computer system or what have you. I need a new computer system and I have been considering the ipad but forget it...!! Something really funny happened the other day! I was called a CUNT by a bitchfaced stranger in a supermarket grocery storeparking lot. :)!!! why? well I was being considerate and allowing a lady to walk across the cross walk thingy into the VOns store and the luxury car behind me decided to fuck that idea and WENT AROUND me instead as the lady was passing in front of my car and so as this luxury bitchface car passed by me I said, "umm EXCUSE ME IM LETTING THIS LADY CROSS!!!!", and the passenger yelled, "fuck you ya bitch". That is absurd so I stuck my middle finger up in the air and she yelled ,"CUNT!", I was like WOW I really really want to rip her face off. I was hoping to get the chance but they didn't stop and I didn't chase them. Probably should have cause I had no kids w me and it was the perfect opportunity to finally rip a bitches face off. But nonetheless good thing the weather was nice and we were both driving with our windows down otherwise the whole exchange may not have happened! then what would I have to tell people?? Talk about nothing but boiled eggs and laundry???? good lord no.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

wild crazy silly foolish stupid

Untitledrunning out of things to do besides folding and putting away laundry. The worst activity in the world when its as out of controllio as it is right now IN MY LIFE. ALso I am eating cottage cheese and I am so skinny. But its temp. and maybe I lost muscle? IDK but I DO know I am about to 139 on the scale anydayday and thats cool. I guess.Blogger changed, and its like going back in time. shouldn't this place be better? NO NO facebook and instagram move on and get new and awesome and blogger sits around like a useless asshole w a template? WTFuckity?I cant sit here anymore. I am just going to regret this time I am wasting. gotta go.