Tuesday, May 29, 2007

write a letter with alll my secrets and fantasies

turns out blueberry cofffeee creamer aint so bad.
and it goes reallly really well with blueberry muffins.
too bad I aint got no blueberry muffins.
all i have is some crappy french vanilla flavored cofffee that I hate.
taste like french CRAP. but the blueberry creamer really helps cover that up.
today I am gonna try to eat NOTHING.
but thats just a joke. ok!
so yesterday was fun
not TOO TOO fun but just the right amount of fun.
PLUS as a BONUS i got to write some numbers on a sign with a MARKER!
a few letters. but mostly #'s.
and fuck my penmanship is fucking fantastic.

a lot of my friends are having babies or JUST had a baby.
congrats to all of them.
babies are the cooolest.

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