Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ten again

Photobucketthere is my new bike. :)
its pink. and fun.
and coolio foolio.
today I have been riding all other the fucking place so could you like maybe for the sake of everyone involved SLOW DOWN!?
you in your stupid car.
yesterday I rode in a mini skirt to my sons T BALLL PRACTICE! and it was uncomfortable for me, I was adjusting and tugging the whole time. never again will I be in that situation.
or maybe if I have no choice.
i try not to give a damn but I usually kinda do.
I really dont care about unimportant things like exposing myself.
I am exposed.
i just be who I be.
and dont THINK twice or hard about it.
I think hard about getting things done.
I need a basket on my bike and a bell.
the bell is so I dnt have to verbally communicate with idiot 14 and 15 yr olds.
fucking morons.
the basket for strawberries.
NOW I have to sweep.
you can go to sleep.

Monday, April 28, 2008

good GOD likes his food

thats what I had after traffic court on FRIDAY.
friday sucked pretty much but everyday after has been fine SO FAR
nice weather and I remembered that I got a shiny new bike.
too bad my eyes itch bad every evening.
and also I still have to make my coffee.
I filled up my tank on SUNDAY (yesterday) and I would like to pay attn to how long it lasts.
driving is so lame and beneath me.
biking it is way more cooler and positive.
I will probably go to heaven simply for just thinking in this way
but yeah man sometimes you have2just drive
i like my idea of bringing back horse and buggies
people need to be more creative and less bitchy.
more tomorrow?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have tons and tons of stUff to do allll the time.
and shit everywhere. I am so sick of all the stuff.
why do I even have all this stuff?
baskets and bowls.
I have my bathing suit on and the PLAN is that I am going to get a suntan.
and cancer.
its not even that warm its early still.
and why is radio such CRAP!!!!?!?!
its not even about the music.
i listen to KIIS and right in the VERY MIDDLE of a song it will go PUUU!!UUUUUBANG boom boom bang beat! and then a stupid cunty lady voice announces what station I am listening to and where its location is.
thats great but why?
and then back to the song just interrupted.
thats so fucking lame I cant even think too long about it and I am mad at myself for even listening to a radio station in my house.
I have no idea what I am doing.
soorrry I am not all sunshine and roses
but actually guess what
I am precisely those things.
today I wore my new white gloves and woke up with the worst cramps.
what's the temp?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Photobucketyeah its cool cause the poppies are nice and heavy this yr!
one nice thing.
everything else stinks.
its funny when you continue to be happy even though everything stinks.
like the economy!, the upcoming election, aids, TRASH!, cancer!, trashy hookers, dead beat dads, heffers, EARTHQUAKES, mortgage loans!, beef fat, Trans FATS, Jonas bros.(i really hate them), fat, livers, HOMEWORK!, and we can not afford to forget about the GLOBAL WARMING
just a few examples
and just for the sake of being rude and pointing fingers lets not leave out you, your brother and your aunts.
we all need to hold hands together and pray together... i mean that.
something wiith candles at the very least?
witchcraft is one way to help.
dont you wanna help?
I cant do it alone.
you people are so self centered.
after I left the poppies my allergies were all on the fritz so that was pretty entertaining.
I wanted to lay in them but thats against the law and its bad for nature.
and I have been thinking strong about visiting a psychic.
is that shit real or what?
do you know any capable psychics in the Los Angeles area?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


you likey my owlshakers?
I thought about giving them away to different friends like 20 hundred times and I really wanted to but I didn't
they are so me and my kitchen area
but I think I will buy everyone I like shakers from nows on.
those owls were only ten bucks at URBAN OUTFITTERS
fun and cool LIKE ME
anywyas I am on a roll
and I have to vacumm and swifer my floors so I can sleep well at night.
doing my best to stay constantly on the MOVE all day long
everyday I I I I I get insaner but at night I pass out
adding on
I try to be nice but everything turns out a little mean and a little rude/
and FUCK my momTHER.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

poppy seeing, dog walking and kite flying

maybe I will post now instead of vacumming my floors. how do you like that?
I want NEW cool floors soo very badly
isnt that the coolest?
you know that will look totally fly with some black lights.
I will show you my salt and pepper shakers soon.
I have pictures.
I cant put too much thought into this.
I eat a lot of oats and a lot of fish so you can just imagine how tight I am getting but still I wont live forever.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

fucking busy

PhotobucketThis burger was good but had no tomato, and thats just DUMB.
BUT THE #12 from Johnny Rockets does come with "red red sauce" and I took it on the side. I NEVER do that but i think i dont care or something. it was like ketchup, cocktail sauce and marinara mixed together in some type of stupid harmony. whatver. that might not be what it is.
the cheese was good and next time I will take my onions grilled.
and maybe try something else completely.
ya know?!
and a good sorta chocolate milkshake
i was wanting the chocolate/peanut butter shake but who the fuck knows what kind of sick peanut butter they use. nutter butter peanut butter? whats in that?
have you a better plan?
where I sold a pretty nice dresser to some kinda rude people for 80 freakin dollars
i sold a lot of your stuff and some of your mothers stuff and bought a new rug and some new salt and pepper shakers. fuck yes its that nice.
do your feet get dirty when you wear flip flops?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

PARANOIA until the revolution

last nights evening news w KATIE COURIC was interesting
she was like and all,
"this just IN! the government likes to fuck us hard in our asses and its just the business." thats all she said.
and photobucket has changed their ENTIRE life.!
I have so many errands to run
its going to be so much fun driving all around this town square town
recently and luckily I find myself owning a FLO RIDA CD
my XM has been turned off and I am HAPPY about that. BECAUSE XM is A FUCKING SCAM AND A WASTE OF CASHMONEY
they giv back, like a heart attack.
dont swallow it spit it out.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


its ok to call you dickfuckers right?
when was the last time i blogged?
seems like forever.
not long enough. I cant find me camera right now and thats fine.
its somewhere around here. I'll go look.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

its a spring thing

hamburgerthats the same northern cali burger that I keep dreamin about. see the mayo.
actuallly last night I dreamt about some black dudes bouncin a bouncy ball into my hotel room
and how there were tons and tons of bouncy balls everywhere but they neeeeded that ONE so they BARGED into my room to get it. RUDE. that was just a small portion of the dream.
lots of different levels of FRUSTRATION goin on and packing and who was goign to drive this car or that car and your mom.
today at the gym I will be doing some core work and some yoga. I wont be cycling just cause I wanna spend more morning time with coffee and oats. I already spun on monday and i will spin again on FRIDAY. i know everyone will be missing me or talking trash and thats just fine. FINE!
I am a morning person and I live for coffee and oats.
OH! I did some flower planting yesterday and i was so CRABBBY while doing so. the flowers and dirt were being so annoying.
must be time for my period. I am such a girl.
and that reminds me that I have a cert. for a PEDI and a MANI that I will be using at the right moment in time.
NEXT WEEK or something.