Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lift up your head princess

I was going to be fancy w an actual real laptop n get all creative cat on this post surprise surprise I don't have time for that so I or shall I say WE have to deal w a post that is prepped by or w my iPhone thingy. My piece of trash iPhone! W 1,000 pictures on it. How many photos do you have?? Ugh it does not matter because the simple truth is that it's allll my fault becos I refuse to do what needs to be done which IS load the mo fotos onto the laptop!! duhhhhhhh but yea not that easy peasy because I need to transfer some other fuck tardshit data from another device on to the laptop before I can even think about it! It's complicated, annoying and time consuming and when you're a procrastinator like me who gets nervous around the apple geniuses then who cares! I'm bored thinking about it! N by bored i mean terrified. The point is my iPhone isn't even capable of doing anything because of the pics n that's just dumb! N where is my iCloud!? I am all lost. Great, technology has left me. I'll ketchup.
Currently I m watching some Jodi arias trial show on HLN. No joke she is one mad bitch.
onion dip w ruffles is a classic Saturday night / slumber party snack, with root beer. I had that tonight, with other horrible snack foods! Party time.
Been doing lots of yoga and taking many transformative breaths.
Meditating and bringing positive energy everywhere I go.
I can't say anymore than this.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Heartburn for days

My chest has been Killing me.
Actually right now I'm feeling okay.

That is a poem.

I'm watching a cool show about the 80's. I miss those days. Chillin by the park n eating cookies n shit.
Guess not much has changed. But everything!