Sunday, March 29, 2009

the sun the moon the stars

P3274149I watched Moulin Rouge! this morning at 1. such a sad and wonderful movie with a great cast.
makes me recall a conversation I had with my father once
we were talking about how he just saw the movie in the theatre with his girlfriend and he said he wished he had been a little more baked.
haha RIGHT ON.
i lost the lid for the milk the other day then last night i lost the cork. whats the meaning of that?
my feet are freezing right now. WHATS THE MEANING OF ALL THIS?
works been great. tomorrow night we are all going out for sushi so we can say GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK. but I still have like 4 more days of work. bitter sweet.
the dude wont be attending cause his girlfriend is mental.
why are girls so insane and nuts all the time?
chill out bitches.
I need to take my own advise.
I need to stop eating for entertainment but why bother?
the Easter bunny is coming to town and so am I.
here I come church.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ON the GO!

P3264100hi you...buttinjeansbthrmphotoop I have been working out and eating healthy cause thats what i do.
its MY thing.
it could be yours but you'd rather poison yourself and sit on your ass reading books about the Germans and being boring.
I cut out high fructose. and stuff.
its almost vacation time.
pillowdo you like that pillow? I do. 50% off and its stiillll way out of your price range. RIght now I forget how much it is.
maybe 94? I wanna say 94.
but hey 50% off kids! SO stop in and pick it up.
either way I cant have it. POOPY BUTTONS.
yummyychocolatecherryballsthose 3 balls are part of the 300 little stupid chocolate dried cherry candy ball family that I DESTROYED and by DESTROYED I mean ENJOYED. Thanks MIKI!
lets be friends forever.
vegan pursethis here is a dopeass BIODEGRADABLE PURSE THAT IS AWESOME AND I WANT IT but guess what! YUP.
its way too expensive. surprise surprise.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

complaint bank

whats with fast food places selling "snacks" these days? mini burgers and fried chicken wraps or whatever.
eat an apple or better yet a banana YOU STUPID FAT ASS.
but do what you want. spend your cash how you want.
I am not your life coach.
my boss says she has this HUGEish scorpion picture thing for me. sounds interesting.
I guess there is some story about it and how she was gonna burn it but decided not to.
i will CHECK it outs tomorrow.
funny story
i could not get my money card out of it the other day at the checkout counter in the grocery store so I MADE A SCENE by requesting tweezers and/or assistance.
it was too tight because of the newness
and the young clerk man tried to help me but did not succeed
he just made me worried that he was gonna fuck it all up.
ten minutes later I finally pulled the card out.
i was buying flax seed, lucky charms and tortillas.
in my world grocery stores are fun and full of excitement
surprises on every aisle.
i try to grocery shop at least once a day.
i once worked in a grocery store.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


oh my effing jesus! ugh! GIVE ME A BREAK! MAN ALIVE!! everyone is an idiot with idiot ideas.
its embarrassing.
just kidding.
I popped some popcorn IN THE MICROWAVE. microwaves are awesome.
ate a handful of it
I'm saving the rest for LATER because self control is my middle name!
popcorn is good.
played a lil WII fit and according to it I have lost 7 plus pounds since last time we played with each other. partYtIME!
thats sweet! but I don't really believe in that.
but i do. but i dont. maybe i do.
oh yea happy st patty day.
go swallow up some corned beef AND CABBAGE!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


the mosquitoes suck around here and they love me a lot.
THEREFORE my poor legs look diseased.
hope i dont get the west nile or some other nasty virus.
now I am worried.
they itch like mad and its making me mentally ill.
just another reason for me to hate this NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SHITHOLE!
Right now my green tea w fiber is cooling off and waiting for me.
I had to work a whole 7 hours today and I didnt totally love it but it was fine
I even got a half hour lunch! I ate a veggie sammich on wheat.
I usually only work like 4 hours. sometimes 3.
Bought a pretty pink wallet w a koi fish on it.
shouldn't have done that but when I first got to worky poo it was slowish &
the wallet started being cute by whispering sweet nothings to me
I was sorta bored so I started to transfer all my identification cards into it and before i knew it i owned the pretty thing.
I am a fool for whispers and boredom.
my advise:
be responsible and use bug spray.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


northern calif makes me fat and mad as a hatter.
my blog is tired of hearing about it.
my mom too.
i need to kickbox.
no kickboxing at the gym I am a member of up here.
BUT who cares?
some nerdy asshole was hooking up and sampling his new and neat pimped out stereo equipment in his motor vehicle this morning around midnight and it was irritatingly bothersome FOR ME!
study for your test or go create a protest.
I never get any sleep with these students running around with their mommy and daddys lines of credit.
but good for them.
and now I have to go tinkle and watch some important TV.
good luck with your stuff.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

not as good as you thought it could be

oh me oh my
time keeps running by
dont be shy
and its ok to lie.
and YEAH
I need some sleep
now I am sleepy cos I am an old lady who can't rock it.
and work is keeping my on duty and its stupid.
I bought some radical stuff today before the store is totally empties.
I still want MOOOORRRE stuff!
I want the bookshelves, jewelry cases, wood floors, MIRRRORS, RINGS, necklaces, coffee grinds, crosses, vials, evil eyes, cuffs, bracelets, masks and the fish baking dish.
ugh, I am such a silly with no means.
people say "OH NO! WHY ARE YOU CLOSING!?"
and "its sooo sad!" and " but but where will I do my xmas shopping?"
and I am like "fuck off".

Sunday, March 01, 2009

lets go home and stuff

monkey the zoo was ok.
you know what! its none of your business
but I am so TRILLLLLED BEYOND THRILLED AND HAPPPY BEYOND THAT because I like the fat free ice cream and I cooked a fryer chicken tonight and I will make chicken salad tomorrrow.
and I am moving a-gain.
have I mentioned how much I loathe no cal? i think i have but i feel like I need to pound that info into your pretty thick skull.
so stuffy .
and a bank was robbed downtown AND there is a MAN GROPING women down there too!
real nice and wholesome.
and oh yes the store I work at is closing down.
If you even give a flyin shit everything will be 50% OFF and its all over in APRIL.
i might be able to buy that mother mary cotton tee i have been flirting with.
and the little league here is a dickhead too!
thank your face for nothing.
i think i am gonna get my hair done soon because I am a selfish bitch.