Wednesday, May 22, 2013

start your summer right

obviously saying to hell w eating clean with this photo! ugh. moments of weakness. BUT luckily that blue cheese iS GONE. SUMMER is here and I cant have this FAT FOOD in my possession! HELP. no NO i am not even being serious. I am in control.

these look all grainy and old and dumb. but here they ARE in all their GLORY. selfless are old! its like a joke now. BUT guess what! I invented da joke! we all did it together! we started da fire just like Billy sings in the we didn't start the fire song. If you dont know it then you know JACK about music. get informed. Today was so busy! busy with a NAP! I pretty much nap everyday. why not? sleep is awesome. MAtter of fact Im gonna do it right now. BUT WAIT WHAT i really want to address is that my blog is a little different. My choice to do this and therefore I must just accept that I lost some stuff. LIKE the owl,and other stuff that I cant even remember! so lets just take a moment to say goodbye. Its like whenyour purse is stolen and you cant even remember the exact contents. like the different lip glosses, pens, notepads, hair ties, or WHAT HAVE YOU! anyways bye. OH HEY i found my yoga mat!! the one I LOST! with the purple strap! I found it WEEKS ago. but whatever. THE news just depressed me with their SAD stories of sadness. we should pray.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Always Forever Gone

Oh damn! Now don't be jealous all over the place for those 4 cupcakez. I sorta shared one in a small way. Cutest shop we stumbled upon! being all dope w the I love Lucy and Elvis theme! Even on the television! I was like GOD? Have I arrived? Wherever u are I thank u! 
But I guess the air condish was being repaired cause it was hot as hell up in there! It's like nobody is prepared for the summer heat! We need to prepare!!! Is it June already!? Shit man! 
Sorry I'm just thinking out loud and i want to know what the fuck you were thinking!? Seriously!?
May is just a waste of time now that Mother's Day is over. 

This Mother's Day was pretty nice for me. Hopefully it was even better for you and your mom!  
I made my mom take me out for some pizza! 
Oh I captured a photo of a straight up ghostface. I'll share later after my ghost hunter friends have it analyzed at the ghost LAB. 
I should close my eyes. 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

you took it from me

oh wow its raining and here I made plans of walking and yard sale shopping. I need a bookshelf. I own a few books. Books I should re read OR get rid of. BUT yea books are cool and maybe some of them are worth a re read. weird photo looks weird. barely resembles me. haha thats weird HUH?! basically I am not that white or weird looking. ANY WHOGOLLLY GEE there are sooooomany amazing products out there right for face and hair and general body! good stuff to BUY with cash money. I try to get into the coupons but struggle w THAT cause I dont have the time! thats bullshit. I have laundry to do! FOLD! UGH. kidding. I m actually happy about laundry. I cant wait to fold and fold some more instead of walking in the rain. haha my 10 yr old thinks I am writing an email. Thats funny to me. HE reallllly wants the laptop. WHICH btw is all filled with the contents I wish it to be filled with. YAY for that and YAY for my iphone being all synced up. booooYAH. for the genius bar. Seriously believe me when I say I LOVE YOU. thats his hat and people really comment on it everywhere we go. THey say " yOU love Haters!?" all baffled and confused. like it would be less confusing for society if it read I hate Lovers. I dont know. People are weird and the hat it makes sense ok. Gotta love the haters to rise above their nastiness. MOST people dont get it. BUt my boy Loves the Haters and I suspect he has a few just like his momma. and that momma is ME. HAve a good Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and everyday of your life. love ya.