Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombies have faith

Americanhorrorstorycoven is the best show on tv!! So ya know. 
Tomorrow is Halloween! Are you excited!?scared!?
I'm both. 
It's bedtime. Long day tomorrow.
Have fun. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Efficient Bubble Butt

Kinda orangey in this pic taken in the old house. Goes w the fall season. 
I'm so psychic! It's obvious to me. Yesterday for instance I was in the sauna wearing my usual sauna attire when a young girl probably in her 20's like 26 walked in and in my mind I knew she was going to compliment me and BOOM she did! she was all oh wow you have an amazing 6 pack! I said, "SHUt YOur FACE!!! No!" Because i really don't see it! I'm on this earth thinking I need to work on it harder and she goes and says this!?! It's a conspiracy! She works for the illuminati!!! Anyways I was pretty stoked and shocked over that scene. I guess that was yesterday's news. We had a nice chat about how the gyms yoga is subpar! She claimed her name was Hillary and when she left she said "bye Kathy" ugh!!!! Whatever.
But It's diet . Alllllll diet and water intake. 
I don't mean to make you hate me anymore than u already do BUT I get compliments alllllll the time. 
One Monday in pilates I was feeling frumpy and useless and out of nowhere a nice lady asked if I was a yoga instructor because she noticed that my form was perfect and the way I moved was so graceful! Haa! I was flabbergasted !  The universe knows when I need to hear nice words! Or it's something else. Bullshit? Signs? 
Last week the juice bar dude said I was one of the sexiest girls in the gym. All I said to that was "SHIT!" And maybe i said thanks. He probably just wants me to keep on buying his protein drinks and smoothies. Cause there are tons of sexy gals up in there, but I guess I have the right amount of thickness. I don't know!!!! 
Tonight when I was walking in the locker room some dude asked if I just arrived and I said who me? And he said yea you, and I was like yea just got here and then he says ok have a good one.
Well alright then. What's that about? 
Then a few minutes later as I was leaving the locker room a strange couple was full on making out!!! Right at the entrance of the men's room.   What the effing hell!??!? I warned some girls that that was happening! Gross no? Boner time at the gym I guess. 
Had to get this all off my chest tonight.
I read minds and I get compliments, I know the compliments are coming before they arrive, maybe I make them come, I get into their heads n make the people say nice shit, either way yay me! 
I'm about to be 40! 
No I'm only gonna be 34. 
Saying I'm 40 is just an on going joke I like to tell. 
Leave me alone. 
I want spin shoes so I can be serious while cycling. Clip in and ride.
Sweating is the coolest.
I'm obsessed. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spooky Pants

Been busy doing stuff I guess and still there is stuff I need to be doing right now like dishes and laundry!! Always n forever! Gets old and predictable. I'm not even going to do the dishes tonight. I'd rather do yoga and bed. Then I'll wake up tomorrow and be all Oh YEAh! You again!!! Hi! 
I have a hard enough time keeping up w my water and green tea intake! I have to start early in da day in order to get it all in! 90 oz of water n 5 cups of green tea! Ugh it's enough to make me wanna puke! If I don't accomplish those goals I feel like a huge failure! Do you even get what I am saying? You try to deal w all that liquid then tell me how you do. 
Today I ate a spicy chicken sandwich n waffle fries from chick filet so you can imagine the shame I am experiencing even now! Some 10 hrs later. But what thefuck am I gonna do? Order a stupid salad? Or Say, "no no i will just watch YOU eat", or not go entirely?  Yolo people! Yo. Lo. The guilt is a part of life I guess. But you gotta let it go. Let it be. Eat the meal, suffer the consequences and move the f on. Work it off later or skip a future meal I suppose. I don't know, I don't have alllll the answers I just go w the mo fo flow and today's flow involved a chick filet trip. Yummy as hell. I should've went balls to the wall N ordered up their mocha chocolate shake! I had a sweet tea. Self control folks. 
Kale is another thing I eat a lot of. 
And garlic.