Wednesday, July 29, 2009


P7271584as of late I have been staying up till threeish am because of a few things.
one combined reason is i love threes company and I also love the company of my farm animals on my pretend farm I manage on facebook.
its fun.
i like redondo beach
went on a trip down the freeway that ended up in redondo beach and eventually back home again
at 1st I was acting like a little girl and was scared of the waves
cause we all have a history with the ocean.
but all I kept hearing was warm water this and nice warm water that
so I bucked up and went in and swam around
I can still feel the rhythm now.
afterwards we all ventured off to delicious mexican food on a tiny patio at
el gringo
I ordered the blackened mahi mahi burrito and finished it about an hour ago in my kitchen. very yummy.
I eat too late everynight.
i just cant help but be a midnight snacker.
but yeah so the beach was fun and the waves and the sand and all that soothed my soul.
i should have taken more photos.
but everything is flying by so quickly I can barely pay attn as IT IS.
i never know if I should post the same pictures here that I post on the famous FACEBOOK.
that place has really taken away from my time here.
how much more ridiculous will my life become?

Monday, July 20, 2009

hammer time!

P7191597me and cocowell golly G!
Sure hope your weekend was everything you dreamed it could be and then some.
maybe you had a wedding or a special party to attend or a new baby jesus was born into your holy family.
any 1 of those things would be magical.
In my weekend dreamland I learned valuable lessons
one being that if I want a midori mixed drink I better BUY the 18 dollar bottle of Midori and not the fake cheap 8 dollar bottle of "melon" flavored liquor.
thats a life lesson I will hold on to.
Thank you universe for revealing the truth.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give.

rest assured
I will be taking more photos of myself in the fridge, cause I like that and I am gonna be all about that.
hahaha but for cereals
i am lucky to have recieved a good new mix of new songs for the ipod and I appreciate that.
I have been following no strict diet lately and not drinking much water.
mostly party party everyday and today its more of the same with a little different.
I think I will end up outside with some blended midori.
Its friday so we need to live it up and maybe buy a dress.....
cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do....
lets watch FRIDAY! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. top 5 favorite movie.
anyone own that movie?
whatever internet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


first of all my eyes are realllly dry and itchy and I would like to ask GOD to please take all the peoples pain away.
the oatmeal these days just is nOT hitting the spot.
is it the splenda? should I go back to straight brown sugar?
I should not be here now,
because I was gonna be out and about and over there and I overslept.
I reallly REALLY wanted to get up at like 630 and clean up and chill out with some breakfast and coffee
BUT NO I got up at 830 and so now my day is not where it should be.
so much for that INNER clock of mine. maybe it knows best? maybe I am safe where I am at.
What I need to do is go to bed early and stop watching shitty movies. I hate movies that waste my time.
I dont know, MAYBE I AM CRABBY.
i will be fine
and so will YOU.
sorry if I upset you

Monday, July 06, 2009

STOP the madness cause its not that funny

peacesignjelloshotsthose were the fun jell-o shots I made for the 4th.
they did not last long and they got the job done. did.
Viewed that teen pregnancy movie JUNO last night for the first and I enjoyed it.
And this morning around 1 am I lost my damn mind while standing in my kitchen
I ate peanut butter with a side of a large brick of chocolate
then finished up w a glass of milk!
that is wrong wrong wrong of me.
AND I have been eating tons of BREAD! like some sort of bread loving JUNKY WHORE!

so now I am leaving for the gym.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

oh pleease you and your 4th of july

beachfruit bagtubeonthebeachdrewcece and daughterP6281190sarabdaycakedrewonbeachbirthday cake
I have so many more pictures and so many explanations and excuses that its overwhelming
so so so many, SO MAANNNNY
I am reminded that we really need to get to a dodger game. ASAP.
and I will take MORE PICTURES.
thinking about it causes me to feel anxiety.
so why travel down that path? why bother?
i like to rely on my inner clock. very trustworthy.
bugs have been biting me and I swear one bit me on my face.
i wish it would have bit my face OFF.
not really.
i have not been to the GYM for awhile due to all the FUN being had and the having of the fun and that needs to stop.
cause like right now I cant sit here cause like you know
I gotta go have more fun.