Monday, May 21, 2007

in the end we straightened it all out

reminding yourself that you are safe is good and normal. unless you arent.
see yesterday I was in the pool.
today no.
presently I am sitting around w DEVILS FOOD cake batter all over me.
some on my on my face, arms, hands and stomach.
yes I am baking a cake.
welll, my part is done and now the oven does the rest.
I need some icing though. I only have green icing and thats just NOT gonna do.
i want white.
I am not trying to be racist.
I called up a place to make an appt for my son and I couldnt hear what the lady was saying to me because my
MUSIC WAS NOISY in the background whatever
I couldnt hear what she was saying but I said YES to her anyways and it turned out that I should have said NO.
she should not have asked me that dumb question anyways.
I could tell she was getting annoyed with me from the get go.
good thing I ask questions.
its all a fucking waste of time anyways.

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