Thursday, May 10, 2007

whoopy doo i have tons of things to do

i am so mad that I slept in!! damn it! and fuck!
anyways I will get over it dont worry my day is not ruined becos I am my own BOSS.
last night I dreamt about fighting off a rapist and It was scary and I was running down my street screaming HEELPPP! HELLP! and it was very intense and then I went to a slumber party with my friends and had a BLAST! and the police were there too.
It was so real.
I was wondering what I would dream about and I guess thats it.
you know how in your dreams when you are terrified and you are trying to scream but it is really hard to make any noise whatsoever?
I hate that.

and holy beans and rice YOUR BLOG IS BORNG!
dont you wish your blog was more like mine?
I know I know.
please dont whine.

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