Monday, May 21, 2007


i have other pictures that are cool but you all dont get to see them because I SAY! because I am IN control.
my preview button is NOT working. what did you do to it? I KNOWYOU ARE FUKING IT UP SOMEHOW!
every so often I get intense pains in my head.
feels nice.
have I written this before? yes because this is all the same shit here. OK.
i hate the wind again tonight.
I cant tolorate this any longer you see it gives me anxiety.
I may have forgotten somethings in the past few days that normal people do everyday.
like get the mail.
but I have brushed my teeth and showered and all that hygiene type stufff. so no worries on that front.
do I make anysense?
cause I feel dumb.
you on the the other hand seem real smart.
but i guess we are all somewhat dumb.
i just went psycho on some cake.
and now I am enjoying a cup of tea.
i think I will go to sleep or something.
did I spell psycho correctly?

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