Monday, September 28, 2009


most everything is done around here with the exception of all my clothes being thrown about &
my closet and dresser drawers are practically empty.
i cant explain why and you dont reallly care.
ALSO poor me was unable to join the spin class this morning which was fine.
Truth be known,
I should have never even bothered trying cos I woke UP dreading it BUT still I pushed through with two cups of green tea and tried and was denied.
imagine that!
I suppose I could have stayed and attempted another form of exercise but WHY!? HWY VENE BTHOER!
can you tell that I am with inner turmoil?
i did take a long walk till my dogs literally STOPped moving.
literally. I had to use words of encouragement.
what else?
SNL was so freakin hilariouso i recorded it and watched scenes repeatedly.
I am sure that was unnecessary since NBC will just show that one show over and over again all season cause they like only make one new episode a season right? maybe two.
well, I guess I will do some at home ab exercises with the gigantic core ball
Then I will eat a Honeycrisp apple.
If Kathryn has 4 Honeycrisp apples and eats 1 how many will she have left to share with her friends?

Monday, September 21, 2009


P9152030i am so sick and tired of signing in.
its just enough already
and for this.
hey did you notice the missing quotation? i did.
silly mistake.
so anyways I did not mean to start off that way.
I changed birth control pills and its been a fucking disaster for me.
not really. I am giving out personal info and
always going against better judgement
BUT really my first instinct is honesty so thats why it flows so freely and naturally out of me. is that selfish? is honesty selfishness? no I dont think so.
so these pills made me totally skip a period and made me FLIP UPSIDE DOWN and INSIDE out over it
and I missed a party to BOOT!
And i don't mean to blame my actions and reactions on hormones and chemical balances but what the hell.
might as well.
made jello shots for the party i did not attend, felt like a lunatic
and MAYBE just MAYBE thats the time when its best to stay home.
so turns i am a good decision maker. maybe the forces were forcing me to stay home. could be true.
You dont really know anything about how the forces work. do you?
BUT YEAH I know that when you change your outfit and wash your face 7 plus times its done.
down for the count over.
@ 11 pm when you are resting on your kitchen floor in spandex leggings w a jello shot platter beside you,
tired from alll the self destruction and self loathing
you could say the party was over before it ever started.
i never really had a spandex anything on, but it was coming to that.
and finally in the end it all added up to nothing.
and I had a cold.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


the gun shop
i was very nervous and almost wimped out but i remembered that I am no wimp.
a casing flew down my top and into my bra and burnt some areola. ouch! and really?
so that was today.
nextime i will dress more appropriate. no low cut tops allowed.
did you know that?
I had no idea.
also BOOm!! it goes right through your body! BOOm! explodes in your face!
alright alright

i do plan on maybe practicing more.
it was intense and pretty inexpensive fun,

tomorrow is september 17tH! wow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what are you doing?

that was an oddballish birthday celebration lunch day for CECE
the terrible fire was happening so the skies were filled with doom and gloom
and much to our surprise fireman were scattered all over the joint
eatIn and chiilllin w potato skins and brew
some in uniform and some not.
I was a lil emotional over it.
but I kid cause I am not exactly sure what they ordered.
my camera was acting wrong.
that was weeks ago
and i think the fire is under control. I am no longer hacking up ashes.
Another odd thing happened
I had thefish tacos pretending to be "lowfat"
but like I said that was weeks ago and tonight I am gonna make pudding. TRADER JOES has all SORTS of AMAZONG new MERCH! I was like THIS IS THE BANANAS! i should really show you and maybe trader joes would be interested n hiring me to be their PUBLICIST!
my toes are so rad right now.
you can rest assured you have never seen toes as bodacious as mine.
silver glitter and stripes! and more! on my toes.
I don't wanna worry anyone or anything but tomorrow i am gonna shoot a GUN!
practice you know.
for the day I need it.
but no no i would never need it but its still gonna be very cool and I MIGHT take some video and upload that for fun and stuuff.
like anyone cares.
I will try to be more for you another time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

here i am in your moms backyard

made a few MAHOR purchases today. a big new crock pot and a FRYER that does all sorts of amazing things with food.
WAL MART was filled with douche bags with price machines. they were so douchy but they have a good gig.
i ate some taco meat last night in my sleep. I SWEAR I am sleeping. its fucking absurd! I know.
I will stop. I will get help.
Yesterday I wasted a bunch of time on google maps
I pretend like I am a spy from another place and time.
because thats who I truly am.
it doesnt matter I am just trying to help you fill that empty space in your time.
thats all I am.
I am a helper.
and a planner. I need to go reserve my bike for tomorrow cycling class. its 1 dollar to do so.
fucking gay huh but if I am the least BIT late I will be so screwed and out of a bike. BUT really its no big whoop cause I dont get all crazy over little shit like thats. YOU know me.
but really I need to go pay one dollar.
they should just respect me and let me have one for free OR better yet make sure there are enough bikes for everyone REGARDLESS!
but thats not how my gym here likes to practice business.
i am not that serious about this.
one "FRIEND" of mine wrote a mean and nasty letter saying how BAD the gm sucks and signed MY name, isnt that something else!? or what?
once again, I don't really care and I probably totally agree with her. but what good did it do? no good really at all.
now the gym probably just makes fun of me and talks about me behind my back because I am paid upfront now for 3 yrs.
I would like to talk about this and other things further but I really gotta hit the pavement.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

so far... for the most.

P8281741real fast I am gonna see how fast I can do this cos I have a TON of shit to do and I do MEAN a TON its just like never ending and I CANT STAND IT but I am joking cos I obviously CAN stand ANYTHING thrown infront of me.
but what I was gonna say is how I have a massive amount of unfolded and unsorted clothes about the size of your EGO my side of the bed and tis aboutfucking time I fucking handle it before it handles ME and I lose my fucking cool and trash it all like a BAD relationship. only to regret it later.
just like my green skirt. gone with the wind because stupid me thought I did not need it but I did. I really did.
I cant even start down the thinking about it path right now.
Why do that with my energy and have it spiral into a long list of WHYs and goodbyes?
LIKE WHY DID I EVzer move away? WHY did I get rid of all THE other AWESOME shit? insanitttty.
CLEAN it UP and look carefully before you throw it out!
so moving on
I had to FORCE feed myself some oatmeal this morning and WE all woke up late because none of US like SCHOOL or WORK we just wanna beat on the drum all day and smoke tons of it and eat junk all DAY everyDAY cause that is the life of a rock star and we are rock stars and you know our name from the neighborhood and if yo dont you must not know your own name.
OK well.
also I was gonna say that the above photo is dumb and I am like zoned out on PURPOSE
evrything happening is for a purpose
I took it infront of the next town overs best kept secret pizza place and it was a few Friday nights ago and since then I have colored and cut my hair. and I have become even BETTER looking.
have a Tuesday.