Monday, May 14, 2007

revolve around me

now its time to pretend that my day was not real and did not go so horribly wrONG.
I mean it could have been worse. I could have been hit by a train. or my dog could have been murdered.
she has been bathed so now she doesnt smell like shit. thats a major bonus in her life and mine in all of our lives really.
somelady called me meeha today and she explained how things work in the "real world" AND I SAID BITCH I AM ABOUT TO SHOW YOU THE REAL WORLD WITH MY FIST IN YOUR FAT GUT!!
no. not really that was dumb and would be wrong.
I actually said this: oh really? thank you very much for confirming that THE REAL WORLD IS A FUCKING RETARD LOSER.
not to be confused w therealworld that airs on MTV on Wednesday nights cos thats my show.

I should take my clothes off right now and wash them so I can do this entire day all over again tomorrow minus the CRAP but still wearing the same outfit.

I am going to do some laundry.

maybe I will post again REAL SOON!

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