Monday, January 28, 2008

by the end of the day

I have a terrible terrible cough.
you know I USED to smoke.
it all started around age 8
mostly in bed reading those choose your own adventure books
my uncles marlboro REDS
he was always away on trips and I would hang out in his room and steal cool stuff like cigarettes and airplane models.
My life hasnt chnaged too much although NOW I dont smke marlboro reds my uncle is dead and I read, smoke and steal other stufff.
but I am interested in reading some more choose your OWN adventure books.
buy me one for valentines day
that or a fleece blanket
AND some pretty spatulas
I love spatulas.
have you heard about the weather being out of its fucking mind?
does weather think about what its doing?
i guess weather has no sense of control whatsoever.
AND today is some sort of anniversary for me.

Friday, January 18, 2008

what the fucking fuck?

DSC09849just ate some tomato w pepper. it was yum.
my dogs are standing around barking at the dishwasher like a couple of idiots.
i need to take a nap today.
spring should hurry the fuck up.

i am going to the store soon.
and this is my LIST:
bag of salad
lowfat milk

NOW GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

feels good because of that and the lowfat milk

candyi am watching american gladiators. for the first time ever.
i skipped breakfast this morning I feel ok about doing it because I know that kelly ripa DOES IT! once in awhile.
she also eats almonds.
I love almonds.
i wish I had a little bag or a handful right this very now.
go ahead and enjoy them however you please.
theyre good.
i also like cashews and walnuts.
peanuts even.
are nuts full of bad fats or good fats or both?
whats the story on nuts?
pears are good too
but have nothing to do with nuts.
anyways coco just had the hiccups and I was asking her over and over again if she was OK!?
she never even answered me but she seems to b fine.
i have been wondering about the air i breathe at night.
are humidifiers good or bad?
i say good.
and what i say is what I fucking say.
and I am using a humidifier.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


starting to feel less fat everyday now.
changed my diet.
drinking WATER.
and only good snacks like APPPLES or ORANGES or YOGURT.
or NO SNACKS! and NO SODA! wine is fine.
I will keep taking pictures of my body to see the change
and lucky you I like to share.
and you shut YOUR face.
its not that I think I am FAT FAT
I just know I could do and BE better
AND all my jeans are snug.
b u t Y e A H. NO BIGGIE.
and let me just add
i feel like my blog doesnt care about me or I mean I dont care.
either wya.
my life is getting more and more organized everyday.
you should see how well my laundry is being kept up on
i dont know whatthe fuck has got into me.
i do wish I would get up thirty minutes earlier everyday.
and I kinda hate my dishwasher
seems like one big waste of energy.

Friday, January 04, 2008

for a limited time only

aprils roomits sucks when all you can think about is how fat you are.
today I woke up feeling thin.
portion control.
weight talk is boring talk.
I have to go handle yet ANOTHER traffic ticket.
and yes I have resolutions!
and drive like a 60 yr old grampa happens to be one of them.
not too old a grampa.
and maybe I should say gramma but grampas maybe seem safer. ?
I wouldnt know
I never drove around with a grampa of my own and your grampa drove with caution.
uncles pretty much drive just like grampas right?
I dont really remember my uncles drivng skills.
who cares!
I just hate traffic tickets that are due on January 7th.
and I hate thought of the line that I have to probably stand on.
BUT I had some really good oatmeal and a really good nights sleep and I am gonna take a shower and then I am going to be happy about everything.
dont give me advise.

I hear my voice on the television.