Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beef Jerky

Happy Easter!! Confetti eggs are the best!  And starburst jellybeans! And peeps! 
Going to have a Bloody Mary in about an hour. 
We dyed way too many eggs last night! I think 2 dozen! It's addicting! The kits I purchased were kinda lame but the kids didn't seem to care. I'll have to eat them all week. Not the kids! The eggs! 
Oh chocolate how I love thee. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breaks in the clouds

I'm a thick woman. Healthy. 
Coolest toddler EVER!!! Ugh I love him soooooo much. More n more everyday. Some people think he needs a haircut but I just can't! His hair is beautiful with a slight curl to it. So why!?? Because society says?? Well that's a bigger reason not to! Society is a lie. Jesus had long flowing hair. 
That momma duck is nesting. Nature can be sweet and dirty. 
Miniaturegolf is not my favorite activity but I still participate. This particular course was gorgeous! I felt like I was in Hawaii! 
Springbreak was full of fun! A week of good dining and outdoor adventures! Maybe the best spring break of my life! Found some nice pieces of seaglass. Searching for them is very therapeutic. The water rushing back n forth over the rocks and pebbles is a soothing sound and sight. I love it. Then when you find a significant piece it's very exciting! Treasure hunting success! 
I did see a decapitated beached sea lion one day. That was COOL too! But sad. But interesting. Such is life! 
I didn't bring a razor on our vacay so my arm pits got really hairy! 
Got a good head start on my summer glow. It's amazing what the sun can do. 
Kids are fun. 
Life is fun.
Today is library day! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

dot your t's & cross your i's

My thighs are super sore from over working myself at the good ole gymnasium. Oh fitness why must you be so mean and tiresome yet so lovely and lively at the same time!? You cruel bitch! 
To help my sore leg muscles I soaked in an epsom salt bath. I should sleep like a bear tonight, we will see. I am really thirsty right now and that's mildly inconvenient because I so do not feel like walking Allllllll the way down the fricken frackin stairs for a glass of water! Ugh. Back in the day, in my old house d'kitchen was upstairs next to my bedroom, that was handy for moments like this. 
Oh hey! Here is a throwback Thursday pic. Me @ my 6th birthday party. I think I'm a lil peeved that my friend janelle is helping w the holding up of my cake. She looks happy.  Whatta brat I was!!! Am!??? I love the rainbow cake. Her n I were Masonic Rainbow GIRLS 5 years later. We still keep in touch. Adulthood is time consuming. 
Good stuff. 
Uhhh what? smell lightbulbs!? Haha good thing i caught that mistake before turning in the finished project! Dumbass! School is a silly silly thing.
I got my nails done today. That was cool cause I hadn't done that in what seemed like years!!!!! 
I am just gonna end this post now. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today was like a crazy mess of unexpectedness. In a nutshell I was like huh?? Then oh Ok. That's good for me. And then whatever. 
Went to the fun gym in the evening. Then the grocery store! The girl scouts are still trying to get my business and i feel
Like I'm about to just GIVE IN! Thin mints!   Should I!? No. 
This was me today. Allllllll ready to go. Alllllll dolled up. 
Mexican food from Saturday night was juSt ok. Didn't like knock my socks off or anything. I should tell yelp. Yelp is a fun thing I enjoy using. You can stalk me there. 
New gym shoes in the wood chips. This picture doesn't capture their energy the way I would like. They are awesome. Brooks. They make me bounce. Put a boing into my step. We all need some extra BOING! 
This is my good friends oven. I'm infatuated w it. It's blueness. It's vintageness. It's a serious work of art. She is a lucky girl and deserves it. She's a true friend. Not like the other fake "friends" I have encountered in my past. She's known me since I was 12.  
I look cute in this outfit so I could not resist. 
My good friend and I in front of her stove. I have my hand on my hip. Guess I'm posing? Haha I shouldn't bother w that. Unnecessary.
God bless us both. 
You toozzzz. 

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Onward and Upward

I just don't have time for this. 
With Life Happening 24/7. 
It's beautiful. Glorious even. 
Today was GYM then LIBRARY then LUNCH then WALK TO PARK then PLAY then WALK HOME! Uphill! I had to shower afterwards cause the hill is a major bitch and my body was drippng wet w sweat! Wooooweee 
Gorgeous day though! 
Oh yeah I really really really need to clean out my car tomorrow! 
And fold laundry! I'll be all proud and cool with my laundry situation then kaboom laundry all over the place! Mountains! 
Kite flying is a way cooler activity than laundry! But it's not a necessary thing now is it. can't be all, " oh Man I really need to go fly my kite today!" But maybe it should be a need. Laundry you can just wait! I neeeeeeeds to go fly my kite! Get off my back!
Oh yeah COCO died! The nerve! How dare she!? Seriously! We loved her. Yes yes she may have pissed me off a few times. But still. That's love. I put up w her annoying tendencies. She died in my arms as I told her how much she was loved and that she was a good girl. We had fun with her. She was a happy dog.
Oh life. Why must it hurt so?
It's okay. 
Pets die. People die. Plants die. Planets die. Relationships die. Phones die. 
Everything expires. 
Except true love. 
It did happen out of the blue. She was overweight. :( so I'm guessing it was her tiny heart. Couldn't fight the fight anymore. 
I can handle it. So far. We can deal. We all deal in our own way. Learn and absorb the emotions we have. Learn to adjust. To move forward with a HAHAHA. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hooked on PEZ!

Happy year of the HORSE to you. 
Broncos lost. Big bummer dude but the rest of today was totally tubular. Sunday brunch was delicious and FREE w family n friends. (I have both) 
 I purchased some overpriced tea to celebrate the free brunch, a special white pearl tea that magical opens up while steeping. Tea talk w katfran. I could go on and on and spend thousands on tea and tea accessories. Pots and what not. 
I made a cool nacho bar today but ate too much bean dip beforehand to really get down on it. Whatevsss. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The blogger ap is crap! No wonder blogging is dead. 
I'm addicted to detox bathing. I need help. No I just need a huge barrel of epsom salt. I guess a pool supply store? I've been sleeping like a happy dead person. 
My family and I enjoyed ourselves on a boating adventure. Peaceful and breathtakingly gorgeous. Not to mention exciting! W pirate ships and canon blasts. Can't wait till we go out again. The weather was brilliant, the water was clear and smooth. Thanks be to GOD. Serious. Then we ate pizza. Well, I had a salad. 
I'm so tired. Must drink my cherry juice and sleep. 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bring it!

Whoa momma!
I totally need this detox happening in my life! Thankfully it is a thing I am starting tomorrow morning. Goty little tea ball thingy ready and errything' ready set go! 14 day detox! I've never participated in a detox. So it's about darn time! Do you feel my enthusiasm!!?? No more fatty foods like ice cream, fries n pies for me. For awhile. I really just let loosey goosey in December! It was funsies! A party! but now it's really not fun n e more! I just feel fat. Gah! Ha! Party over go home fatty youre fat. 
These pictures capture my hair in a beautiful way. New Year's Eve photo op. Who cares if my face is all whitened out. 
I like bunnies and I wonder what it would be like to own one. Do they just hop around your house? Would my dog mistake it for a chew toy and destroy the poor thing?? Do they stink? 
I am hoping the world has a good 2014. I for one have always found that even numbered years are the most radical!  Yeah , I prefer even numbered years so I can already feel the benefits. 
I think I'm gonna eat a street taco before my cleanse begins! Right now after a nice shower. Then I'll chill w a few games of candy crush. I'm addicted to candy crush. It's the dumbest. 
I'm always looking for awesome lotions that are easy to travel with. I like lotions in tubs. Like body butters. Just a random fact about my current self, Lotions: it's on the brain. 
I'm going to re read a few books this year. Books I read in my early 20's that I can't remember at all. My early 20's seems like a lifetime ago.  Now im in my early 30's approaching my late 30's, so awesome. Growing. 
Still blogging. Are you still reading?