Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yes please

Testing testing 123 blah blah
David Letterman is retiring. That's been on my mind. I hate goodbyes. Endings. But if I hate I also must love.
Today was exhausting for me but also fun.
I ate waaay TOO much sugar. Ugh. What a silly and out of control way to behave.
I should just go to sleep right now but I also just want to be.
Be awake and just like existing without motion or thought. I will sleep soon.
Rebellious nature.
Just thought I would blog.
Smells like something is baking but I am pretty sure that nothing like that is going on right now. In this current realm of reality. Ha ha ha ha so deep. Blowing your mind I know.
I'm joking. Nobody is even reading this.
A lady just hollered outside. Saturday night! She gets it.
Right now I'm a bore.
Safe, quiet, and cozy sound like a great time.
Been thinking and...
Chocolate pie, carmel apples, cotton candy is all so gross! All of it is disgusting. Cake TOO. Bleeuughh!
Sugar is deadly.
I need to detox myself after today. I might as well go to the store and buy some hot dogs and buns and eat summer right here right now because if I don't relax on the delicious sugary treats and other wonderful creations in the world involving foods I am going to need a few moo moos to get my through my days. Like Mrs roper.
But no it's fine. I'm exaggerating. I already forgot my point.
I don't think I can post I picture to prove a point either.
Did you see Adam Levine get attacked by a man that poofed powdered sugar in his face. Crazy.
I'm so tired.
Last night I had a fun adventure on  dirt road sorta lost and mildly scared but I was faithful I'd find a road to the main road. We are only 20ish miles away from DTLA right? We can't get that lost right?
I also went to a high school play w a friend. I had a great time.  I want and plan to go to more.  My treat.
Life is such an off road choose your adventure book.
I need to order some of those.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Rawr tech life! Why do you have to always take it to the next level and eventually get all out of control...why take it that far? Why to.the butter barn so to speak.
I sometimes think I should destroy this blog. How would that make me feel? Kinda makes me sad a lot at this point.  Old blog stuff. Seems like the past shouldn't be rehashed. It's  insignificant.  Only the now matters. So diaries are dumb. No. Yes. 

Maybe diaries w.locks are cool. Then lose the key.And keep it locked down. 

I've had a very nice, cheerful and pleasant Valentine's day. Showered with love.
I ate too much sugar w cookies and brownies. Man. So lucky. So delicious.
But now I'm about to pass out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All about that bass basically.

Holy crap Mercury in retrograde is stupid and full on effecting me. Today I was in a car accident! I was driving children to their destination. Thankfully I was not at fault. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

PLUS yesterday I dropped an egg on the floor.  So there is the proof. Crazy. RIGHT?!

My elbow is acting up too! My elbow usually causes me no troubles.
I had a glass of vino last night AND this evening.
I'm an alcoholic now.
Just kidding.

Saturday, August 02, 2014


Blogging sure HAS NOT evolved. I know Ive said it before but HOLY COW you'd think by now there would be some AWESOME options OR SOMETHING. I dont know what I'm looking for OR expecting. ANYTHING I GUESS. ANything NEW. the way the photos upload is ANCIENT history stuff. coded and dumb. AND the background shouldn't be soooooo tasking to change. I could go on and on. Like I had another post and I deleted a pic from my phone and so the pic was ALSO deleted from my BLOG! UGHHH. so I tried to FIX it but no. unfixable and then the post had to be deleted all together. weird. whatev. and the pictures are formatted STUPIDLY. GOOD SUMMER. A GOD SUMMER. A blessed summer. I love SUMMER. I love you. TODAY I am going BIRTHDAY present shopping for my SOON to be 12 yearold! SO DOPE. SO FLY. SO RAD! what else???? UHHhhhhhh I just made a smoothie w my TOT. HE is a smoothie MONSTER! I bought the blender we use a DAY before he was BORN. HE was like OHHHH OK! I guess the smoothie machine was his inspiration for BIRTH. HA. My kids are my world.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Tres cray

Pool party smile! 
Cool wall paint job! 
A list.
A house. 
Delicious and nutritious.  
This one was my favorite tile. I'll remember it always until I don't. 
Yo! Today is almost over! 
I love bedtime! I love sleep! 
Been so busy busting moves all over the place. 
Swimming, lounging, exercising, cleaning and organizing! 
making money! 
Feeling an overall sense of calm. 
A peace within. 
It's the hot yoga. I swear! It's a wonderful thing. The secret. That and lemon water! Oh and cold as ice showers. 
I simply adore cold showers.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh the serenity. 
But hey look at this old pic of me with a friend and her lil bro! We kidnapped him and held him for ransom! I think he is flipping us off. We seem pleased. 
That's me on the right. 
And that's me directly above the kidnapped boys head. 
Young n blonde. 
Group photo! 
These pics are from 1968! I mean 1997!! 98? I don't know really. 
Good times with friends. 
I was a lifeguard the summer of 97.
Best job EVER! 
A little stressful but very rewarding. Nice tan. Good people. Cash. Youth. 
Good times. 
Moving along. 
Hope your summer 2014 is full of blessings. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunshine Day!

The summer fun has begun! The pool party I attended yesterday was super awesome! They have it down! Snow cone maker, popcorn machine, hotdog thingy, cilantro ranch dressing, delicious Mexican food, pizza! Cake! It was stocked! I made a snicker/apple salad, everyone LoVED it! It was a winner! Easiest salad ever really. Just a lot of chopping! Next time I should double the recipe because it gets gobbled up! 
However I was the only mom that wore a bathing suit and swam around in the pool. Wassup wit dat? Yaknow? It's a pool party! Let's do this! Is my motto! Whatever I guess. I'm just a kid at heart. 
Really fun day yesterday. Today will be fun too! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's the matter dear?

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. 
I was home plate. 
Anyways! I didn't sleep at all last night. Well I guess I slept for at least an hour or so because my father visited me in a dream. We talked and he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me very much. Was awesome. 
I'm wTching I love Lucy right now. The day is flying by! Tomorrow is a busy ish day. Most activities taking place in the morning. 5th grade promotion and brunch with friends and their families. Should be cool. Then summer starts! 
Pool time, water balloons, bubbles, popsicles and stuff. 
Yesterday I was at a BBQ and I consumed  2 hamburgers! They weren't even good! Isn't that hilarious!?
No. It's sad. 
Mediocre hamburgers are still better than hot dogs! 
Oh I ate Cheetos too!  Why are those so good!? I love Cheetos. I love chips! 
Well I'm gonna go drink green tea and go to yoga now! Or maybe I should take a spin class? Either way I'll have fun! You have fun being you. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rub my feet

My feet hurt. Especially my left big toe. Cry cry complain complain. 
I'm tired.
Today was a huge to do lists.
A mouthwash scavenger hunt! 
We had to have the superhero mouthwash!!!
Not sold at Walmart! 
I never want to step into another walmart, but I will. 
I need it wake up early tomorrow. Fridays are busy busy rush rush.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beef Jerky

Happy Easter!! Confetti eggs are the best!  And starburst jellybeans! And peeps! 
Going to have a Bloody Mary in about an hour. 
We dyed way too many eggs last night! I think 2 dozen! It's addicting! The kits I purchased were kinda lame but the kids didn't seem to care. I'll have to eat them all week. Not the kids! The eggs! 
Oh chocolate how I love thee. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breaks in the clouds

I'm a thick woman. Healthy. 
Coolest toddler EVER!!! Ugh I love him soooooo much. More n more everyday. Some people think he needs a haircut but I just can't! His hair is beautiful with a slight curl to it. So why!?? Because society says?? Well that's a bigger reason not to! Society is a lie. Jesus had long flowing hair. 
That momma duck is nesting. Nature can be sweet and dirty. 
Miniaturegolf is not my favorite activity but I still participate. This particular course was gorgeous! I felt like I was in Hawaii! 
Springbreak was full of fun! A week of good dining and outdoor adventures! Maybe the best spring break of my life! Found some nice pieces of seaglass. Searching for them is very therapeutic. The water rushing back n forth over the rocks and pebbles is a soothing sound and sight. I love it. Then when you find a significant piece it's very exciting! Treasure hunting success! 
I did see a decapitated beached sea lion one day. That was COOL too! But sad. But interesting. Such is life! 
I didn't bring a razor on our vacay so my arm pits got really hairy! 
Got a good head start on my summer glow. It's amazing what the sun can do. 
Kids are fun. 
Life is fun.
Today is library day!