Thursday, May 03, 2007

I can make my heart race

oh fuckity fuck I feel like throwing up
all over my keys. whatever keys. piano keys, car keys, laptop keys, house keys, whatever keys.
i have been rallying up reason to PICK fights all day long.
can you guess why?
I was super mad at the local librarian this morning. fucking bitch.
haha thats a kinda a joke SO YOU KNOW.
I will start saying HAHA when I am joking from nows on.
but serioulsy folks she made me mad. and continues to do so whenever I see her. well not really.
I got pissy with a 6 yr ol girl in my head and I wanted to fuck her mothers face up w a bat. not really.
I just get mad cause she is 6 and should be IN SCHOOL! not hanging out in little 4 yr ol library time taking up all this space with her hoochie heel shoes. she might be 7.
I am a raving bitch.
and the weather around this valley sucks.
today it is fucking windy and cold and I want to move.

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