Tuesday, March 20, 2012

be still

new post in the same month. Used to blog everyday. Its amazing I still bother posting, but its me DIARY haha.
I don't like that last photo of me so yeah now there is this one. My face.
Life cereal is so good.
Sad to report that I've been sick. LAst night was the worst, with body aches and chills. UGH and the empty feeling in my stomach w no appetite is not fun. DOn't get too concerned, I feel ok now.
First day of Spring how can I be sick?
what do I want to do?
-buy strawberry plants
-pick weeds
-plant my veggies into bigger pots
-paint more bottles
-get rich
-finish book 2
ok I gotta go.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

pinch me

HAppy SPrINg BReAk 2012 BABYDOLL!!
I NEED a new piece of hardware and I MEAN a new laptop or IPAD or someth cos this thing I am using now is manic. Copying and highlighting shit all over the place. annnoying and rude. probably a virus?
n e wayz Happy St Patty DAy. I must get my corned beef into the crock pot!
such a busy buzz w the spring and the storm.
almost finished reading the 1st Hunger Games book. its been an easy read but still taking me forever and a day to finfin. just cause
i bee soo buzzy.
Busy farming seeds of watermelon,cucumber, sweet pepper, green onion, and broccoli !!so dope! being a farmer.
preparing for the big something .
Planning on strawberrying up the place when the weather takes a chill pill.
I was contemplating having yard sale on Sunday but there is a hurricane happening this weekend so maybe anotherday! Ill still have shit to sell then. COOL shit. A desk and mass amounts of dysfunctional Mac products..but I wont part with any of them.
Apples are famfam.
Im all out of Kcups :( so I have to fill my lil personal kcup. I have some kahlua coffee. OH hey I should be forced to add Baileys HUH for the luck of the Irish. I am Irish. Lots Irish. but then again who isn't these days?
kiss me.