Thursday, May 24, 2007


i can only DO so much! GOD!
just joking.
I am drinking a BEER! OH MY GOD! i dont know why I exclaimed that.
Hornsby's hard cider actuallly.
its golden and smooth.
I started to cut up the corn and zucchiniiii for DINNER tonight.
we are having salmon.
and for dessert we are having brownies sundaes.
its someones birthday.
and isnt it fun with youre driving around town and you see people you know.
well SOME people its FUN to see.
other people just get in the way and I think WHOA LOOK AT ALL THAT WHITE TRASH!
see. I am NOT RACIST.
sorry I am not smarter or something for you.
maybe I could start writing some poetry


I try not be so cool
but yet thats who I am
and when you try and g front
thats when I come to visit you
with the Mr. SAndMAN

is that poetry?
I may have failed some english classes because I was too busy with REAL LIFE.
I am trying to be funny.

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