Wednesday, May 09, 2007

listening to that background music

today I have had a TOP SECRET DAY.
interpret this.
I was somewhat told that it is BAD to say that you are BLESSED. have you heard that? what does that even mean? sometimes people are talking to me and I swear to god i dont understand the language.
so I wont say that.
but I will say BLESS you.
maybe bless us?
thanks and you are welcome? always.
i dont even remember the context of the conversation.
the flow was so HELTERSKELTER but yet just fine for me at the time.
I was not having this conversation with you.

actualllllly i am not paying any attn to this, I have other things on my mind.
what a mistake this WAS.

did you know that I got a pedicure today?
and oh yea my dog threw up again today. it looked like pee. but I am pretty sure it was vomit.
real nice Roxie.

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