Saturday, December 11, 2010

Camera Phone

Can you believe the quantity of shit that people post as their facebook status?
Its pretty exhausting, to read and try to understand especially when the faces can't spell.
Is it cute to be dumb? Sometimes YES and sometimes no BUt its always cute to spell simple words correctly. I am not trying to say that I am super smart or anything close BUT I am not a total moron.
Oh and guess wha!t not one of us cares about your long winded boriinnng status.
We only care what you think about our short and sweet status.
I am the exception of course cause I really don't give a care what anyone thinks ever. ha.
This Weekend is awesome and I already treasure it.
'BOUT to go to a YOGA class in LANCASTER. Did it last week and it was challenging so this week should be good. THEN HWO HKNOS WHAT IWLL HAPPNE! sorry i am excited about LIFE!
Thanks for reading, thanks for browsing.
Thank YOU for thinking of me.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

your number

FireIt is December and I am not fucking around anymore people.
But blogging isnt as EASY as it used to be. or fun. everything is different. even the comments and codes and junk. I dont ever even look at any blog ever, and if I do I am all buzzed up and half asleep and bored. desperate maybe?
so hi there.
BUT This is what it is and how it be.
Lots of eggnog and white wine,
NOT mixed 2gether BUT NOW that YOU bring it UP that sounds like a fuckin good idea. YOu are so smart and full of genius.
I dont know.
I feel like venting. screaming and laughing.
I am happy.
My gramma is on oxygen and its a bother,
she should be getting home any minute now and hopefully a breaker wont burst or flip a switch.
Breakers are all sensitive and crap.
Soooo its all CHRISSSTTYmasy around our homes and the hoes are baking breads and quiches and shitzznit.
but remember I dont KNOW. anything.
I dont take my gramma to church and I am having some GUILT issues concerning that AREA of my life. ugh life. YOU know all its tricks and pranks. unbelievable the amount of bullshit that accumulates throughout a lifetime. what a book we could all write.
God is amazed I'm sure.
My phone is alll jammed UP with a million things thAT ARE useless and I am trying to fix that.
"Discard the bullshit", THATS the name of my movie.
been making some crafts with my mom and thats cool and jolly with good ole santa claus stuff.
SAnta is all of us.
You are Santa.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

its supper time...

All I really wanna say outloud is thank you Jesus for netflix,on Wii ! Really. Amazing stuff.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Lets blast forward to the here and now !

Birthday cake!I tasted the rainbow tonight. An ENTIRE bag of Rainbow and now I feel all sugared up and noodle craving.
I just wanna go to bed, wake up tomorrow morning, cook up and eat my oatmeal, take a walk, go to a soccer game, drive to SUPER TARGET, pick up my tea and THEN head over to COSTCO to buy a fancy adding machine.
I have never before purchased an adding machine so I am looking forward to that.
Buying anything is great fun to me.
HELL! EVEN toilet paper and tampons are fun to buy.
Send me to the store for anything.
Need some type of colon cleanse, douche or ointment that you're too shy to buy?
I'll be happy to go.
what type of ladies douche anyways? sickos.
Back to tomorrow :
I should also get a pumpkin pie.
NOW we know whats going down.vampiressa
So hi,
I had a SUCKY Halloween party and turned 31.
Visited the DEPT of MOTOR VEHICLES to renew my license and have my picture taken!!!
Dreaded the whole thing for way too long for no good reason at all. The experience was pleasant and painless THANKS to my good attitude and appt setting skills...
a friend suggested the appt so having some friends is helpful.
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT! Probably in like 4-6 weeks.
Heres to hoping that it is as nice as my last DMV photo.
CHanged up my description a teeny bit too.
CHange is unavoidable.
The insane November heat is keeping us from enjoying my new birthday jacket but even that'll change eventually.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Took Note of The HARVEST MOON Too.

BellyBLah blah Blah I am bored. Luckily nobody visits this pathetic blog anymore, so its just you and me now.
Been looking at all sorts of images tonight.
ARTSY stuff for my BACK not because I totallly wanna be awesome and cool w ink to prove who I am as an individual but because the butterfly on my back is not going anywhere and NEEDS some LIFE..
something simple but celestial.
Stay away from the cliche.
@ the circus!
anyways, maybe I have been overly punchy, and I am sorry but shit man life can really get heavy YO.
and sometimes the bi polar creeps in.
just kidding.
excuses can be overused can't they.
THE other day some older lady school employee? teacher? I guess who cares. Basically some bitch who takes her job all serious told me not to ride my bike in the school parking lot and I told her that I was going to cont to do so and everyone ELSE will just have to deal with it and watch the fuck out for me and TOO BAD. She was SHOCKED and said oh hoho that It wasn't too bad for her.
So then I was like "yeah exactly so mind your fucking business".
what a moron.
Nobody tells me where I can or can not ride my bicycle.
Been doing it since August and nobody has said jack fucking shit and now all of a sudden she created a rule.
If its so damn important post a sign. and MAYBE I will consider it.
happy last week of this month we call SEPTEMBER.
Personally I greet October and every month hereafter with open arms.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

less is more.

peace in the water.SOmetimes I am don't even feel like filling up my water bottle with ICE. takes so long stnading there filling and refilling. its a process.
None of my clothes are fitting loose right now. I guess it happened when I was partying it up all summer and eating cereal at 2 and or 4 in the morn.
GOD I am dumb. One of the dumbest.
Thats what happens when YOu feel all SKINNy and good about yourself. let your guard down and start being silly.
THEN the fat happens. The baggy and saggy. UGH, this is gross.
BUT its only gonna get better.
I lost my thought. I am going out to a store now to buy some STuff THAT I NEED and STuff. I am always goign to a BIRTHDAY PArty And I will probably eat SHIT. THERE taHSTA WILLL MAKE MMEE FEEEL FAT. what should I do? HAve my mouth wired shut?
REMEmber that one real world where TAMMy did that. I was like WHAT did tHAT crazy bitch DO!?
but now I get it.
I get all of it.
Willpower is all I really need.
The fair is happening so I hope most of the town is busy with that and not busy with TARGet or any of the road I gotta travel on.
time is slipping away,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

summers not over till the fat lady sings...

P8084413today I was like NO way i am getting up and doing any of the things I should
i am sleepy dont wanna and grumpy
then I was realized I was going to RUIN everyones day so I decided to turn on the FUN
and the pool heater, CLEAN my house and then SWIm & Tan!!
Then I guess BLOG.
Later I am planning a shopping adventure where I BUY fiber and maybe eggs and BACON or bagels.
stuff like that.
I reported to faceboook that I crashed my bike but now I will tell the internet more HERE and NOW. yay.
I fell in front of my house in front of numerous passing cars.
On my ass on the extremely blistering HOT concrete my bike all tangled up with me
scraped the top of my ankle
so i have proof and a good way to remember what happened.
and I will take a picture later.
It was funny. I m glad it happened.
I love falling down and scraping myself up.
Truthfully it doesn't happen enough!
Anyways, if i had to say what really blows about today it is the wind.
Wind makes my day less enjoyable.
if there was no wind it would be a hell of a lot different around here I'LL TELL YOU THAT!
Things would be calm and less ADD would happen too.
everyone has attention issues.
I pretty much forgot the point of blogging.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

broken system

Mantisschool is back in just a few moons. Mixed feelings. Always. Structure is a good thing and that's one thing we can count on. I guess.
I am sleepy.
Yesterday I went to visit and try on a pair of very expensive purple versace sunglasses w/ small silver bows on the side and well someone I guess bought them and they were
gone. What a relief.

Friday, July 30, 2010

the winds have changed

Out of control!
FIRE! and smoke and wind.
Fucking wind blowing the fire and blowing the water everywhere but on the fire.
I washed off my porch. for nothing. well, a smoothie did tip over.
Nice way to close out the summer.
way to go WIND and FIRE.
Trying to find a movie to watch right now because we cant go outside and I am not in a board game mood.
Always in the mood for KILL BILL but thats not very appropriate for a 7 yr old.
well 8 almost.
next week will be a good week.
hopefully the fire is out by then.
I kinda have a headache and maybe bad breath.
I am gonna have cantaloupe slices as a side dish for dinner tonight.
IT'D be really cool if I grew my own fruits and veggies and even had a chicken and a dairy cow.
This is just a boring afternoon and I am wasting time and nobody looks at this blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

finally figured it out

Yourmamaoh god I am a heffer. Sara and me walking out of the buffet. So fat.right now. And now I blog from my phone as of today... starting now. Happy ? About to eat a turkey burger. All I do is eat. It's a good time. And watch a music movie about your fav band. The real deal w sauce.

Friday, June 18, 2010


P5294195OK OK ITS SUMMER NOW. well not really, cause Sunday is actually the 1st day of summer.
BUt I have HEAT RASH. Yesterday I stayed out of the sun so it looks a litle better but still HORRIBLE.
Old age will play tricks on you and exfoliating toooo much is bad news as well.
moderation moderation.
I am an idiot. What can I say?
Lakers won and that was AMAZING.
I saw it coming all along this yr. POSITIVE thoughts,
BUt I have to go, I just felt real sad for this blog for a minute and a minutes all I got.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

are we still there?

Being a better blogger this summer is something I plan on.
I am planning on being amazing all around this place and your place.
But yeah the right side of my face is swollen and in pain.
I need some dental assistance. free dental assistance would work best for me.
WHY would it be swollen anyways? what is happening? scary to think of the possibilities.
anyways I think I slept good.
I woke up and here I am.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


P4163801P4163781I am awaiting a check written out to mi in the amount of 8 dollars and some change. woot woot.
thank you google adsense and thanks to you ALL.
8 $'s!
so maybe marijuana is gonna be legal soon in Cali YO.
can u even imagine....
HOW EXPENSIVE its going to be?
california could be loaded! rolling in it.
but no I am not even interested in all that.
not even caring about that subject.
I do care about my pool getting cleaned and fixed in the near future.
something is wrong with the pump and I don't even understand what or how.
no big deal.
my zen like attitude forces me to "let it be"
and to believe everything will happen when it happens and its all happening NOW.
i am serious.
here's to it!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

relationships are weird

I was gonna use the internet right now to SHOP.
especially when well... NEVERMIND!
Oh how I enjoy buying HAIR products and make up online.
Currently I am wanting some NEW shoes.
maybe this weekend, and when I say "maybe" I MEAN THIS WEEKEND!
I will NOT order them online. thats too god damn slow.
I do have some cool yellow sneakers but I want MAGENTA ones.
never satisfied. I am so unenlightened. sucks.
april fools.
and also I want a hamburger soon. with cheese.
and bacon and MAYBE more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

corned beef and cabbage

P2053296HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY stranger.
my blog is not wearing green is it? I am sure there is some green somewhere on this bitch.
yeah you cant pinch a blog anyways.
slept in a green tank top last night so I would not get caught by a sneaky early riser leprechaun.
Unnecessary because I was already wearing green nail polish so I was safe.
and tonight I am safe too.
my eye is irritated and i have a horrible taste in my mouth but I will still do this even though i could be brushing my teeth
Against my better judgement,
I too check this blog for some reason and I am SO SICK of seeing the same nothing.
this will do for another month or so.
just kidding.
only had one glass of wine tonight and the allergies are acting up and thats fine because I can handle a little springtime sniffle if it means the weather is beach trip worthy.
TOok a walkrun today with my dogs and they could not keep up.
Oh yeah I also rode a razor scooter and the dogs had an even harder time with that pace.
maybe they were embarrassed, I was kind of embarrassed for myself. I was flying down this HILL! woo wee!
you should have seen!
see you next time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

other peoples blogs.

P1293149I wore minnie mouse ears while cleaning my moms house for money.
That was fun and I need to do that again.
CLeaning other peoples homes can be FUN.
cleaning is just FUN and relaxing isn't it?
moving around with a purpose is generally nice.
PLUS! I have been keeping my car all nice and clean smelling.
Even bought some of those amazing yellow vanillaroma trees.
changed my life.
Being so responsible.
walking the dogs and checking the mail.

Friday, February 12, 2010

nothing on you

LET me tell you why 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in is a BAD idea and WHY you should never ever buy 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in it
all that will happen is THIS:
-THE stars will fall off and EVEN get caught on fabrics and MAYBE scratch your face
-the stars won't come out of the bottle easily OR brush on your nail easily
-you will hate the way your nails look
-you will loathe yourself

Made plans to deep clean the inside of my car but looks like I am sidetracked.
I hate my hair and I am thinking about bangin it up. ya know!
I am not sure if I should.
Something PROFESSIONALLY should be done.
why I am so afraid of bangs?
I wish more cool people with like kind hearts read my blog more often and commented nice messages saying they would love to send me FREE gifts and samples.
thats not happening much.
big shocker.
sorry I want things.

I am going

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

hold on.

P2013241P2013252so sick of myself today.
maybe I feeel lonely, and thats so annoying.
always longing for that unreachable something.
oh come now
there there
no no
today is just one of those odd ball days
but really everything is GREAT and WOW!
I am sick
so thats the reason and thats my excuse.
and MY gramma lives with me.
we have things to do today.
why oh why?
but DAyquil really helps.
and the pants I am wearing ARE way too thin to wear out today.
its FREEZING in here!
some crazyyyy asss stormy weather is coming.
lets look forward to that.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

maybe I have been paranoid.

P2033272Here I am letting the sun shine its hard sunshine onto moi face.
Light is fun , complicated and sometimes horrifying.
and my part looks not good.
Saturdays have a new meaning these days.
Everyday has a new meaning.
waking up and falling asleep
waking up and falling asleep
over and over
on and on.
Forever and ever.
or just till we die to never awake again and turn into dust. hahaha
no everyday is different and short and long and dumb and smart and funny and not and dull and exciting.
but what I am REALLY trying to say is that I need need need a NEW phone.
SO tired and sick of the one I currently having to live with but I won't fret.
Going with the flow is the most important thing to remember throughout the day.
CHildren have a VERY difficult time wrapping their brains around this type of concept.
most adults too I guess are a work in progress.
But anyways FUCK DUDE! you might THROW UP if you had any idea or imagery of the extreme amounts of sugar cookie dough and sugar actual cookie I consumed yesterday.
no self control.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

conversation worth having when bored

P1222997does this sweater make me look fat?When my horoscope urges that I should ask other people for money I do.
You too should let the stars inspire.
My fingernails always grow so very nice, long and strong so when one breaks it can turn into a real problem.
You wouldn't understand and as usual I don't feel like explaining.
i guess i use my nails to type
making this typing thing challenging.
nails are kinda gross. and hair?
and teeth.
can one over brush their teeth? never
or drink too much tea? yes
and does green tea give you bad breath?
i really don't believe so.
anyone know how to siphon gas?
I do know how
I just wanna know if YOU know how...
and like magic some new comment programmy thingy appeared out of no where.
like poof.
anyone have anything to say about any of this?

Friday, January 22, 2010

its spring soon.

THAT orange blueberry bread i baked last weekend turned out nice.
i gave it away as a gift so I have been wanting to make one for my own home and when I did, i made it minus the blueberries and evidently minus the success.
tasted good but it was all stupid and stuck to the pan like an ass.
should have taken it out at the 45.
it happens.
this weekend I will bake more.
the rain is coming and going more so going and its a beautiful refreshing day outside.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bi polar.

no Laker game today so the party I had planned inside my head for tonight is cancelled.
hate that so much.
wasn't really feeling the taco thing tonights so I am going with meatballs and speg.
Todays weather is rainy than sunny and rainy then sunny then rainy then sunny with a rainbow?

Friday, January 15, 2010

this blog is stupid anyways

P8291801 Obviously obvious that was summertime because I am wearing a bathing suit under that bathing suit cover.
and I think I am thinner today.
Oh summer where are you? why cant I find you? see you soon?
SUmmer will not/can't answer me here on this blog becausenow for some reason comments cost money!
comments are messed up.
its just silly and unnecessary.
I struggle to even remember when haloscan first came into my blogs life.
so goodbye haloscan. you never did anything for me.
and maybe i never even liked you.

my dogs have been really enjoying the daily walks.
Here in my neighborhood the weather has been really comfortable.
I am so lucky.
WE are so lucky.

one month till Valentines Day! fun.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


P1022936this hotel is cozy and nice but I feel like shit.
the left side of my brain hurts when I move or think.
stress? allergies? lack of the weed? who knows? who cares?
Lord of the Rings is on TNT right now.
Around dinnertime at the sushi boat buffet I saw a girl wearing the dumbest outfit! i should have taken a photo.
Like some sort of stupid fluffy purple prairie dress and her hair was in braids with some ugly bows.
She loooked like an idiot and made me all MAD!
maybe she was involved in a play but I doubt it.
she chose that outfit on purpose to make me upset.
The dress even had LACE on it. lace. really?! LACE!
and oh yeah don't let me forget the pantaloons.
freakin pantaloons with freaking knee highs and freakin lace.
also! this hotel has a juice BAR!
Goodnight, tomorrow is going to be a long one.

20ten is the end.

P1022941I am in NORTHERN CA! and it is foggy and wet. wow! IMAGINE THAT!
and now I am going to a thing.