Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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lets seee here now. last night I spilled EVOO
(extra virgin olive oil)
alllll over my oven and started a FIRE w FLAMES and my house was filled with smoke.
I frreaked out.
I was sure everything was going up.
but it was all ok and my house is still standing.
Iam always worrying about my house burning down.
and I worry about it happening becos of something I do wrong...
like leaving on a burner or a stupid curling iron or HAIR CRIMPER.
I havent crimped my hair in a while.
AND pots and pans and dishes are piled all over my kitchen cause thats what happens when I cook.
LUCKILY I was treated to some THAI food this early afternoon.
I ordered some tea that tasted like wood.

I dont thnk I have anything else to say right now.
maybe later.

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