Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adopt a polar bear

Eeeek 2012 was a joke ! A big haha prank. Gotcha ! Jk but actually not. 2013 sounds far away but it's here. Ring in more of the good stuff. More of the indubitably awesome. I will force myself to blog more. For personal reasons. Haha whatever . Don't eat McDonald's ever! Drink more water. Buy a nice pen. There! 3 resolutions. Ill try to come up w more.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Get them or forget them

Winter is here! Celebrate! Rejoice! Be glad.
I was annoyed too many times though out the day not because I HAVE problems but because shtuff and people are annoying and the world is in fact still turning. Alarms still going off, radio static buzzin' and people standing in each others way. I really hate thinking this way but this is just real life going on and I sometimes question how do we all do it. You astound me life!
I hate it when I'm so bored that picking my nose is sorta fun. Like when did finding a booger bring me satisfaction? What does that say about you! Says you bore me! Be more creative in your ways of entertainment! Think! Stop picking at things! Or howboutbeing so bored that you turn to blogger? now that is boredom in its most serious form.
I should be a song writer in my next life. Singer/songwriter.
Can you believe Christmas Day is like tomorrow!? Well it's not its like the day after the day after tomorrow.
Our galaxy will never be the same.