Thursday, July 21, 2011

yellow model chick

BAMwell, friends and family, I indulged in some wine the other night. Like an entire bottle. Not a HUGE JUG or BOX or anything but a bottle. Don't judge me. or do. I DONT GIVE A FUuuuck.
Gonna paint the baby room today, and stuff.
Paint is way over priced. Bottom line.
Last night while on a bike ride I saw a license plate that read "PJLUVDJ".
AFter the bike ride there was an attempt to take a walk around the block BUT 1/4 of the way I thought I was gonna crap my pants! soooo I had to speed walk back home to save myself from using the bathrm in some dark corner of your yard.... SO YOURE WELCOME!
that was exciting.
Baby shower this weekend and I am expecting a lousy turn out cause people are flakeY and have wayyyy better shit to do like stare at each other and go grocery shoppn for eggs and bread and other crucial things like gas up their cars.
Plus I don't know many people.
THe other day I was FORCED to make my oatmeal on the stove and came to the realization that I prefer it that way so thats what I do now.

Friday, July 01, 2011

whisper shit in your ear

hummingbird IN my house!that lost and confused lil hummingbird was trapped in mi casa a few weeks back and it was so EXCITING. I felt blessed by the experience. Was not even bothered that he caused me to be late for my spin class. more like refreshed.P6064999watching some Dane COok and he is KILLING ME right now. I've seen this shit like 100xs and its still just as funny. Seeny seen him in real lifey life front row actually. Kept us there till like 3 am! Very intimate setting. REMEMBER?!
He and LOUIS CK are my fav!
comedy is so comforting. An art really.
Major fuck up today. Bought my son a USED "call of duty" game for wii and he no likey and that PISSES me off BECAUSE I should not have bought the crap in the 1st place. SO WHY I ASK WHY DID I DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? no good reason. ALready purchased an over abundance of fireworks today so what THE fuck ME.
ohwells calm down, it was only a twenty one dollar game including the tax.
who cares in the grand scheme of things? you can't care.
well see ya.