Sunday, August 25, 2013

Break da Ice Over Yo Face

My toddler is obsessed w hot cocoa. Requests it all the time. even when its 100 degrees outside. I oblige like a good mommy. 
I'm so over the heat. I'd appreciate a nice  70 ish temperature. Can ya dig? In the beginning of like May I was all into the hot weather but now I'm just annoyed w it. Welcome worn out. Be gone! Let's celebrate FALL! Eat some pie, wear a cardigan. 
Yesterday I dragged everyone to a street fair because I was under the impression that the Grilled Cheese truck was going to be there. WRONG! It's going to be there today! Not yesterday. So we alllll have to travel back today for the Grilled Cheese experience. Cool huh!? I'm stoked to the max. I'll take pics! Maybe I'll get TWO sandwiches! Plus I guess more vendors will be there today. 
This weekend has been a pancake weekend. I made pancakes from scratch yesterday and today! So easy n cheap. I'll never use a boxed pancake mix again. Nobody should. 
Lots of cool stuff going on tonight on the boob tube. Dexter, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan AND the VMAs! Sunday night Party time on the couch!!! Lets do this son! Woot woot. I don't know if I'll be able to hang! So much! Too much? Why do all the shows I watch have to be on the same night? It'd be nice to spread them out throughout the week. But I'm not in control. OF ANYTHING! 
Next weekend the roast of James Franco is happening. I like him. Maybe love. 
Next weekend will be off the hook! yo mama! for other reasons besides television and grilled cheese. 
September is coming! 
My sweet toddler is turning 2! Swoon. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Give Me Time to Realize My Crime

Really working hard at eating clean but today I had pizza!!! BUT!!! I did go to the gym twice. Soooooo that should count for something! I cycled for 60 min and saunaed for 25 in the morning THEN the afternoon time was 60 min of pilates! Soooooo whatever right!??? I'm trying to decide whether I'll do yoga in the morning or cycle again, I should prolllly cycle cause yoga is kinda easy ya know. But then again I'm going to go to the gym in the evening for this really intense/fun circuit training class n that's really hard so maybe morning yoga w a sauna session would be a good choice. Oh boy how do I decide? It'll just happen, the choice will be made for me by GOD. I trust that he will lead me into the right scenario. That's what HE does, always. 
Today! I went through a car wash then I parked my car and went on a "playground adventure" and when I returned to my vehicle I was so sad to see that sprinklers were spraying water all over the car!!  The nerve! What in world!? Isn't that something? 
And oh I have had some restless nights. I just can't seem to stop peeing! That's due to the fact that I am drinking 20 gallons of ice water and 17 cups of green tea a day, so the pee just never stops. Real nice. Between the pee elimination and the sweating I do I can't imagine that I have any toxins inside of my body. I'm a vessel of pure pureness. Ha! 
I don't drink or do any drugs. I'm as sober as a cucumber? 
Whatever I'm smoking crack. 
Most of my "shareable" pictures are posted elsewhere first then I blog them. That kinda bugs me. Sorry if it kinda bugs you too! 
Wanna know whatelse I find bug worthy!? Songs that get stuck in my head for months or YEARS! I have had Culture Clubs' DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME song stuck in my head for like ever! I bust it out several if not a dozen times a day! I kid you not. It is what it is and at this point in the game  I sing it pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I need to hit up a karaoke club!  Maybe I should just do a vine of it! Vine is like the coolest thing these days! Get w it!
Okakes tootle loo. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer is out.

Feeling good on backpack night Dodger style w my family. Can you tell?
 School is like tomorrow! Omg! We are fully prepared for a successful school yr!!! Bring it on! He has his flash drive n erry thang. 
My personal 5 th grade experience was a straight up horrific Catholic school nightmare! Now it's nothing but a character building memory. 
Universal Studios was a good time except that the Transformers ride broke da f down in the early morning w people on it and they were stuck for 3 hrs! Some news helicopters flying all around cause it was news worthy! Did u see? So anyways after the ride opened back up the wait time was 3 hours long! So that's a no go. Luckily we get in free till 2014 so we will go back another day for that mess. Better hurry cause the year is almost over! Seriously it is. Halloween is like today! 
Pasadena is a place I would love to live. Only 30 min away from my current town so that's awesome for me. I must start to visit often and take the kids to the
We went once YEARS ago n it was fun
We must go again! And soon!!!!
Dodgers sure are kicking butt and taking names! Very cool and about time. 
Feast your peepers on some Melting pot deliciousness. Such a fun dining experience! I highly recommend it! I ordered the Fondue Fusion. Lobstertail, filet mignon, duck n other stuff. Can not wait to go back!  right now!!! Take me! Seriously though the next time I go back I get 20 bucks off. Maybe for my 34th bday but I doubt it, lots of bullshit is going down around me birthday. Soccer game and shtuff. 
New flip flops for me cos the puppy ate my other ones! Good deal because I got buy 1 pair get the another for 50% off! Booyah. Who doesn't need two pairs? I know I do! I love wearing flipflops w jeans. That's my favvvvv. Still too hot around these woods for jeans doh. No rush. 
I have mommy things to tend to. a certain  adorable lil boy needs assitance on his new lightening mcqueen bike!! Vroom vroom! 
Have fun and stay sober. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

So Yesterday

What up? Currently the puppy is whining and I'm like SHUTUP!!! I'm tired!  Go to sleep stupid puppy! 
She ate some cool headphones today. Bad girl. Listen up, take my advise and NEVER get a puppy! 
She is a sweetheart, yes. The secret is not giving in! Just ignore and eventually she will bore. I keep thinking she is done being a whiny bitch but she just starts right up again. The first night was the absolute worst! I wanted to throw her against a wall! Sell her! But no becos Once you let a dog into your heart there is no turning back. Not even after they are dead and gone do they leave your heart. Always there. That's why I say NEvER eVER get a puppy! It's best to stay animal free. They r such burdens! Who's gonna watch the puppy while we go here? Who will sit w the dog when we go there!? Do you feel me!? 
So you know! 
Anyfuckways I half ass scrubed my carpet this evening. On my hands n on me knees! I'd still be doing that crap but i ran out of carpet cleaning foam. Darn it! Looks way better though so booyah! Homemaking is the coolest. Making the home smell good n look good n shtuff. but hear this: This fucking place has white as snow carpet and uhhhhhhhhhellloooo got a toddler here so it looks like dogshit now duh! So that's gotsta giddy up n go! We need hardwood or tile. Anything other than white! What sort of idiotface installs white carpet anyways! I mean really!??!? Lets think for one moment. Cheap. Sure sure I could say no eating in the living room but that's just not practical. Or fun! N I'm a fun person. The price I must pay is having trashed carpet that must be cleaned via hands n knees. 
Who the freak has carpet anymore anyways?? Is this the 80's? 
Could be worse. I could be living in a trash can. That's what YOU wish for me I know but sorry, keep wishin cause that's not gonna happen. 
Anytime soonish. 
Whatelse whatelse? Oh I think that free valet is weird! Why free!? I'm suspicious! It's my nature.
I am pretty sure B.Obama and my son share the same birthday. I guess everyone hates Obama these days. 
Later gator. Stay true to you. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Swap you out

Hi ho! I'm so happy it's August! F yea! I'm ready to party! So many plans! Universal, Dodger game, The Melting Pot! Schools starts! 
Oh yea we got a puppy. Named her Gidget and we love her. Well I kinda like her. She makes me work extra so that's kinda annoying! I knew what was gonna happen. I knew she was going to be a puppy so it's not like I didn't know she would cry at night and go pee pee n poo poo on the floor accidently. I knew these thingamajigs I was so nervous the days leading to her arrival! She will learn and be a good doggie. I'm her new mommy. 
Life is crazy. We all know that but wow my life is the craziest! You don't even know the half of it. Well maybe you do. Right now I'm gettingy my hair beautified! Bye bye