Wednesday, November 30, 2011


PB295844now i eat my oatmeal plain. no sweetener atall. Started this new thing today. FUCK TASTE. I really dont need it.
I'll still add creamer to my coffee and cont adding FLAX to the oats. Gives it a nutty flavor.
LAtely I feel like such garbage, yikes! is this the last full yr we will have as a semi functional SOCIETY?!
I think I am member of some society.
BUT YEAH as i was sayin',
last full yr ever is now cause in 2012 new shit is going DOWN!
so and I guess it will be yr 1 all over again?
anyways I am sorta kinda serious but I don't really have any REAL concrete ideas.
btw this oatmeal IS GROSS and its ok cause at least I have oatmeal. Some people have nothing. And I dont want to be an ungrateful bitch.
PB295843too many self photos on this blog for my taste but sometimes thats gonna happen cos the other photos I have taken are all too extraordinary for the there you have my thought on that.
STeam cleaning everything is a new hobby of mine!
Very rewarding to sanitize EVERYTHING ALL OVER.
Should be doing more if that right now because things are always getting filthy.
Disgusting slobs we are.
bye byes.
Time to break it down like I'm in control.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Eat Some Mini Tuna Sandwiches @ Midnight

PB165808Tried steam cleaning the fuck outta my cocina but turns out no matter how hard I steam it I still hate it, bUT it looks a bit better. SOYAY!
Thats called me looking on the BRIGHT SIDE.
AND SPEAKING OF THAT SOmeONE found my blog using the search words "nasty big butt". Really?
I know I had somethng to say on here but of course by the time I log in I forget.
Thats called me being an idiot.
Got the big Turkey. Hopefully its big enough to satisfy my HUGE APPETITE for leftover TURKEY SANDWICHES!
I need to purchase some brown sugar and fun stuff like that today, cause its time to get cooking and crap like that. I cleaned the kitchen so might as well fuck it all up & get buzzed.
Buzzin all day baking stuff.
Its holiday time.
Where is the magic?

Sunday, November 13, 2011


PB065779WHere should I begin and where will it end? Gotta say I'm feeling slightly rushed to look at and enjoy Christmas trees today, yesterday and all the days of our lives and everyday after that. I thought the festival of fucking trees was always AFTER Thanksgiving NOT 3 WEEKS BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!!!!! its too too quick.
EIther I go today or Tuesday maybe or not at all. SATURDAY I CAN"T cause its my sons soccer team party woo hoo. and SUnday they are gonna be taking things down and everythng will be picked over and torn up. UGH. SO its this Sunday and Tuesday MAYBE. Its not even Thanksgiving how can I care about trees???How about FESTIVAL OF PIES first!? Then move onto trees.
So there is that PLUS I need bread, plus the laundry is starting to get a mind of its own and I recently put it in its place so lets not get off track with that relationship.
I have to fit all this in and comb my hair! oh LIFE! YOU BASTARD!
HAd some oatmeal and coffee this morning, WOW SHOCKER I KNOW.
My legs are destroyed because I destroyed them yesterday at the gym!
I was sore before I was sore.
The gym is allll revamped and fancy smancy right now. NEW NEW NEW and its all for ME ME ME!
This is really enlightening and fun but I need to go.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bust a move my opinion I loook FAT in that reflection picture
but yeah that was like a whole entire month ago so i BET I look SO SO SO totally different now. today. matters not really.
THIS Saturday I would like to drink coffee all day and get mad crazy on every piece of clothing I own and organize it. SO i need to find my inner organizational skillz.
whatever. I need to clean.
Clearly thats not happening while sitting here BLOGGING.
I need some discipline.
Lately its been chilly. This morning I was freezing.
In a few hrs I have bday/pizza party to go to.
It is FUNNY because I was invited to one party then UNinvited THEN invited to ANOTHER.
Big shout out to the universe for that save!
BTW If I hear that old friend song by Adele one more time I may shoot myself. and thats me LIKING her and her songs. Its just played OUT. over and over again and again.
what else can I blab about? the gym?
Let me break it down for you fellas
WEDNESDAYS from like 9am ish -11am
THEN Fridays @ 9am,
there you have it.
OH yeah now Im 32.
30 and 31 sounded good to me, but 32 sounds boring.
but I am just a sillygoosehead.