Sunday, June 29, 2008

when the air blows on my skin I think of you only

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet One store called BEVMO has some decent pina colada mix for 3.49
the grocery store in my life called VONS sells the exact SAME bottle of mix for 6.99!
can you believe that? whats the deal? why does vons have to jack up the price like that?
Well haha jokes on them cousin cos forget that noise I refuse to let them get away with that hooey.
plus their lines are always 2.5 miles long.
I almost stole the stuff.
what are they gonna do about it?
run after me and catch me? maybe.
idiot vons. you dont even know what VONS is do you!?
where I used to be employed as a courtesy clerk
but boy oh boy that place has sure gone down hill since I left back in 1998.
they do have some NEW strawberry angel food cake going on.
I love ANGEL FOOOD CAKE so you know I gotsta try that on.
Didn't buy that EITHER because I dont have time to stand around in lines.
I need self check out. so they lost some serious business.
anyways its going 2 b 105 degrees today.
wooo weee that sun is NOT messin around lately.
its straight to work for mr sun.
now I am going to apply my lotions and minerals the internet has wasted my time long enough.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

take me home

what can i say about that that needs to be said?
I am oily with banana boat protective tanning oil. spf 15
and yesterday I noticed my scalp is burnt or something.
oh and my umbrella broke but it still works so it does not matter much. good try wind.
i do need either more pina colada MIX or more pineapple juice.
either way I have the rum.
some bitches got all crazy loco with me and my friends during kick boxing.
i was like "fuck off ladies". we were being too noisy.
someone always has a problem and if everyone would just worry about themselves thiings would be cool and work out nice.
I am over here in my bathing suit ready skin and I am fine thanks.
why are you paying any attn to me whatsoever?
shouldn't you be so completely focused on you and your reflection that I am like non existent?
play that game.

love you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

post more stuff

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today is my grammas 93rd birthday.
woo hoo.
and its a beautiful day.
my mom bought a fucked up cake for her on the pool party day and it reallly!! pissed me off!! all I wanted her to do was get a fucking sheet of cake with a nice birthday greeting written on it with some icing!
and NO she gets some layered fucked up complicated junk. THAT I HAD TO PICK UP MIND YOU
ants ate that shit up like totally.
i am still cleaning up.
stevie - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
the party was off the hook yo.
50 people or more showed up. IT WAS BOMB DIGGITY. son.
i cant wait till I throw ANOTHER one.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Root beeR schnapps IS GOOD.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznety - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznetpreparing for a pool party is fun fun fun.
just finished helping with the canopy set up.
glittery fish will wait until tomorrow.
I will be serving up frosty pina coladas and ice cold sangria
capri suns for the kids
of course
and plenty of water.
and good vibe music
I still need to buy ice and thats pretty much it in a nutshell.
there we all go.
happy summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

we are in a whale

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there there it will be okay.
the sun really takes a lot out of you.
the other day i bought another bag to tote all my crap in and I STILL feel bad about it.
but its cute. It has owls and treees and talks about how organic I am.
its me. its Kathryn.
9.99 THERE I SAID IT 9.99!
its made of all organic materials. (exclusive of trim)
I should take a picture of it but fuck am I ever too busy and tired to bother.
and I know what i am talking about at all times and I dont need to explain anything to anyone.
so fuck off.
I also bought a dress that fits all stupid like and so I will have to return it. SOMETIME! EVENTUALLY.
tomorrow morning is TURBO KICK BOXING and I am ready to punch my face off.
and that mississippi river fucked up royally.
insecurity is a crime in my book.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


P6161079 - Photo Hosted at BuzznetI enjoy watching the Lakers and I really hope they pull it off tonight.
thats fun.
I used to live in boston.
for like 2 months. or less. maybe one month.
I was enrolled in school there actually BUT it didnt work out much. I was in the 8th grade. and nerdy.
oh well. life is wild.
and it was kinda too cold and snowy. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
time to get busy drinking water and soakin rays.
and I might even whip up a smoothie.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

precious collection

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its just like an every night thing.
last nights involved some strange mans body being ripped in half by a sliding glass door?
guts spilling all over the place
he lived.
and somehow I was gonna get in trouble for it.
freaky shit.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I swear

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznethi.
i ate a think thin chocolate fudge high protein bar for an active lifestyle and it was not good.
my protein shakes have gone up in price 30 fucking cents!
too expnsive. BUt I will cont to buy. I dont care.
so you should know that i have like 7 ENORMOUS sunflowers growing up in my yard. they are like children but easy.
anyone thinking about making babies right now has got to be a fucking idiot cause lets be real.
its over.
the dirty dishes are piled up in the kitchen from last night and this morning.
PLUS we broke out the blender last night.
AND I made brownies. I ALWAYS MAKE BROWNIES> with fat free yogurt.
so school is out pretty much almost
after this week.
and I bought a CANOPY
its being delivered soon bitches.
what else do I need to do today that out of the ordinary?
defrost chicken and buy an ink cartridge.
but come on now do I really need the ink?
I should run a few tests to see before I run out and spend more precious money.



Saturday, June 07, 2008


 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzzneti went to a musical play last night with a friend.
i wore a vintage jumper with some nice grey heels. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
VERY small stage.
thats what made it cool though.
next door we had dinner
I had a good enough MOJITO. and then I had an ok margarita
cant remember the name of the place.
the chairs were ghastly but they had some nice fish tacos. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
today the USA and I went to WALMART and bought umpteen water guns for uno dollar.
thats cheap water guns.
remember back in 1987 when THE LOST BOYS filled up water guns with holy water.
if I was about to get my blood sucked by a vampire I would be reallly friendly and cooperative.
but some vampires can be real assholes.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

and the beat goes on

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i cant post right now. ITS JUNE!
I have all this other stupid SHIT to do.
like EXIST.
hi. here I am.
prices are going up and people are dying.
and I went rock climbing.
what can I say?
lets let go.
I got my hair did. and I think amybe I am going to a play?
part of my "networking" strategy.
trying to keep the ball rolling and the adrenaline pumping.