Sunday, May 29, 2005

BOY I have some serious cabin fever.
But the funny part is that I have been very active lately.
But I just can't seem to fullfill my craving for my out of house time.
Basically I am trying escape. And I do.
But it just leaves me yearning for more.

So how did I come to this point of wanting to run run run?
Some would say that I should get some frigging sleep.


Also, that Weezer cd MAKE BELIEVE is fucking incredible.
A lot of folks may say that statement is a little bold, but the songs just touch me.

Maybe "touch me" is exactly right. It's more like I just GET WEEZER!


Thursday, May 26, 2005


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Here is a picture of m5 at the soundscheck experience.

So close yet still so far away.

The picture would have been WAY cooler if Mickey didn't jump in front of Adam as I was snapping.

O'well it is cool.

Mickey is probably the nicest one in the band anyway.

Today we are going to The Long Beach Aquarium
Should be fun. The place isn't too big. It is actually rather small, but appropriate for a 2 year old.

I love the jellyfish. They mesmerize me.

Good Day.
I just really don't know what the eff to say here.
I mean there really is just TOO MUCH.
Um... I could say how good the sun has felt lately.
It may sound silly but it just feels warm and cozy.
So most of my time has been spent outside.
I could say more but it would just turn into me whining.
Someone should call 911! I need a WAAAAAmbulance!
OH! here is a super cool blog!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

ROugh StepBros.

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This is me and my step brothers Christopher and Bradley.
We all moved in together in a very strange part of our lives
I was 16 and I guess Bradley was like 10 and Chris was 13.

Anyways, we had fun for awhile but sure enough it all fell apart.
My mom and stepdad bought a house, so we all had our own room and it was SWEET!
Soon after stepdad revealed to us all that he was a big FAT drunk!
In the beginning it was sort of a comical and lighthearted drunkeness.
But then it became a living nightmare.
SO I guess all that tension plus regular tension you have when you are at these ages resulted in CHAOS.
I have been in some serious fist fights with Christopher.
And I usually won. And I am not at all proud. I am just saying.

The boys and I would fight over just basic respect issues.

Drinking an entire gallon of milk in a HOUR!

Just being HUGE, nasty, destructive, PIGS!


It was just strange for all of us.

It had basically been just us girls for awhile.


And a drunk Asshole running the show.

SUPER DUPER but now that the 3 of us are all grown and moved out, I know that we really love each another.

We had to put up with a lot of bullshit and that is our bond.

I least I think.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Round and ROund I Go!

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Hmmm. Choices are a pain.
I don't want to make another choice.
That is my choice.
I am never sure about anything.
I am just going to sit here and decide to not make choices.
READY! Starting now.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here I AM!

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SO. Now what?

Ummm my day was cheery and bright.

Got some sun and blew some bubbles.

My house has been cleaned by maids.

Drew has been acting pretty well.

Everything in its place.

I bought the new Weezer cd. It is ok.

I'd put a link but I don't wanna.

And I only do what I want.

Because I am a BRAT!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


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Okaye Dokeys.
I had a SUPER DUPER time in Santa Barbara.
Ok, here is a fast run down.
I am too tired to get all involved but,
I almost got in TWO fights.
At one time I was referred to as "GANSTA" by another chick.
And you know what FOOLS! I was GANSTA!
Anyways, I am tired.
Met the whole band and got my picture taken with them. Bitter Sweeet.
Ate some TERRIFIC YUMMY food.
Took awesome pictures.
And shopped liked a phycho!
That place is dangerous.
And we walked about a bazillion miles!

Home now.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


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Mmmmm Adam Levine of Maroon 5
What I wouldn't do.
What the hell is wrong with me?
I just hope I never get too close to him.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Found a Wormhole!

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There is two of me.

Fighting each other.

Yelling back and forth.


Just shut up and do some laundry, make some food and dust or something.

Or sit on the computer and try to find some secret hole into the future.

I am always waiting for tomorrow.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I am thrilled I SWEAR!

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Lots of super terrific things are happening.
Tim has been promoted to basically the dream job of car sales.
Sit behind a desk and write numbers on some paper.
And get paid lots of money while doing so.
He is very happy about this.
Me too. :/


My mother in law will be arriving in 5 days.
I again am thrilled.

Then we go to Santa Barbara.
I get to see Maroon 5.
Stay in a bed and breakfast.


SO what is my fooking problem!?

I am not going to pretend to understand any of this.

OH!!! And tonight is a 2 hour BLOCK of OC!!

And we all know what that means. ;)


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ok I HAVE THIS feeling that I am in some way being fooked with. ( I am going to not curse. ;)

REALLY, I actually know it. Okay, SO I think.
And I am getting sick and tired of it.
I am fooking done.
I don't need that fooking shat.
That being said....
maybe it is me. Maybe I am FUCKING WITH MYSELF!

Whoops. I said I was not going to curse.
silly me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

HI. I took this test a year ago and my result was "Loneliness".
I guess things have changed.

You represent... desire.
You represent... desire.
You sure are motivated. You have a definite knack
for getting what you want. You always put your
own interests before those of others, and you
almost always find youself being satisfied.
Though you have determination, try some
compassion. Putting others first occassionally
can get you even more satisfying relationships.

What feeling do you represent?
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Whata Drag

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Rolling Stones

» Mother's Little Helper

What a drag it is getting old

"Kids are different today,"

I hear ev'ry mother say

Mother needs something today to calm her down

And though she's not really ill

There's a little yellow pill

She goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper

And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day

"Things are different today,"

I hear ev'ry mother say

Cooking fresh food for a husband's just a drag

So she buys an instant cake and she burns her frozen steak

And goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper

And two help her on her way, get her through her busy day

Doctor please, some more of these

Outside the door, she took four more

What a drag it is getting old

"Men just aren't the same today"

I hear ev'ry mother say

They just don't appreciate that you get tired

They're so hard to satisfy, You can tranquilize your mind

So go running for the shelter of a mother's little helper

And four help you through the night, help to minimize your plight

Doctor please, some more of these

Outside the door, she took four more

What a drag it is getting old

"Life's just much too hard today,"

I hear ev'ry mother say

The pusuit of happiness just seems a bore

And if you take more of those, you will get an overdose

No more running for the shelter of a mother's little helper

They just helped you on your way, through your busy dying day


Monday, May 02, 2005


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Me visiting my sister. I love blogs! It is the best thing since actual human contact.


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Plans for my day:

IHOP! Yum. I love IHOP.

I plan on getting, coffee, RuttiTutti Fresh and Fruity with strawberries, eggs over easy,

with a side of hashbrowns. YEPPERS!

Then we are going to Lowes to order some wallpaper for my kitchen.

Then to Costco. Our dog needs a new bed.

And from there who knows.

I really need to go to grocery store.

I don't really look forward to that.

I remember one time saying to my Dad how NEAT it was to shop for groceries.

(I had just moved in my 1st apartment)

And he told me that my feelings would change.

I didn't believe him.

And now here I am 6 years later.

And YES my feelings have changed.

Things I DO NOT plan on doing:

Touching my cell phone. I hate that damn thing.

But plans do change.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Your Birthdate: November 2

Your birth on the 2nd day of the month adds a degree of emotion, sensitivity, and intuition to your life.

The 2 is a very social number allowing you to make friends easily and quickly.

Yet you are apt to have a rather nervous air in the company of a large group.

You have a warmhearted nature and emotional understanding that constantly seeks affection.

You are more prone than most to become depressed and moody, as emotions can turn inward and cause anxiety and mental turmoil.

It can be hard for you to bounce back to reality when depression sets in.