Sunday, September 30, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketchurch was super fucking coool today.
I tried and tried talking Tim into coming along w me & my gramma just for the hell of it and I thought I had him all signed up but he eventually said FUCK NO
and JUST for general info that is TWICE this week that he has cancellled ON ME. like omg.
thats uncool. no?
and he so would have enjoyed himself too cuz it was very interesting and very mind bending.
ALL OF IT. very.
it was interesting because something about a letter to ST. PAUL from TIMOTHY or some other order.
and all this other crap.
okay i forget it now.
anyways i dont need to remember it all back.
want a coco?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
alll the electronics in my life are damaged.
my camera and my old cell phone.
is out-of-business as well.
its like olden times.
i need some quarters?
and patience.
i cant forget to mention how the lid on the milk container is being all stupid and difficult and how beautiful my nails look.

Friday, September 28, 2007

still be tight

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
it took me about 20 G.D. hours to upload a fucking file or whatever.
why would that be? bad connection speed? who's to blame for that?
did you notice that its Friday?
I totally did.
on Thursday I couldnt find my shoes early in da morning and I got superspissy and banged my head against a wall.
it hurt bad, but it had to be done and then I found my shoes. sort of.
so everybody!
there is a festival that I am partaking in this afternoon/evening.
call me up if you wanna go.
right now I am finishing up my lunch and watching a show.
i forgot to share my scorpion dream here on the blog and I couldnt care less.
lucky us.
remember to set your tivos up to record its always sunny in philadelphia
if you dont thats a big mistake on your part.
and if you dont have access to cable then you should buy the 1st season on DVD.
you wont be disapppointed.
and if you dont own a TV then YOU SUCK.
everyone owns a television.

I cant believe I DONT HAVE A BOAT BY NOW! i need A BOAT.
fucking hell.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

out of your mind

my appt with the dentist went fantastically.
I only almost threw up in my mouth a few times during the x rays but it was totally cool and I was given a nice blue tissue to wipe up my spit.
those hard plastic things are brutal.
that was yesterday.
is it already OCTOBER?
fine then.
keepin up with all these dates and shit is a tricky business.

Monday, September 24, 2007


fluteoh lordy.
mondays suck always right?
monday at the gym is CYCLING and I hate it.
Fridays too actually.
its too hard.
I've done it many times before so I know its do able but holy FUCKen christ : /
when I am on that bike in that rooom all I am thinking about is how hard and how much I hate it
but I keep on peddling on
resistance and all
for whatever reason today I just dont wannt to deal with that pain
this will all lead me to feelings of guilt and fat and I HATE that too.
its just so fucked.
maybe I can settle this by walking/ jogging my dog around the block and eating absolutely nothing throughout the day. ha!
the weather is nice PLUS I dont think we have been on a walk since THAT SCARY dog attack happened.
remember that?
should I link it?
maybe i will.
RAYMI is always linking back to the past and she is wonderful.
the past is fun to look back on and learn from and laugh at but the future and present should only be feared.
lets all of us be humbled by that FACT.
i dont know if you are getting my humor here?
because right now everything I am saying is extremely funny and you should be laughing.

ok I am going to clean my house, ignore the telephone and walk a dog.

i think I feel a you tube music video coming on for our viewing pleasure.

what the fuck is Jeremys problem?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lots of creme lots of sugar

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSURPRISE AND GUESS WHAT!
i am going to stupid church this morning
THEN AFTERWARDS I am going to a special PANCAKE BREAKFAST where I will eat some sausage links.
I know its hard not to be jealous of my everything but you can find some sausage somewhere in your town I am sure of it.
had another one of my lively traveltime dreams last night
lots of packing and rushing around to catch a bus, a train, a plane and a boat.
i must really want to take a trip to visit your mom.
I made some coffee BUT then discovered that I have ZERO creamer!!
and I am the type of person that likes lots of cream w their coffee.
also! I am fresh out of glitter glue.
makes everything awkward.

Friday, September 21, 2007

its a big day for all of us

i liked that orange mocha (notice no whip cream)
i did not like the movie LITTLE CHILDREN
it was annoying
and fucked up.
did you see the movie?
did you read the book?
its much better as a book.
just as fucked but less annoying.
but who cares? I dont.
i wish I didnt sign up for netflix. thats stupid mistake #eighty six thousand five hundred and twenty eight for me.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
HEY you like to hear me talk trash about my dogs right? well,
my idiot golden retriever ROXIE went swimming today.
she is an idiot, cause it was like 65 degrees or something silly outside
and now she looks all fucking retarded sitting around with some gay ass crimped hair.
i wont even bother to mention the OTHER little bitch running around.
two dogs? are you serious about that real life reality?
and god i have been baking too many fudgy brownies and that is nothing but wrong and irritating.
will I ever learn to control myself?????????????????dont answer that.
goodnight. sleep well or else you will be miserable.

something cool

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketstorage units hold stuff
and are a big stupid waste of money.
take it from someone who knows about this kind of stuff.
because I have one and yesterday I paid it a little visit.
one time it was ransacked?! yes I was upset.
I am still unsure if anything was stolen.
but come on I am not incredibly stupid.
if something breaks into something what do you think is going on? stealing.
i think I told you about that.
you already know EVERYTHING.
and yes
i know that I am obsessing over halloweeen a little too soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

i got my period

before soccer practice yesterday I threw a hissy fit in the privacy of my home while searching for a warm shirt to wear.
dressing myself is never easy.
actually now that I think about it the hissy continued even after I found a shirt and left the house and the reason why is because the shirt was stupid and made me have sweaty armpits. so i stopped at my husbands place of employment to show him the fucking problem and he was like "yep you have sweaty armpits you should probably change" and that made me really mad because I was expecting him to say, "WHATEVER ITS COOL have FUN at soccer practice you are badass."
but how is he gonna know thats what he should do?
I am a puzzle.
but it seems so simple and really its the goddamn shirts fault.
I am throwing it in the trash.
or getting a prescription for strong deodorant.
maybe both.
BUT to finish up this story,
I stormed out of TIMS work with my problem unresolved I went to a nearby store and bought the ugliest shirt that I could find. becaause I AM FUN.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fuck 07?

look at how well and FAST I heal. this was a few days ago so you can imagine how much nicer it is now.
its a gift from above,
i guess.
maybe its kinda yucky too.

tangerine tea I was talking about.

tank top i didnt buy. medium was like an extra fucking small. i dont get it.
I am in the deciding time for a halloween party.
last yrs was alright.
throwing parties is maybe too stessful for me. i get all nervous.
and its right around my birfday so then I get all PISSED OFF and angry that I have a lot of working to do all around MY DAY
before and after the PARTY.
and are the people even having any fucking fun?
I cant tell.
the place always looks good.
but is there fun?
is there fun yet to be had?
I will have to talk to some people.
and not all of you can be invited,
sorry or whatever maybe you dont give a care.
maybe there wont be a party at all. so there.
maybe I will start planning for halloween 08.
i willl be turning 29.
SO TODAY the weather has changed DRAMATICALLLY.
time to break out YE OLE SWEATSHIRT JACKETS and firewood.
all of this post is very confusing for my eyes
and heartbreaking too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am obsessed with everything MY BODY

yep I am sick. i knew it.
I was throwing up around 1 am while you were all sleeping cozy in your beds.
it was a nightmare and I seriously considered suicide for awhile.
arent you glad you came here to read this?
whatever I am lucky to still be alive and if I stick with eating and drinking the watered down gatorade I have I should end up on top of this problem and actually lose a few pounds.
I win.

Monday, September 17, 2007

you look like crap

there is a mercedes BENZ commercial currently in rotation around here that I can not fucking stand!
sends me spiraling into the blackhole of hate.
so If you drive a mercedes I probably cant stand you either.
and your car is an ashcan.
and as we can all see I changed my header thing this evening while sitting around feeling gross and useless.
werent you so over the old one like me?
it was exhausting to look at so it had to be done.
never really feeeling the satisfaction with any of it ever
and maybe I am sick?
sadly i have eaten nothing but trash these past few days.
I made a dental appt for next tuesday.
i cant wait I wonder what I should wear.
dental hygiene and fashion rule my life.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Me bleach hard lass night

thats my wrap from me lunchdate with JAnet on saturday.
its a JAMAICAN jerk wrap.
it was almost too juicy.
I had a bad nights rest last night and I said to myself that it mustve been the jerks fault and it would have made more sense for me to have the soup and salad LIKE JANET DID. I love that soup so why didnt I go for the soup?
I do things and I dont understand why.
its like I am a preprogrammed ROBOT,
and now I am about to kill a dog.


chocolate chip muffins are in the oven, with 5 minutes to go.
i threw the trash out and I broke a glass bottle on accident and broken glass went flying everywhere.
it was exciting.

Friday, September 14, 2007

El Dorado

I liked them so thats all that I give a fuck about.
FEW weeks ago I gave someone 20 bucks for a something and then the other day they said that I still needed to give them that 20 bucks for the something.
and this other random person who was listening in on the situation at hand said "YEAH BITCH I SAW HER GIVE YOU THAT 20 BUCKS!!"
and it totalllly helped out my case. but i didnt even need the help.
it was just all so fucking stupid.
like your FACE!

sorry I have dinner plans already.

the gym was evacuated! power went down!
and now I am hungry for a bagel and cream cheese and some POT.
just what I need. and I had/have MAJOR KILLER MONSTER CRAMPS on the right.
I am serious when I tell you that I am TRYING to QUIT WEEED and BAGELS w CREAM CHEESE all TOGETHER.
I am not joking.
lets talk about the picture above this shit.
that is CECE with me
it was HER PARTY
she turned 35 and has some nice tits and dreads.
today she told me that she has MORE pictures for me!
my puppy is crying so I better go see what the fucking problem is.
sorry this isnt good enough.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


remember I told you that I went to a party on Saturday well today I was given a CD of pictures and VIDEO from the party from
the nice young girl in the middle there
she is like 21.
how very sweet of her.
i knew I stayed home most of the time for a goood reason.
see that girl w the big boobs in the rinestone vegas top?
(there was a poker theme goin on so I guess it makes sense)?
she was TOTALLLY trashed but so nice and as she intro'd herself to me she reached out to shake my hand
well I was sitting in a idiot type way on a chair with fucking WHEELS ON IT I GUEESSS
anYWAYS my butt fell down inbetween the chair and ottoman and my mouth said OH SHIT and everyone laughed at me and I looked like a fucking retard. so I dont know if we ever shook hands.
and I dont think I can recall either one of these girls NAMES.
I should never go to a party or throw a party ever again.
and I should probably stop going to the gym too.
and there is a wedding happenning this weekend. Lucky for me and everyone attending I was not invited.
its better that way.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


some blonde in my hair, cause.
I also cleaned my walls and doors.
i dont know what to do.
i kinda do know but then again maybe I dont.
its hard to see the right through the wrong.
I'd like a cheap o sewing machine for my birthday please so I can make some handbags and change purses.
I am very pumped UP about this new idea of mine.
but you know me and my IDEAS.
here one day gone the next.
today I feel like nobody likes me,
but who am I kidding?
thats everyday for me.
whats wrong with everyone?
why is everyone so fucking jerky all the time?
is it because of the war?
gas prices?
the terror?

i am gonna go try to get a FREE new cell phone now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thanks a lot with that

happy hour
i try and listen to the RADIO but the commercials RUIN EVERYTHING!
maybe the commercials are over now.
todays brightside thought is brought to you BY:
my kneee is fine
I have hopped around a lot this morning and I am good.
plus I have all those stairs to keep me tough.
sometimes I HATE my house.
sometimes I wanna MOVE really really bad.
its hard to pick a house or place to stay at for a long time and stay completely happy with it all.
for me.
and I still miss my old old house bUT we had to leave it cause it was getting pretty scary in that neighborhood and more and more bugs were showing up.
I am sure one day I will move again and I will really miss that pool.
but OOHFUCKYES i just remembered that I get to watch the season premiere OF CURB YOUR ENTHUSIaSM tonight.
I heard its racial.

I would stay and chat some but I really got to be getting in the shower now cos I have all these important adult situations to manage.
oh p.s. now I am addicted to bloody marys
pass it on.

Monday, September 10, 2007

But I want this I want that, gimme more I`m upset

I hurt my delicate kneecap today.
something happened involving a heavy truck door.
I think its cracked.
I would realllly like a VICODIN and I even tried to go to urgent care to score some.
yesyes I know drug seaking behavior but my kneee cap is cracked! ok!
well anyways I walked into urgent care and right when it was MY TURN to speak to the man behind the GLASSS he turned into mr. douchebag and threw up a CLOSED sign at my face.
he could have just said one moment please maam or miss.
be nice I am obVIOUSLY sick or something so be fucking NICE!!!! totallllly pissed me off so I left.
fuck him and fuck my knee too I guess.
I would still be waiting right this MINUTE if I would have stayed anyHOW!
so nevermind.
I will take a tylenol or whatver.
I am actuallly fine.
its not THAT bad.
tomorrow I still plan on going to my kickboxing class. I guess.

dont you think Britney looked pretty good for having TWO kids?
she should come stay with me for awhile.
I think she has a house somewhere right around the corner actually.
id like to schedule a playdate.
Gimme More Lyrics

Sunday, September 09, 2007


burn picture from yesterday.
today its much NASTIER WITH a lil YELLOW PUSS.
sorry but its MY BURN and I will talk and share all the information I have on it for the rest of my life.
one thousand times a day I get to answer questions about my burn.
doesnt it look like someKIND of BRAND?
my grammma was like "I have burned myself in the kitchen before but NEVER like THAT!!"
oh reallly GRAMMA?
well then you are not dumb like me.
and it does really hurt. even during my sleep.
everyone is an asshole.
but its all gonna be different now
I bought some something something tea with a hint of tangerine.
and I picked myself up one of those stupid facial buffers from the supermarket
cos I guess I felt that my skin needed to be POLISHED and now that I have done so my face is beat fucking red and stinging to boot.
but last night my mom let my son watch TEXAS CHAINSAW MASACRE.
why would she do that?

Friday, September 07, 2007

sometimes i love spaghetti too much

acid is so STRANGE.
I should drop acid EVERYDAY.
what would that be like?
i guess a person wouldnt really be able to function typically
like driving isnt a good idea and eating may be sorta difficult
unless you eat all desserts with cool whip toppping.
cooking would surley cause a big problem.
and I suppose the gym would also be out of the question.
I did not drop acid today but I might as well have.
yesterday too.

BTW today my burn looks pretty gnarly and it needs some ointment on it

Thursday, September 06, 2007


so its LIKE i bought some soap that I am very anxious to experience something about ribbons and bows being involved.
dont you get so mad at simple ordinary daily TASKS in life for EXAMPLe the DISHES and the TRASH and the PAPERS and the DIRT and the SHIT and the POOP and the PEE and the HAIR and the SCUM and the SHOES and the FOODS ok well maybe now I took it a wee too far cause not all that stuff is ordinary and taskful I like food food is fun and shoes are awesome also
and sometimes I like taking out the trash.
notice how I dont know what the fuck I am talking about.
last night I said that the sun was way too bright but I meant the MOON
Or some nonsense like that
I am getting old like you.
goosebumpy a little
and I could use some new underwear.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

all of that plus a few more

a HOT pan and I came in contact tonight and immediately I could see the COOL WAVEY ARTSY DESIGN of the burn forming.
right were my arm bends. where you get an IV.
Ive been thinkin long and hard about tattoos lately
constantly checkin peoples situations out.
I'd like a lot of dessert art all over my arms and neck. go ahead and STEAL my idea FINE> or make fun of me.
I am sure its a popular thing right now anyways.
people sometimes copy my ideas too.
juts today (in the gym) I wore my pants rolled up and everyone jumped in on that action right away.
who started rolling up pants anyways? mustve been some shortstack
pancakes would be a cute tatttoo or a cute name for a puppy.
also I have been thinking about my birthday a lot.
the whole point of this post taking place was to complain to my you about the need for a new header up in here because I am annoyed with the one thats currently sitting up there.
design me a new one. I dont have the brains or the talent.
but whatever this is all very embarassing, and you must hate me.


has it been a long time?
did I mention that my shitty celly phone broke in a FREAKY accidently way a week or so ago and
now I am using this old piece of junk
I am thinking about getting a NEW cell phone number just so I can get a NEW phone but how would that type of change effect (fuckUP) the NUMBERS in my life? would it be a positive thing?
or a big colossal pain in the butt hassle?
whatever, this phone is FINE for now.
I notice all of my mistakes AFTER the FACT I guess thats how mistakes operate.
sorry I am not so perfect but at least I know that you do not care.

I hear a good beat in the air.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


that is a european scorpion and the lady with the fucked up nail polish said they have a mild bumble bee like sting.
but a bee sting to me is a serious thing and not exactly my idea of mild so I did not hold this scorpion.
I sorta wanted to but I didnt.
now my chance is gone.
TODAY when I showed up to the gym in flip flops I quickly realized that I'd have to workout BAREFOOT. great.
so THAT plus my pants falling down every 2 seconds showing the world my cute rainbowy striped underwear + my killer punches and mindblowing KICKS turned workout time into comedy time starring ME THE KICKBOXING GIRL.
i told everyone that I was drunk.
i am fun and the people were amused.
but I am exaggerating ALL OF THIS.
then I was invited to a ADULT birthday paRTY on satURDAy!
when I was at the bank this morning some ladies screamed MISS at me I guess a teller was waving me over and I was too busy looking around at other things to notice.
there was 16 women in the line and only 5 men.
I am goign to go to the GYM TWICE today and YES that means I will take TWO fucking showers SO kiss my ass.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


I watched that Titanic movie today with my gramma.
that movie still gets me.
I become Rose.
I fall all in love with Jack.
then when the movie is over I feel lost and cold inside.
a lot of people hate the movie.