Monday, November 30, 2009

just you and me and the others.

PB262862i just now remembered another DUMB thing someone asked me in the recent hours.
it was about my email address. I don't wanna share, jUST forget it.
it has to do with the 95 portion of the address. she asked if it was the year I was BORN!?
WHAT>! she mustve meant the YEAR I graduated? and the answer would still be no.
but I am confused. I am the one with the brain functioning problem. not the rest of the universe.
Not even sure why I brought that up right now.
the nice confused lady I speak of is maybe gonna help me get a job but apparently she thinks I am 14.
I come across as 14? maybe she is really silly stupid with math and years and maybe she was high.
we wont talk about it anymore. Its fine.
I am tired and have a toothache. its hysterical.
TOothaches make me feel close to my father. HOW weird is THAT?
I wont even begin to think about WHY and do alll that psychological problem solving.
MY tooth was being a dumbass a month or so ago and I got it handled like a good person who loved their mouth would do.
but since like Thanksgiving day something happened.
too much eating of goodness? how could it be happening again? all over again?
this post is filled with questions and riddles for us to solve. do YOu look close?
NO. not many visitors at this blog.
and dont confuse that with complaining.
back when my hits were up to 70 or so it was like too much commotion.
its better like this.
This has helped.
now its time for me to help.
Help my kitchen sink feel better.

Friday, November 27, 2009

every bubble bursts

PB222832This photo is not one I enjoy sharing but I am in a bubble and therefore I share.
The angle is all wrong so I don't like it and my mouth looks enormous but I am in a bubble so its hard not to smile hard.
plus Santa was watching me close that day.
That step thing I was standing on was VERY slippery. one wrong move and i could have lost it.
the crowd of people would have loved that.
I wont sit here and continue to nitpick.
Thanksgiving 2009 was a success.
some of the items enjoyed:
20 lbs Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes au Gratin w/ BACON!
cornbread stuffing
green bean casso
candied yams
whole berry cranberry sauce
deviled eggs
apple pie
pumpkin cookies
other stuff
made the entire dinner myself.
OUr lights are up and our Christmas tree has been trimmed. or what have you.
Gramma believes it to be too early. Why? I don't know.
On a sad note I have been a tinsy bit sick.
nothing to really hold me down.
but then again nothing usually does.
showertime now and then its on to the leftovers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


PB162751I hate signing in.
Waste of time, and fuck that.
BUT yes I still signed on and in.
what was I gonna say?
oh uh ROASTED CHICKEN FOR DINNER! and an award ceremony going on.
I would rather go to IHOP but I will keep that trip in my pocket for another lifetime.
good times.
oh yeah THE other night I told a strange lady I could no longer allow myself to be tortured by her long winded refinancing story and house foreclosure paperwork stress-talk ANY fuCking more,
and she did not even GET it, she laughed and went something like this: AHahahahahahaa mmmhmm yeah I know I am totally annoying and up in your face but i really like you and want you to hear this information.
can you believe that?!
WEll sorry,
that is a very inaccurate version of the truth but you get the point and you understand and MAYBE just fucking mayBe you have heard this story already or have been somewhere and seen the scene and you know about it.
Everyone else at the table was just going to sit there and LET it happen.
LET this annoying hag go on and fucking on about her stupid and pathetic story. it sucked. I hit my limit of being polite with her. she was feeding off it. I could tell it was getting her all revved up for more of my listening, and no. Not happening,
I dont feel that I should OR YOU should be forced to listen to bullshit from people who don't matter for over 5 minutes.
3-5min is acceptable.
If you matter to me then SURE by all means bring to me your sad sad long boring shit of a story.
I will listen. I will be your good friend
but if you suck and I dont like you please just sit there and listen to what I have to say.
I am amazing and my story is incredible.

Monday, November 16, 2009

the respect I made you earn

PB022550_2i have been searching for things. this certain hair glaze stuff for my lovely shade of red to stay VIBRANT and new BUT of course you know I cant find it. I found brown and blonde and clear but no red. thats WEIRD!
so whatelse? went to target with SARA and I found some really great sleeppy and sweep the house pants BUT ALAS they were 10 bones so GUESS WHAT KIDS? yep I hid them in a gift bag in the gift wrapping lane
I am confident that they will remain there FOR months and months until the ONE day I will be able to rush in there and BUY THEM! WOOO HE! no. I will forget. who even cares about awesome pants? I have so many already.
this post is SO USELESS! except the picture above is cute and fun and I am sure I was saying something very very funny. YOu can tell this is a FACT by the way Ree is leaning away from me.
I was really treated like shit by a waitress that day.
it was the day after my birthday that now feel like ten thousand years ago.
TIME IS FLying by! AHHh merry christmas!
no no
it s not.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

full of knots.

PB042583All the weirdo neighborhood kiddies end up in my yard.
TO be honest I dont really know how to deal wth these children and so therefore I wish they would go play and yell and be dumb else where or be normal.
Really that is asking a lot and I guess I would rather have them here instead of in their sad, boring, lifeless, fucked up, dirty homes. I dont know if that is true but I imagine.
My home is still kinda A mess with left over HALLLOWEEN decor here and there scattered about. so I should be ashamed.
but its fine ok dont worry
I will have it done so soon, you will be like WHERze DIDz tHATZ shitz goez?!
I will be like YEAH and yep.
put away,
in bins. YOPB062685
I just waannna be at the gym tomorrow feeling good, looking around and thinkin about the days of our lives.
Is that soap stiill on?
We have some xmas tree shaped brownie cakes up in this joint and I am LIKE huh? serious?
I need to fill my glass up.
I have no money.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

thought it was a plus but it was a minus

PA302498PA312511Yesterday was a full moon, my b-day and a total full-scale karmic experience.
what can be done to stop it?
Very noticeable and very natural.
So much more going on with everything and everyone
too complicated and dumb for my head or yours to fathom or work out.
but yeah what the hell? thanks?
PA312509But hey you can rest better knowing that my halloween party decorations are obviously way better than any your friends placed on their chandeliers and hallways.
maybe decorations aren't everything.
Stupid me misplaced my camera so I did not take as many pics as i wish.
too busy running around getting in trouble and looking silly I guess.PA312514 PA312517
whatever next year i will be better prepared or I wont give a damn.
Of course next year will be different for all of us in many ways just as this year was different than last blahblah what HAVE you.