Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am a really creative person

P1292656P1292617de coloresSOCKSareworkymove itsitP1292641SO LIKE YA KNOW!
i went to a funky yoga class tthis morning and the teacher lady welcomed me and the place was PACKED and she made us all do some crazy shit. LIKE stick our tongues out and make DEVIL FACES! NO SHIT!
it was great, I loved it.
I ate a can of sardines for lunchy. thats one of my secrets that I am letting out of the BAG
so to speak.
I made some ratattouile for dinner.
work was fun. WHEN I wasnt taking these SUPER photos of myself I was standing outside in the warm sun.
seriously it could be worse.
thanks for all your prayers.
OH and I stole some TOILET PAPER from my JOB. is that a sin?
just one roll. and I need more cos of all the fucking water I intake
WHY doesnt my body just ABSORB it all!? and they say we need to "CUT BACK" well fuck YOU!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pretentious assholes getting on my nerves

stupid girl
DID YOU SEE THAT CARAZZY LAKER GAME TONIGHT!? DOUBLE OVERTIME! but they ended up losing and I ended up yelling at my TV.
have I told you that my job is really boring with zero customers?
and have I mentioned that drinking 70 ounces of water causes you too urinate lots? but is very healthy.
did you know that I am so FULLY sick and TIRED of alll the stuck up people in this town? they make me sick with anger.
DAVIS, CA is FULL OF SNOBS! I can not WAIT to get the FUCK out of here. and trust me I will be leaving soon cause a simple idiot like me just doesn't fit in.
the ghetto is where I belong. so cal is my home.
i am miserable. now you know. but who really cares? some of you WANT me to live in misery and marinate in my emotional pain. SOME of you have gone out of your way to destroy my little life. so hooray! and yippy.
my fucking BIKE WAS STOLEN! in this ever so lovely and over educated town!
do you remember me saying that?
did you know that I rode my bike everyday to bring my son to and from school and I used it to go to work?
but oh well too bad for me
why did I move here?
there isnt even a nice beach close by and I LOVE swimming with sharks.
hows that for GRACE?
because I thought it would be nice.
but what has become clear is that college towns are full of idiots with zero life experience,
but think they know it all.

Monday, January 26, 2009

for crying out loud

hi!!!!!! ITS ME!
i watched that semi popular primetime show "the bachelor" this evening.
good stuff.
it gets even better after the 4th or 5th glass of merlot.
all the women start crying and talking about "connections" and 'chemistry" and I pee my pants with laughter.
my kind of entertainment.
SO today was one of my days OFF and that means I didnt have to stand around picking at my hair in a gift shop today.
I worked my body out for 2 hours then I did 4 hours worth of putting away clothes, weeping and screaming into my pillow.
ALSO made a delicious meatloaf dinner and it turned out fantastic of course. i even added some oats for some extra good health.
I am so much more healthier than 75% of you. its fucking true.
AND no mashed potatoes on the side, just broccoli and spinach.
i work tomorrow.
and DUDE hear this shit,
I was chomping down on some walnuts the other afternoon and I chomped right down into my lip and my stupid ass lip piercing and FUCK MAN was it ever painful!! and do i ever have a problem. you have no idea the sound that rattled through my head. CRUNCH BOOOM BANG PAIN!
i pray to the gods to help me with my stupidity,
and nut addiction.
please hear my prayers.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


eating mango
fucking mango.
balloons stuck in some tree branches above an over priced shoe store... not too thrilling.P1252486P1252507P1252530P1252559
TODAY! my necklace was tangled up in such a bad way that I had to spend like 10 minutes untangling it.
I was so proud of myself for being able to focus on one thing for that long.
how is it that everyone seems to have their shit in order so well? isn't anyone else as fucked up as me?
I like to watch that show about cleaning houses. the one where a crew goes into what seems to be a "normal" family home but actually its an absolute fucking DISASTER zone inside with garbage bags, fabrics and Hummel Figurines piled ceiling high
but they are so very much in LOVE the garbage bags, fabrics and hummels and the people refuse to part with their "treasures".
makes me feel like more of a WINNER and less of a LOSER.
I have piles of clothes. and I still have a suitcase to unpack. I have a storage unit for god sake! a storage unit that has an icebox inside along with OTHER STUFF! A COUCH! and a DRESSERR and MORE! FRANKENSTEIN EVEN! fuck me I hate stuff.
BUT on to another subject.
I actually heard a lady complain about having to go to FRANCE AGAIN!
she said, " UGH FRANCE AGAIN!? really? must I?"
what a fancy pants lady.
in her lilac snow vest.
A lotta people around here wear snow vests.
fuck them.
douche bags.

Friday, January 23, 2009

foolish hearts unite here

socksmy feet don't stink. I've known people in my life with some severe trouble with no-nonsense foot odor. I am no longer friends with those type of people.
It's like this: get a handle on your messed up foot issues and maybe then we can talk but until then fare-thee-well.
love is mostly free.
peace earing those earings have been mine for many years I dont even remember where I got them.
This year they were used as decoration on the christmas tree.
You should ALL start doing that too cause earrings make great xmas ornaments and they like to be included.
ka kbought myself a new jacket today because I was cold. Obviously I am posing in it for you.
it was on clearance with an additional 25% off and its SoooooooOOO cozy and I won't ever take it off unless I have to.
countermy kitchen in this place has a lot of counter space and floor space. BAsically my kitchen is huge and so much bigger than yours.
gym classes group exercising is my sweetheart
see the jacket? makes me feel like I am a bunny.give peace a chance

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I will get over it though

TREEI can't help but be concerned. Lately I can NOT sleep. I have been having nightmares and its not pretty.
but enough about me lets talk about the world. How did this all happen? HOW CAN EVERYTHING BE FALLING DOWN AT ONCE?
oh but now there is "HOPE". we have the hope.
What about the nucs? do nuclear weapons care about our new found "hope"? Sure hope so.
but HEY lets move our focus to eyelashes cause not long ago I purchased some brand new AMAZING mascara with NEW TECHNOLOGY!
its called like double extend or something close.
now I want to watch WEST SIDE STORY.

Monday, January 19, 2009

are you better than me?

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketDont you know basketball is my life?
i am so active and so fit.
i think thats a WNBA ball. just so you can paint the whole picture in your head as correctly as you possibly can.
R U redEYE for some sad and upsetting KATHRYN NEWS? well ready or not here ya go-
like yeah my adorable pink bike w my adorable basket was stolen.
real fucking nice people. and NO it wasnt locked up and so what?
but whatver I am a duck so I like dont care QUACK QUACK
that dude I work with is gonna steal YOUR bike and give it to me. i sure hope its not a piece of crap. and I hope its not a boy bike.
I swear to christ jesus in a good way.
just one more thing to add to the book.
I heard that when we die we feel everything we have felt in our lifetime times 7! can you even imagine what that will feel like?
of course you can not.
BUT just know YOU this: it will burn and it will burn bad.
what did you do today?
i drank over 70 ounces of water today and ate like 10 pounds of WALNUTS and salami.
there went my diet.
i need some weed so I wont focus so hard on all my negative feelings I have for you.
they hinder me.
5 am comes faster than I know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketyesterday at work I tried on about 150 pairs of earrings. came to the conclusion that I now like big hoop earrings...
today maybe I will try on more.
It's my short day
I work for like two and a half hours.
all my jeans are fitting my ass especially TIGHT and that consumes my THOUGHTS.
I am bringing a book to work today too so WATCH it be alll busy w/ shoppers.
BUT NO people are in a state of PANIC when It comes to money. SAVE YOUR MONEY.
I have a parking ticket I need to pay.
WHAT happens to your life when YOU DONT pay a parking ticket???? what if you move out of the city?
will it follow you forever and haunt your life?
you know what else I hate?
running out of makeup.
You buy some powder and think THIS WILL LAST A LIFETIME I WILL NEVER HAVE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER and then BOOM a month or so or less or more goes by and you are out. same with lotions. and wine.
thats dumb.
night before last I spilled wine all over the solar system and some splashed in my golden retrievers EYE!
sorry Roxie, I love you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

no matter what happens I will always hate & love

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketever gotten to the point where you dont give a fucking shit?
well I am there and it feels ok.
and that doeZnt even mean anything.
I care but I dont, and thats the BEAUTY.
to care but not at the same time is the MIRACLE.
so its the new year and thats great.
TIME flies and thats super.
before I know it YOU and I will be dead.
this Is a journal so let me journal.
I had xmas and it was nice
THEN yours truly and son went on a big jet plane and flew across the state and that was nice.
then I landed and that was even nicer then I saw my friends and had an even NICER time.
it was great.
traveling is stress but so worth the hassle. AT least in this case.
saw my old house and set it on fire. drove away fast and in tears.
I have been to the GYM ONCE since xmas so you can imagine how ENORMOUS I FEEL.
anything i say may be held against me.
anyways I have been back up north for a week now and its just super fucking fantastic, my job is boring as all hell BUT thats not necessarily a BAD thing. I have been considering getting a gig at the THAI restaurant.
I like food and the people who eat it.
get it? EAT IT!!
PLUS I have experience in the BIZNESS. we shall see.
I never stay at one place long.
well, today I read some bible while crying over my birth control drama situation.
INSURANCE can be A BASTARDs mother.
you know it to be true. numbers and area codes, north, south, east, west and other B.S.
sometimes I hate the life I have been leading and all its offerings and I try to remember that planet EARTH is A JOKE,
and I would rather be star dust.
happy new year. its gonna be a year of....
self discovery?
hair cuts?
I have been thinking of going BLONDE! and I know thats a MISTAKE already.
BLONDE will KILL my hair.