Monday, May 18, 2009

I am afraid to fast forward.

i know that my pics are sim but there are smalls difs and that matters. whatever why am I saying this?
every safewAY/VONS/pavillion or whatever the fuck is the same.
once I was trippin out on some acid and I figured that out.
BUT tivo and DVR are two very different things.
TV really bothers me all together. can cause some real unnecessary problems.
the internet too for THAT MATTER.
so i was like I will miss this liquor aisle
but there are the same liquor aisles EVERYWHERE.
I dont even drink.
I always think about the calories and figure I would rather get high and eat some chocolate.
BUT listen up I want to see public enemies, so bad. DEPP AND BALE! are you fucking kidding me/.1!!
and whats the PEPSI MAX?
diet cola for men? Puh LEEZ!
marshmy apartment and a flaming marshmallow.
speaking of slim shady...?
have you seen him lately?
potand my potato pancakes that were not lying.
they are what they say they are.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hear them with my eyes

P5120707skirtSO I found the best cotton summer skirts @ TARGET yesterday.
ONLY $9!
thanks goodness they only had 1 in my size or I would have bought one in every color they had.
and thank goodness it is bright blue.
target is so fun.
they have really cool retro shades too.
We gotta protect those pretty peepers.
what else?
I have been making SMORES lately.
Its all been good and very well BUT
I dont understand why SCOOBY DOO is NEVER On!
In times past it was on every second of every fucking day.
How does something go from that to gone?
Its not an easy thing for me to understand.
HOw hard is it to properly rotate all the cartoons that exist in this universe?
I cant imagine it being that terribly MIND bending difficult.
any one idiot can create a play list.
so thats my problem with you right now.
the lack of cartoon variety in my life.
whom do I tell?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

its a little stupid.

whyi am freexing cold right now so my overheated computer feels good on my lap.
why is it so hot? that reallyy ccant be good can it?
its actually starting to burn now.
its been the best mothers day yet.
i had
an omelette
a chocolate fruit kabob
a turkey burger w a delicious salad and some chocolate/vanilla non fat yogurt w peanut butter sauce AND marshmellow sauce and and and and all this other nice stuff.
roosteri have a lot more pictures but my flcker account is always telling me its full and no more pictures are allowed but I just keep loading and loading and not listening and its the craziest thing
trying to get all bossy ir somethingy whatev.
but really maybe some pictures are being erased?
I dont care its not that important.
Been wanting to watch 8 mile for the past few MONTHS and I am sure it wont ever happen unless I put it on a list.
i have a list.
a few lists.
P5100688i dont know about this one really. BUt there YA GO!
my feet got realllly dirty today.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I can smell the coffee

Did you know that it is teacher appreciation week? well it is
so Drew and I made some chocolate chip cookies for his teacher.
They are very delicious and I hope she likes them and maybe she could share them with the kids.
I have had 5. maybe 6.
forget about the cookies.
The packing is going on
I think maybe I have packed 4 or 5 boxes and that feels like something.
should be a smooth move.
sorry i have no new news or anything cool to say.
once the sun stays hot around here I will try to get a tan and LEAVE YOU ALONE TOTALLY.
does spf 15 do ANYTHING at all?
I really wish it did.
A lot of girls get spray tanned and it last like 5-7 days then you go again.
I can only afford the sun.
by a very little.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

the old razzledazzle

duck and ducklingssomeone should get me some laker tickets or something.
I would need four.
so I have been doing a few things today and none of them are very important things besides feeding the things that need to be fed.
I have been eating a lot of watermelon and drinking a lot of green tea and watching a lot of the disney channel.
this maybe be the best vacation of my life but it ends in 20 days. then it will be time for another type of vacation.
I am a vacation.
Jamaica would be cool though.
San Diego is nice too. maybe next time I up an move away I will move to San Diego.
ok thats good enough.