Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come in star command!

Yee haw! Toy Story movies are the only thing allowed on my tv! Sun up to sundown! I personally like it and find it comforting and soothing. Could be worse is what I always say! 
Today I feel like pulling out my Halloween decorations! Show these fools how its done. 
According to every horoscope forecast October is going to be a bumpy month for me. BRING IT! I am ready for it. 
Going on a Disneyland trip in October! Can you believe it!? I can't! Never been for the Halloween season so it's gonna be dope!
Yesterday was a school festival w COWS and shit. Literally.
I bought that super cool goblet for $1.60. Such a deal! I bought 2! One for me and one for my friend. I'm a giver. 
Man I want to try that pretzel bun burger from Wendy's! Ugh! I know it'll be gross! I just know it won't live up to my expectations AND it'll make me fat! But I still really wanna try it. I bet the pretzel bun will be stale and hard! I must find out! Today! It's the freakin weekend and I'm gonna have me some fun!  
I eat healthy all the damn time, I deserve a serious cheat meal! Yesterday I ate a powdered donut! Oh good GOD! Call the fat police! 
Although wings n fries sound good too! 
That'd be me in the gym lockeroom/bathrm checking out my bun after my shower. I just love showering at the gym after a hardcore workout/sauna session! Soooooo refreshing and rejuvenating! I thank God the entire time. Walk out feeling like new! Pores tight and body slammin! 
Last Breaking BAd tonight! Good.
I need closure! I've been watching the marathon in the evening here n there since Wednesday. I'll look at the original air date, try to remember what I was doing at that time in my life. Depresses me. I'm like that. My past depresses me. I get all sad for it. Then I'm like shut up BITCH! Time marches on n children grow. Bye bye Walter White n Jesse! Peace, love and meth forever! 
Aaron Paul is hot. Pinkman reminds me of Eminem! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Something Very Special

Kitty Kat in da houuuuse! JK!!! Nobody calls me kitty Kat. But I do love a Kit Kat bar every now n then. Especially around Halloween! Yum. 
I need to think of a Halloween costume! Omg! I'll just be the same thing I was last year! A dead bride! That way I can wear my wedding dress! There! That was easy. 
Everyday flies by! Im like, "wait a minute, whoa nelly"! We all wake up and badabingbadaboom it's back to bed! 
I love it! I love life. Every second of it. All the crazy bullshit! I bask in it. 
Fatty boom batty. 
As you can see I now have a lil purple streak in my hair! Isn't that just the ripest shit you've EVA seen!?!? Im gonna add green n blue later.  U know it buddy! 
So the tv show "Dexter" is finished and the world is sad and left unsatisfied. Too many holes. Makes no sense. Debs dead. Harrison is gone w Hannah??? But wait a sec Harrison has a grandpa n gramma and 2 siblings! How rude! They will want to know where the duck he is! Come ON! Try using your brain for once Dexter writers! You suck! 
Whatever it's just a dumb show. Fake. 
All the good shows are ending! What will we do!?? Read!!? Hahaha
You read. I'll write. 
What else??????
Oh hey! I wore jeans this past weekend. That was exciting and scary.
September is bipolar.
On Friday night I had 3 peach Bellini martinis. They went straight to my head and I developed a southern accent. Weird. I'm a southern belle at heart I guess. 
Y'all come back now ya hear. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your mama will be here soon

Don't stress. Impress. 
Haha did I make that up!? Or is that an actual saying!? Cause I like it. 
Who cares what I like? You! 
No. I'm talking to myself as always. 
Thinking out loud. 
But Yay! Im blogging! for fun! 
Just this minute I decide that im going to order some magnets! I need some. It feels so satisfying to make a final decision and know that YES you will follow through. 
I'm so hopefully and thankfully lately. Seems to be the thing to do these days. The weather is cooling off sooner in the afternoon, AND this morning there was a slight chill in the air! I was like HELL YeA! Burr. 
wish I could cut out my morning coffeecreamer. I feel i might as well have a bowl of ice cream. A lady in sauna said she uses condensed milk. I'm not sure about that as a move I will be considering, I'll research it. 
I need to do yoga tonight before bed. That something I want to do every night. 
Studying the capitols around here! Hard stuff. 

Sunday, September 01, 2013


I am the most tired of all in all the land! Today was fun filled and wonderful but now I am to infinity and beyond sleepy. A good foot rub and some sweet dreams will be the perfect conclusion.  I just wanted to document here on ye ole blog just how satisfied with exhaustion I feel cos like sometimes when it's bedtime I ask myself if I'm totally tired out and usually I'm not but today I totally am. Goodnight.