Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Circle

Nevermind nevermore ugh forgive forget and move the fuck on.
I wrote shit and it just vanished!
This week is one funny mo fo thing after the next.  I might just laugh and laugh until i laugh some more and pass the f out. And die. 
My hair is soaking wet and sun bleached and my skin is red and in need of heavy moisturizing cream. My knee is jacked from battling the fierce/intense ocean 3 days straight!  Could've been 4 but Monday I tooka nap instead of beachin it up. Waves were more merciless than usual! I love swimming/boogieboarding in the ocean!  I really really want to try surfing!  I guess i either need to rent a surfboard or take a class. Find a cool board at a garage sale maybe.   I'd also love to scuba!  I used to scuba dive in my gramma kaes pool back when i was a child.  Good times. I also want to water ski and stuff! I can't wait!  So much fun awaits us all! Hurry! 

I'm an aquaholic. 

Lost a pair of drugstore sunglasses in the ocean when a wave knocked me on my ass.  It was fun and hilarious. I tried to find them but let's get real. They are gonzo! It happens.
Once i lost a camera. Remember?  Gone.
Weather wise inland here in California it was storming like a crazy person but i was frolicking in the sea like the free spirited mermaid that i truly AM.
I should dry my hair.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hold ON!

What a doozy of a summer?! Right!Am I right?going by all quick and stuff. Halloween is already here. Boo!  Let's get spoooky. attended my first vacation bible school as a   "crew leader"! I just get all involved and then regretful but it turns out that it is a good time!

It was a great time. challenging and rewarding.  I was out of my comfort zone at times but made it work and had fun. . . Itis a good idea to do things that kinda scare you. 

 So turned out i was in charge of a group 6 boys. I was hoping for at least one or two girls.  Ya know?  Some calm and nice smelling young ladies.  

But i had the pleasure of meeting and spending a total of 15 hrs w/ Joshua, Michael, Aiden,  Aiden,  Andrew, Kenya and Elijah. Ages 8 -11

I think snack time was ONE of our favorite activities. And every night the volunteers were fed delicious foods! It was a lovely time. I am very happy my family and I were involved. Next year I'll do it again! 

Game time was my least fav because it was pure chaos!  It was a madhouse .  But even that was okay. 

The whole event had over 400 kids.  215 raised their hand to accept Jesus in to their hearts. Also raised over $5,000 for Nepal  

I am a very nice and warm up to the best of luck with the help of my favorite part of the best times for you to know about the future of our lives and I will be there. I am a beautiful person who is the only thing that is not a problem 5 I am a little more than a few days ago by the time of the best times for you. 
Ok so that was me playing w my phone.
 a message from the future. 
Another realm.  
Yah yeah that's the ticket. 
But what i want to really say right now is that the best way to go is with Jesus. 
I know he is the son of God and he has the power to comfort,  provide,  heal,  forgive and love us all FOREVER. 
Over and over and over I have witnessed blessing after blessing in my life. 
It's just true.   
Jesus is real. He lives.  
He lives in me. He lives in us all.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

I am a beautiful person.

I'm gonna blog more.  Starting later.  I need to sleep now.

some delicious donut holes