Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adopt a polar bear

Eeeek 2012 was a joke ! A big haha prank. Gotcha ! Jk but actually not. 2013 sounds far away but it's here. Ring in more of the good stuff. More of the indubitably awesome. I will force myself to blog more. For personal reasons. Haha whatever . Don't eat McDonald's ever! Drink more water. Buy a nice pen. There! 3 resolutions. Ill try to come up w more.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Get them or forget them

Winter is here! Celebrate! Rejoice! Be glad.
I was annoyed too many times though out the day not because I HAVE problems but because shtuff and people are annoying and the world is in fact still turning. Alarms still going off, radio static buzzin' and people standing in each others way. I really hate thinking this way but this is just real life going on and I sometimes question how do we all do it. You astound me life!
I hate it when I'm so bored that picking my nose is sorta fun. Like when did finding a booger bring me satisfaction? What does that say about you! Says you bore me! Be more creative in your ways of entertainment! Think! Stop picking at things! Or howboutbeing so bored that you turn to blogger? now that is boredom in its most serious form.
I should be a song writer in my next life. Singer/songwriter.
Can you believe Christmas Day is like tomorrow!? Well it's not its like the day after the day after tomorrow.
Our galaxy will never be the same.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life is Like a Song

MAN OH PETE i was just in a HTML maze ! i dont know how anyone makes sense out of all of that. I was only in my template area for a min to ADD a dope new IG badge (which is FUN!i guess.)and ita all jumbled and scary in there. "WHere is the header?", I keep asking. N E WAYS who cares ?I just feel fortunate that I am able to add some NEW life to this sorry old blog. Im still here for ya. Ya ol'chap. Trying to spruce things up a bit.EVen though you just sit here like a lump with no real purpose.UntitledFound an old journal of mine and I am thinking i need to start writing in it again. fur fun. a dying art? pen and paper.YO HOI have so many croissants in my possession its plain unsafe. Thats BLOG material.This morning for breakFAST we had banana, croissant, cottage cheese w MILK and coffee.Is that wholesome?ANyways I cant type anymore. I have to move on with the day. This and that and WATER! PLEASE PLEASE DRINK MORE WATER! what's your PROBLeM! Drinking water should nt be this daunting of a task! easy peasy. water. simple. idk.thanks for nothing.jkdo hashtags work on blogger?#no?how dumbis that?why is blogger so committed to sucking? Blogger should hirer me to tell them what they need to do so they will suck no longer!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm Gina

The gash between my eyes is very noticeable these days. I like it. I like it the way I like all my boo boos, out in the open for the world to see. Let the people witness my stupidity first hand. Behold the wonder that is I. Marvel at the madness I have bestowed on myself. Huh? Who? Where? Nowhere.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today I ran face first into the garage door. Smacked my head into a garage door. How does that happen? It was on its way up as I was on my way in as I was retrieving my mother fucking phone. Hit the steel bitch so hard I had paint chips and debris all on my forehead and bangs. If you look close at this posts pic like I know you usually do do you can sorta kinda in a way see the gash between my eyes. Bled a lil and everything. Hard core. Nonetheless f that shit I was looking for some positive Monday morning vibes this Monday morning and i ran into a Garage door. What a hoot my life is. Brushed that garage door dust and paint chips off my face and went on w my annoying self.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oh universes

So I skipped the fun cause someone I know has a lot of snot draining from their nose.
I took some pictures of myself so myself can feel okay about myself missing a FEW gym days. truth be told its mote than how u look when it comes to exercise. I will walk/run this afternoonish at the boys soccer practice. thats enjoyable.
Considered instagramming a good photo of myself but why? Why post anything at all? Nobody likes me anyways. Anywhere. So nvrmind.
people can judge and think oh who does she think she is.
Tosh.o is my favorite show. Too bad I forgot how to link it up around here so he could discover me. And make fun o my life.
I posted this from my iphone just to check out the new app so this post means NOTHING to me! Haha! You thought I cared all along.
I have to change a poopy diaper and do some living room half ass yoga now. Peace out nobody.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Untitledin order to see the screen on this particular laptop you must hold and push down on the frickin screen. what a hunk of shit. so now the screen is totally black and I cant see dick. WHO knws if this is even working? oh wait now the screen is working. OH wait... NOW it isnt. I swear to something holy! I really really do swear. outloud. all day. UGH its impossible to do this with a blank screen. WHy must this be? I must apply pressure! Dodger game is tied up right now. woo wee. dont even remember why I thought blogging would be fun or a good idea. GUess I had enough of standing around picking at my split ends. But HEY you know thats all gonna stop soon because I have been using the OVATION CELL THERAPY system! Well, just a part of the system. Eventually I will have the entire system. So far my hair is a lil nicer so just imagine what will be w the complete system Hair dreamsare made of. Or at least somethng close. I have actually dreamt about my hair. NOT so much lately but in the past I'd dream I had Little Mermaid hair. LAtely I dream about being in a large body of water w enormous sea creatures! WHALES,SHARKS,OCTOPI! OHMY! its frightening! but THATS what dreams are for. In good times in bad times they'll be on your side forever more. Do whatever you need to do while you sleep to help make sense of it all. oh ok now the Dodgers are losing. Tomorrow night is hello kitty tote bag night and I really wish I could go, or get a tote.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hi from mars

I'm thinking I need a car charger! And a new nail lady cos the ivebeen going to ruined our relationship on trip #3. Cunt thought I was a meek person that accepts bullshit. Anyways it went really wrong and I walked out w my nails all tacky and sticky. Anyways bye and happy independence day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

is it just me?

UntitledPasswords are getting more and more of a problem, and I dont know why. One password for everything right? wrong. Isn't that simple anymore. Logging in requires my brain to shuffle through the tens of millions dif variations of my passwordssssss. UGGGH! I need a life coach. My life coach would tell me to do laundry and dishes instead of everything else I do. New suitBut I don't wanna do DISHES or LAUNDRY! I think we are all obsessed with our bodies. I am. It is good to notice the ways my body is changing everyday. Getting older and what not. BUt right now I am young young YOUNG! no I actually feeel old. SO therefore I am always convincing myself that I YOUNG YEAH YEAH thats the ticket I am youthful. 32 is younger than 42 but not younger than 24. and 24 is a great age. seems so fast. DEATH IS COMIN. My dog Roxie reminds me of that everyday. SHe is deteriorating before my eyes. NOt to mention my Grandma will be 97 on Sunday. I remember blogging about a lot of her past birthdays and this birthday I don't even know. Its all there in my archives. ITs all too much. I would get creative and reVAMP this blog but I think I forgot the how to part and once I start trying to remember how to with this brain of mine I would not be able to stop and then things and people would be more neglected than before. looks fine around here anyways. What was I saying? Yikes I don't know but it looks like working out while pregnant really benefitted me and thats something I am really proud of. yay. everything else about me sucks.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

These Stories of My Life

UntitledSo I hear that ipads suck at being your MAIN computer system or what have you. I need a new computer system and I have been considering the ipad but forget it...!! Something really funny happened the other day! I was called a CUNT by a bitchfaced stranger in a supermarket grocery storeparking lot. :)!!! why? well I was being considerate and allowing a lady to walk across the cross walk thingy into the VOns store and the luxury car behind me decided to fuck that idea and WENT AROUND me instead as the lady was passing in front of my car and so as this luxury bitchface car passed by me I said, "umm EXCUSE ME IM LETTING THIS LADY CROSS!!!!", and the passenger yelled, "fuck you ya bitch". That is absurd so I stuck my middle finger up in the air and she yelled ,"CUNT!", I was like WOW I really really want to rip her face off. I was hoping to get the chance but they didn't stop and I didn't chase them. Probably should have cause I had no kids w me and it was the perfect opportunity to finally rip a bitches face off. But nonetheless good thing the weather was nice and we were both driving with our windows down otherwise the whole exchange may not have happened! then what would I have to tell people?? Talk about nothing but boiled eggs and laundry???? good lord no.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

wild crazy silly foolish stupid

Untitledrunning out of things to do besides folding and putting away laundry. The worst activity in the world when its as out of controllio as it is right now IN MY LIFE. ALso I am eating cottage cheese and I am so skinny. But its temp. and maybe I lost muscle? IDK but I DO know I am about to 139 on the scale anydayday and thats cool. I guess.Blogger changed, and its like going back in time. shouldn't this place be better? NO NO facebook and instagram move on and get new and awesome and blogger sits around like a useless asshole w a template? WTFuckity?I cant sit here anymore. I am just going to regret this time I am wasting. gotta go.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

be still

new post in the same month. Used to blog everyday. Its amazing I still bother posting, but its me DIARY haha.
I don't like that last photo of me so yeah now there is this one. My face.
Life cereal is so good.
Sad to report that I've been sick. LAst night was the worst, with body aches and chills. UGH and the empty feeling in my stomach w no appetite is not fun. DOn't get too concerned, I feel ok now.
First day of Spring how can I be sick?
what do I want to do?
-buy strawberry plants
-pick weeds
-plant my veggies into bigger pots
-paint more bottles
-get rich
-finish book 2
ok I gotta go.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

pinch me

HAppy SPrINg BReAk 2012 BABYDOLL!!
I NEED a new piece of hardware and I MEAN a new laptop or IPAD or someth cos this thing I am using now is manic. Copying and highlighting shit all over the place. annnoying and rude. probably a virus?
n e wayz Happy St Patty DAy. I must get my corned beef into the crock pot!
such a busy buzz w the spring and the storm.
almost finished reading the 1st Hunger Games book. its been an easy read but still taking me forever and a day to finfin. just cause
i bee soo buzzy.
Busy farming seeds of watermelon,cucumber, sweet pepper, green onion, and broccoli !!so dope! being a farmer.
preparing for the big something .
Planning on strawberrying up the place when the weather takes a chill pill.
I was contemplating having yard sale on Sunday but there is a hurricane happening this weekend so maybe anotherday! Ill still have shit to sell then. COOL shit. A desk and mass amounts of dysfunctional Mac products..but I wont part with any of them.
Apples are famfam.
Im all out of Kcups :( so I have to fill my lil personal kcup. I have some kahlua coffee. OH hey I should be forced to add Baileys HUH for the luck of the Irish. I am Irish. Lots Irish. but then again who isn't these days?
kiss me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

when you're ready just say that you're ready

Here i am again for some reason. you're here Im here. I want to use alot of quotation marks in this post. "for fun"
SO if you must know I can't seem to get along w the general public. In parking lots, at sporting events, online social forums, basically anywhere people are I have a problem with something someone is doing.
ANd I am RIGHT. like arrows for e.g. are pointing a direction for a reason. NO? yes?
and the people don't care. I am wrong for going the direction which the arrows are pointing? Is it opposites day? NO its "normal everyday life day" and arrows exist for a reason. They are not there to look nice. Arrows do serve a REAL purpose.
But I am the "rebel" I am the "cray bit" trying to stir the shit. NO actually if everyone would stop acting like such a. D-BAGs and b. jerk-offs, I would actually come across as pleasant person.
watched the boxing robot movie starring HUGH JACKMAN last night. Had a nice "underdog" "message". The movie was set in the yr 2027.
Im like HA yeah rights.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


OK January is getting old.
Make some room for the rest of the months why doncha? Can't always be all about January. The other months are just as important if not MORE so.
Def mo. every month after Jan. is in fact BETTER.
I am broke broke broke and thats gonna be my cruel reality until I am not broke anymore.
Dude I have so many piles of dog feces in my backyard its absurd! Therefore today my big plan is to scoop it all up.
SUnday FUnday at its very berry best.
BEAT THAT! I'll take photos.
LAst night I dreamt of some wild dogface/bore in my house. He was a light sleeper so I was tippy toeing around as to not disturb the beasts sleepytime.
The thing reminded me of the scene in the 1987 movie Dragnet when Friday and Streebek disguise themselves and sneak into the secret P.A.G.A.N. ceremony!
that movie should be rereleased in 3D!
my mom has not seen me in almost 4 weeks.
I say, "FUCK IT MANG! Lets shoot for 4 mos." !
Coffee time for me now.

Monday, January 16, 2012


It is freaking COLD outside right now. I have a lot of pork chops that I wanna turn into a magical dish. And while I am on the topic of magic it needs to be noted RIGHT NOW before I go any further... ready to be BLOWN AWAY? are you ready to freak OUT!?
I now own an iphone!, and whatheck I should be using it right now to BLOG! what am I thinking??!! laptops are so like dinosaurousrex!
but yeah the iphone is a special magical thing and that is my review.
Never even thought it was possible for I.
Then again its ALL possible! with the iphone.
Much the same way I felt about having a drivers license.
I got my DL on 10/31/07, two days before my 18th bday. AND HEY! That was a fun Halloween Party! I could go on and on w details but why?
MAN I am so caught up in the same songs over and over lately! I can't stop! If only I could JUMP INSIDE the song.
not even because I can relate or feel the same way but just cos I love it so wholeheartedly.
for me to know and you to find out one day never.
and pandora! UGH! THANK YOU GOD. iGod?
if i have the time.
RIGHT!? Am I right or am iright?