Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well Paint Me A Pink Pony

Here I am detoxing in the sauna. Its hot!  25 minutes after every workout, 5 days a week, ending w a cold shower. Ahhhhh so soothing and rejuvenating, I love and cherish that time.
My understanding is that the sauna is a place to be quiet! A shut the fuck up zone if you will, BUT some women enter the sauna after their aqua fit class mid conversation and don't stop. They just blast their stories to everyone w ears trying to relax mind n muscles. They babble on about their wine tasting experience, Hawaii trip planning, kid college graduating and bread eating junket.  So irritating but they only last 5 minutes tops. 
It's even more bothersome when bitches come in and whisper to each other.
Whatever! Tune them out or turn on your iPod and listen to tunes!  Practice tolerance! 
Instead of exercising in the morning like I usually do I've been going in the evening after dinner. It's the only way to go during the summer I guess. 
Swim and tan during the day, gym it up at night. That's that. 
My usual diet of strictness is nonexistent right now. Summer is the diet called "eat whatever w a side of milkshake". 
Peanut butter milkshakes even! 
Cheetos are something that I had this week. I'm not proud. 
I don't even know why Cheetos are in my house but they are!  Who allowed that to happen? 
Snapple peach tea is full of sugar and so good w Cheetos! Wtf!? 
Once school is back in session that will be over. It's summer time so snacking on crap is the thing to do!! I don't wanna be a fuddy duddy.  
August is coming!!!! We are going to Universal Studios and I am soooo very eager for that day to come!! 
Plus a milkshake shoppe is opening up! Finally! Milkshake Mania! I can't wait to see what they can whip up for me! Feels like Ive been waiting forever! Yumyum. 
I gotta go do stuff now. Blogging is time consuming. I haven't the time. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm a girl watcher

Earlier today my phone was acting like a jerk! I could text, watch videos but no dialing to make an actual phone call! How silly is that!? A tower down? My bill overdue? No! I don't know! Things are too complicated these days. It's all fixed now so it's irrelevant. The problem is a mystery. Probably the government! 
I'm so sleepy right now. 
We all saw Despicable Me 2 yesterday. One of the characters was named, "DR. Ramsbutt".  WTF right!? Odd character name for a children's movie don't ya think? I guess it's for humor sake?  Personally I thought it was distasteful and crude! Guess that makes me a stick in the mud. But no! To me it is SEXUALLY charged humor!! What's going on in the world? Kind of annoyed about that one. 
BTW and FYI Monsters U was a waaaaaaay better flick!  
After the movie going fun we all went to Johnny ROckets for burgers n shakes! I had the smores shake. 
Everyday this summer I've been consuming a milkshake! A milkshake a day diet, and dude that's gotta sloooow down! But it brings the boys to the yard??? No. 
After getting all fat and bloated we went swimming!!!! Yay! 123 JUMP! That's what my sweet toddler baby says! Well he actually says a few different phrases before jumping in the Wahwah for instance he will say,  "one, do IT!" And  "1, two, eight!!" MY children are super entertaining! And fearless. Such fun. 
The pool we visit has 2 diving boards and the soon to be 11 yr old son keeps harassing me to jump off it but I just haven't! I have visions of me doing so and I just feel like everyone will be staring at me. I guess I get all shy! Eventually I will jump off the diving board! Ok! Maybe. I haven't seen any other MOMS jump off but hey I'm not like other moms and that's quite obvious to me while at the public pool. Just sayin. 
One thing that annoys me about the public pool is the bag check in.
No bags allowed! Got it!? Majorly annoying cause some days they will be all cool and let you slide through w your bag n other days its all serious business and NO BAGS ALLOWED! Mmm Kay! Rules are so stupid like that! And why no bags anyways!? What's the deal man!? All I have in there are towels, sunscreen and diapers!
No crack pipes, guns or glassware.  
Now those are some rules I can wrap my brain around. Bottomline is I'm not a good rule follower.  I'm a natural born rebel and will fight for my rights to be a rule breaker. It's especially annoying when I give in to their bullcrap no bag policy and walk my defeated ass out to the pool and what's the first thing I see poolside!? A bag! Thats when I turn into the bag police! Screaming the rules at the rulebreakerz!! I won't have it!
Makes me want to riot and spit on people. 
Like hey hey that's not fairseys!!!
Universe says: Life's not fair so suck it up.
Besides that I really love going to the public pool. I like it better than having my own pool cause the kiddy area is adorable w flowers and mushrooms that shoot water and my kids make friends and its FREE ! It's a fun outing. 
Summer is fun. 
There is another public pool I wanna check out before summer ends that has a swirly slide! Not free though. $6 for adults and $4 for kids over 2 yrs old.
Isn't that sooo very interesting?? No. 
Just feel the need to blog this shit! Because!  The town I live in is oozing awesome. FUN Activities to do everywhere. 
And yogurt. Lots n lots of yogurt. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Solving Pirate Problems

Fourth of July 2013 was one to be treasured. Delicious food, great friends and awesome family time complete w explosions!  The steak was literally melting in my mouth! You could cut it w a butter knife! Someone brought the cuts all the way from Montana. I for one felt blessed to experience such a delicious piece of meat.  I made a spaghetti salad that included 2 lbs of bacon along w other fresh ingredients! It was a hit among the harbor peeps. Some even requested the recipe! I was honored to share! I just found it in the Internet so it's not like I invented the recipe. I also contributed a caprese salad and cupcakes. The event was potluck style! I love potlucks! 
 Happy people are the best people. They actually smile and walk around the world being pleasant. It's beneficial to surround yourself with such folks. 
There I am being happy w a pineappledrank and one of my children. The pineapple was filled w a strong  alcoholic beverage! Sadly I can't maintain a good buzz because I am constantly required to be in "mommy mode". Work work work. Never stops. Especially while on a boat! Danger lurks everywhere! Gotta stay on my toes! Still fun! The kids had their own lil pineapple drinks. So adorbs! Who knew that tiny pineapples even existed? My mom that's who. 
I had this post all worked out n ready to go last night but my phone went dead so it disappeared and I was like f that I'm going to bed! I forgot all that was said in the 1st attempt. Pretty much all this stuff. who really cares? Does anyone actually read this jibber jabber ?? Besides me.
Summer has been jammed up w fishing, beach trips, swimming fun, amusement parks, bbqing, tanning, ikea shopping (hahA), krispy kreme doughnuts, movie going and more! It's hard to keep up w laundry AND get to the gym! Swimming laps is good exercise though. Plus I get a tan while doing so. Before I know school will be back in session and sleeping in will no longer be an option so whatevvvv!
Yesterday after swimming all day I did drag the kids to the gym and I hit up an evening spin class! I felt really good about that. I needed that extra sweating time. Sauna and all. 
Summer is salty foods galore! 
A couple of very exciting birthdays are right around the corner. 
We end the summer w birthday bashes around here! So excited I am!