Monday, March 31, 2008

we know its probably magic

Photobucketjanet and I spilt that burger i inhaled my half while JAnet was all ladylike w her half as always.Photobucket
HELLO LEGS! on easter day.
last night in bed a movie was watched that involved a fucked up leg situation.
i am happpy for having both of my legs
and now today is a nice spring day.
I think I will go to the BLOGHER conference thingamajig. why not?
Though instead of actually paying for a ticket I might just sneak a way in.
i bet its TOTALLLY dO-ABLE and if not I will just chill out in the bay
and buy prescription WEED.
no boys ALLOWED. but thats not going on until JULY. so lets talk about it everyday until THEN.
its almost 2 o clock.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

it shoould be a special treat.

yo yo yo mother fuckers KATHRYN is in DA mother FUCKIN HOOOUSSE!
yeah you heeard me.
I left my hometowne for a few days and it was THE SHIT.
seriously had such a good and lovely time that coming home was a LITTTLE UM,
what exactly?
Drove through a large portion of California.
About 5 and a half hours worth and I made it safe and ticket free so that was a shocker
80 was as far as I pushed it and even that made me nervous.
Janets new town is a big fat upgrade. IT IS to die for.
I am very lucky and blesssed to have her as my best friend :)
we rode bikes all around and even into the forest, got drunk and talked about how cool and mature we both are.
I would TOTALLY post some pictures of myself and the other awesome things but I can't.
not sure why I cant but I just can't.
do you feel like that often?
yes actually I do.
my blog is better without photos.
more mysterious.
I am mysterious.
oh I got some new dope ADIDAS.

Monday, March 24, 2008

begin the day with a friendly voice

Photobucketits only because she is so dam cute
everything else about her is awful.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketi had a great Easter
I did it MY way.
I made some bluberriefrenchtoastdeal and it was really great
we went swimming too.
I am the first and only so far to go down the slide this year.
and I did NOT get sunburned. the sun knows what I like and he gives it to me that way.
and here is a bike I fancy hard
PhotobucketI WANT ITPhotobucket
and good day ladies and gents.

Monday, March 17, 2008


any time you turn on KISS FM you can bet good money that FLo rida is playin.
very predictable.
SO today is st pattys day and I am making IRISH STEW for DINNER.
I didnt get much quality rest last night COS my sons legs were achy and he needed his mommy.
remember growing pains?
they hurt.
I TOTALLY have a watermelon seed, a pumpkin seed and a few sunflower seeds!
but I think its maybe too early to plant,
cos its still cold as a titty out there.
oh and now some other shitty fucking song is playing on this shitty radio station but I like RYAN SEACREST.
have you heard about him quitin' RADIO???
he is a robot. a gay robot.
what was I thinking about a few seconds ago?
I am going to shower now. and wash my hair later.
something alng those lines.
what if i had a cow? in my backyard.
that would be so strange.
can a cow just be in my backyard and everyone be OK with that?
is that possible?
I need to ask everyone.
everything must be alright with everyone. please feel good about every move I make and the ones i dont.
is that alright with you?
time to go.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Photobucketi smiled at some bitch yesterday during my early morning rush and the girl just looked awya and DID NOT return the smile. I WAS SHOCKED!
how RUDE CAN YOU BE? are you a STUPID IDIOT? yes.
well thats it for her
no more smiles or any form of interaction from me.
CUT OFF. and her kid.
i took a shower today with a shower cap and as soon as I exited I KNEW I had made the wrong move cos my hair was DISGUSTING so I had to get dressed and go DOWN STAIRS to wash my hair so I could use the shower head that moves around. whats it called?
just forget it and I used cold water.
what else?
so far I have taken in give or take 300 calories.
and I will hold that until dinner.
I try to stay under 1800 daily.
Easter is coming.
in YOUR face.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


my weekend is wonderful and yours isn't.
everything is what YOU make it out to be.
you should have THAT figured out by now.
get a tight grip on it and make it YOUR life.
be in charge of YOUR brain.
you see its easy for me
because I am an enlightened spirit
blah blah blah change your clocks tonight.
so its like really the ELEVEN O CLOCK hour right now.
I wish time didnt exist at all.
my gramma is coming to stay the night for a few nights and I have added a few new tank tops to my tank top collection. booyah.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

who sings that annoying POCKET OF SUNSHINE song??

Photobucketso far today
whatevs it will be fine.
I have cleaned the toilets with BLEACH.
I need maids to come back into my life
my life needs them to clean my bathroom
I did a lil ST PATTYS DAY decorating around this super cool home of mine.
I am IRISH and GERMAN and some other things too.
I am a lot of different things and active is one of those things that I am.
do you read PYSIH?
no. because you suck.
and some lady said my name really loud while kick boxing today and I was like

Monday, March 03, 2008

F! U! N! and delicious.

Photobuckettoday it is my husbands 32nd birthday. I remember his 20th like it was yesterday.
already did the pilates and the spinning this morning and I think I am about to do some sorting, some cleaning and then some RECYCLING.
I care
tonight I am going out for yet another EXCITING RESTAURANT ADVENTURE
LAST nite I GUESS i was feeling skinny enough to order up and eat some 88,450 calorie KAHLUA ice cream cake.
and FUCK that groundhog sure wasn't fucking around when he predicted 6 more weeks of WINTER.
spring IS coming sooon though.
who doesn't love the springtime?
bunnies and tulips is what I think of.