Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Maybe I will get a job. I don't know.
I can't decide.
but I don't wanna work many hours. Like 5 or even less. Like two days a week.
Is that ridiculous?
I don't know, it seems reasonable to me.
We will see.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lets Say Nothing At All

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I almost am afraid to say anything at all.
Ya know?
Just be quiet and try not to bump into anything.

And that show The Apprentice is filled with CRAP!
I hate it.
I will say that.

But thats all.

oh wait...
I love Dissaranno Amaretto.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

one of these

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I think this would be an "Iced Out" birthday gift.

this thing

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Frozen Waffles are pretty good

I went to a high school homecoming game last night with my friends.
Janet and Zandria.
We handed out candy to some kids in the stands.
we were the coolest.

And Drew wore his Dinosaur costume.
He was a HIT. All the kids think he is the coolest too.
He even got to play down on the field with other kids.

And i saw Janets dope classroom.
I wanted to play in there all night.


I like to look at all the girls clothes.

They all look so cute.

Some not so cute but stilll cute.

And what is with electric message belt things!?


Thursday, October 13, 2005

which direction

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Here I am driving.
Where could I possibly be going?
The mall?
Drews school?
My moms?
Trader Joes?
Bella Sol?
The park?
Barnes N Noble?

Or I could be driving back home.

who knows?
east perhaps?
north by chance?
either way that is where I am going.
and thats cool with me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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yesterday was a fun kick ass outing to the local mall.
If there is one thing that Tim and I do well it is spend money.
I bought some purple shoes.
some over priced make up.
an over priced sweater and
an over priced shirt.
the makeup situation was really upsetting to me.
I was just browsing the Chanel counter and this nice salesgirl somehow got me into the makeover chair. and before I knew it she was penciling in my EYEBROWS!! YIKES!! and I walked away with over priced foundation and very scary BOLD eyebrows. whata sap.
but what else is there to do?
I would have gone to fly a friggin kite but oddly enough the wind was not blowing.
and that is odd for this crap valley.

So later on Tim and I were watching WIFE SWAP, another all american thing to do and I made a comment how I would never live in Pennsylvania or Kentucky. But then I realized that I live in the Antelope Valley and felt ashamed cause really whats the difference? SO anyways I said, " well I live in crap AV so whatever I guess" and I went on a bit about how I hate this shit town and Tim was very informative and said to me, "well you know we are never leaving right?"
and I replied with, "well thats happiness"
HA fucking HA!

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and those shirts are really cool.
so different.
so unusual.
so reterdid.
Sorry if you happen to own one. ROCK oN if you do.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


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wooooo hooooo

pool party at my house!!!
They started yesterday.
I was sleeping and I had dreams that they found a HUGE entertainment center and a HUGe old 197o's TV while digging.
That would be cool.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

fresh air is tasty

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sometimes I wonder if everyone has such complex issues as myself. I know that everyone has problems and crazy things. Maybe you are just living life happily with a smile. Maybe it is just that easy. NOw dont get me wrong I am happy. I just have this stuff in my brain that eats away at me. STuff I WANT! ALways the stuff I want. never satisfied. Then that leads to guilt and self loathing. Why not be simple and carefree and flow with it?
But in the house I am alone wth my son and my animals and my thoughts of all the stuff I want.
and most of it is completly out of my reach. MOST of it. But some stuff is attainable.
But do I really want that stuff??
will it really make it all better?
But not one person really knows what I am talking about.

Maybe a boob job is the answer.